Thursday, August 09, 2012

Le Creuset Sale

Hot Mama Thevi sent me the above flyer yesterday and I went berserk!!!!

when the whole Malaysia was bz with Nasi Kandar and Baskin Robbin
we, the ladies, were more intrigued by the Le Creuset sale
but none of us have the time to attend >.<
aiks.....why did they do it on a weekday??? though I'll be around that area this afternoon for meetings...STILL!!!!

or maybe......just maybe I can ask my business partner to meet me at that building after all her office is in the same building :P
nah!!! my schedule is too packed today and tomorrow with endless meetings and me dashing around from shops to shops
plus, I don't think all nice the colors are on sale...I suspect it's usually the non sell-able colors like "Dune" = the creamie white color

see wat I mean???? Dune is so boring but nevertheless the are ppl who adore this color
*oh well if Dune is a color*
**hmm...well just like me driving a white car...of all the colors...but then I love it**
***on another note, JS is forcing me to change my car in these 2 months.....I dunno wat to get....I told BMW I will change to Audi and booked for test drive......BMW ppl almost murdered me....oh well that's another interesting story to tell another day....***

so u see Dune ain't pretty at all...and it's so difficult to maintain *but definitely not hard to maintain my WHITE CAR hohohohohoho*
at home in JS's semi-industrial kitchen, we have Caribbean, Cherry, Flame *The most popular color of all* and Dijon
I lurve Dijon so much then and got some bakeware range in that color
Bought Marseille and gave it to Si Fu
didn't like cassis so we dun have it
my favorite color for the moment is Caribbean and we got this exact Oval French Oven
got it at a sale in Tangs Singapore for SGD 220????
Msia was selling for RM 1,800????
*slam head onto cast iron*

with such price differential, I didn't mind lugging it from Singapore - Malaysia
there was once we got Si Fu to lug it for us :P
heheheh soli sir...but thank u so much sir
now my favourite color is Fennel :))))))))))))))

okie let's think of wat to get
they have a range of cookware and bakeware, also tableware and utensils
anyway those who are interested pls do head down to Wisma UOA II at level 16, only from 8th till 10th August only

meanwhile...I'll get my fennel Le Creuset next week in Singapore

for more information please visit:


Anonymous said...

Wahh...I love the colors. Having all kitchen will not be boring edi. But must be expensive lo?

CHER-RY said...

Melissa: that's why buy during sale lor :D hehehehe

Christine said...

what a miss..nvm..sat is shopping day too...

CHER-RY said...

Hi Christine :) U got anything at the sale?

Christine said...

Hi Cher-ry, nopp, i missed that sale did you get anything u like??

May Ng said...

damn!! I just missed this sale!

I used to have this Lecreuset pot to boil bakkutteh and steamboat in while I was studying in the UK hehe but I didnt bring it back to malaysia because the pot was tooo darn HEAVY :(

Its expensive but it can last several years, or maybe few generations (I think)

Tsu Lin + + said...

Excuse me, missy, I think i have that Dune colour lor! Altho the flame is the best seller, i don't quite like it that much. (Altho i am usually a person who loves bright colours. Guess it's too normal for Le Creuset in tht colour :P)

CHER-RY said...

Christine: Nope I didn't attend this sale in KL but I got something from Singapore a few days ago :))))

May: don't worry, I am sure another sale will be on its way. hehehehe

Tsu Lin: yea I have friends who own Dune color as well. Just that I didn't like it...don't lar so angry :P

Christine said...

awesome!!!!!!! cant wait to see!!! i realize Sg always has better price..

CHER-RY said...

Coz Malaysia has got import duties n taxes etc. In Singapore not only the prices are already low, they have more colors (Msia doesn't carry Caribbean) and we get to claim GST nyek nyek nyek :)))))

Anonymous said...

Wow! Prices in Malaysia & Singapore are CRAZY. You all are being cheated. In Europe, I pay a fraction of the price.

Unknown said...
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CHER-RY said...

yup. Prices here are crazy, hence I'll carry a BIG CAST IRON pot back fr europe every few months. :))))))