Thursday, August 30, 2012

Baby Wei's Birthday celebration

Usually Birthday Gal will get to choose her choice of dining destination
esp when it comes celebrating her birthday
we were surprised because she chose chinese...and to be specific DIM SUM!!!

because she was craving for these like a pregnant woman
egg yolk custard buns......

"Dim Sum? U sure?"
Baby Wei: "Oh yes...I've been craving for it for weeks!!!!"
well it was just a matter of luck that she's been having dim sum for the past few weeks and all the outlets that she patronized, either do not have these or sold out or just not available for that day.
so for her birthday we ordered 2 baskets for her
hahahahahahaha and it was good to watch her gobbled them down with contentment
it has to be the best birthday gift ever hahahahahaha esp when u are craving for something for weeks
the usual fare of Dim Sum courses must have "Har Kou"
yummy crunchy prawns wrapped in thin flour sheets
steamed to order

the thing about Lai Ching Yuen here is...everything were steamed to order
so u just need to have some patience.
whenever u have "Har Kou"..."Siew Mai" will make her appearance as well
just like any partner in crime :))))))))
I prefer Har Kou to Siew Mai anytime for its taste and texture
freshly made fish/meat ball
huge like table tennis balls hahahhaahaha

stir fried turnip cakes with chinese sausages, eggs and beans sprouts
Some places call it carrot cakes...some turnip cakes but guess it's the same?
Isn't it???

deep fried prawn rolls
the portion served at Lai Ching Yuen is pretty huge
we needed to work double hard to finish them :P
Deep Fried Fluffy Yam Puffs
alwiz my favourite
*the best yam puffs I had was at Pun Chun, Bidor*
Xiao Loong Pao was ok-ok
or maybe...just maybe my expectation was higher...
u can look at its's pretty thick huh?
steamed char siew pork bun is a must have as well
the portion was pretty generous here I must say :)))))))))
Homemade Black Sesame Birthday Cake with a Tiger on it
yup Baby Wei is a tigress :P
another year younger for her :))))))
sorry for the quality of the pics...
all pic taken with my iPhone :P

Happy Birthday again Baby Wei!!!
hope you are horning your baking skills with all the beautiful Le Creuset, Typhoon, Maxwell and Williams kitchenware/bakingware that u've got!!!!
and yes your favourite 4 monkeys in the office :))))

Lai Ching Yuen Chinese Restaurant
Grand Millennium Hotel
160 Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 603 2117 4888


Anonymous said...

The dim sum looks good.
I scroll down and was expecting you to share where to buy that cake. Till I saw you wrote 'Homemade Black Sesame Birthday Cake with a Tiger'. Homemade??? It doesn't look like a homemade at all. :-D

Chasing Food Dreams said...

Wah.... Lai Ching Yuen has always been my favorite place for one of the best dim sum in a hotel!! I gotta ask Chef Thye for his egg yolk custard bun when I return... :)

Drooling... you shld try Chef Thye's Vinegared Pork Trotter... the sauce sticks to your lips! slurps...

CHER-RY said...

Melissa: hahahah yes it's a homemade cake :))))) Not just any cake but a Tiger cake with a cute tail!!!

Food Dreams: really? okie dokie I will try the pork trotter next :)))