Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Kame Sushi, Desa Sri Hartamas

There's a lil gem hidden in this corner of the town
oppsss now it's no longer a secret!!!! :P hehehehehe
Dr. Epicurian brought us to this place and when dining with him, rest assured you will not be left disappointed.

and in within that 2 weeks, we've been here a couple of times hahahahahaha
Kame Sushi is a lil non-obnoxious jap restaurant with really good service
seats are limited so reservation is truly compulsory
over the course of our usual 3 hours dinner, we saw so many customers were turned down bcoz there were no more seats.
small lil appetizers of seafood cakes and pickled onions and yellow peppers with deep fried fish

the dinner format here is Omakase - meaning you leave it to the chef to decide wat to be served to you. Usually they'll ask wat items that u don't take, don't fancy, food allergy etc

for JS it's usually poultry but that's by choice
and for Monkey...I eat just bring it on :))))
a simple ball of japanese yam all coated with yummy fragrant toasted sesame seed, a lil dollop of grated fresh ginger and bathed with broth/stock
little surprise awaits u as you tear open this soft ball
so it has got a lot of texture and taste innit
from the crunchy outer part of the ball to its soft yam-mie fluffy yam ball
and finally the sweetest tears itself apart in the middle with servings of japanese crab
I really love this....simple and wonderful
Dr. Epicurian who spoilt us with his discerning palate be it food or wine
yeah most doctors do know how to enjoy their life
I guess they lead a hectic lifestyle so why waste time on mediocre things in life?
sashimi of bhutan ebi, toro...ok ok I will spare u all the japanese names
when u get fish fresh from Tsukiji market, everything is good :)))
there was also a slice of abalone :D:D:D

a proper japanese place serves u freshly grated wasabi
I get very upset at places who serves me "tubed" wasabi
if u are wondering...YES in Malaysia...there's plenty of places that use the commercial tubed powderie wasabi
there was also a slice of giant octopus tentacle and I forgot to tell them me no likey octopus
the cut was just good and served at an optimum temperature
usually most places served it too cold and u can't taste the meat...esp for fatty fish.
it just has to be at the best temp so when the meat sits on your tongue, it melts and release all of its protein and fatty goodness :)))))))
most of the patrons here are regulars and yes they are japanese :))))
it gets happening and fun after a few bottles of sake
before u know it....u are conversing with the person next to you
so u see, alcohols bind people together :)))))))))))
a different style of tempura fried to golden color
this one the chef used bread crumbs to achieve this crispy crunchy texture

Alcoholic Anonymous whom just touched down from Adelaide and zoomed straight here for dinner
hence he was not in his top form for the wines and food
we had so many bottles of artisan champagnes and a really yummy Echezeaux fr Domaine Mugneret Gibourg
Mrs. Alcoholic Anonymous was so worried about having so much to drink at the beginning, but no regrets later coz she really do enjoys fine wines :))))
Lucky gal!!!! hope you are having a smashing time in New York now :)))
she even brought her running shoes so that she could run inside the beautiful park
well it's true...with so much of input u need some output right? elsewhere our body will grow sideways. Tee Hee Hee.
sous-chef preparing our sushis :))))
Kame Sushi is famous for....sushis of coz :P
wooohoooo all the fatty fish and my favourite sea urchin
and we got 2x sweet prawns on top of our delicate sushi rice :))))))
I can have japanese food everyday!!!!

as I was bz chomping now piece by piece according to instructions more rolled sushis were being plated onto my almost fulled platter :D
this one was really nice and different...
rolled sushi of tuna and natto beans
I don't really enjoy natto bcoz of its slippery slimy texture and strong taste
it's either u love it or hate it
but the clever pairing of ingredients in this sushi really made a difference
Tamago the japanese egg omelette
the sweetness came from mirin and sugar

grilled fish with shaved daikon
daikon is also known as white radish
no meal is complete without comfort food
and here we had the famous japanese curry with udon

my mind was telling me I really had too much to eat
and stomach was telling me, the tank is full...can't store any food no more
but my palate was urgin me to scoop that yummy thick curry
and before I knew it, the whole bowl was wiped out clean
yes I'm a COW
thumbs up to the chef!!!!
*yeah I know I looked tipsy....coz I was!!!*
this gonna be a regular hangout...and oh yes it's already been :)))))))))

Kame Sushi Japanese Restaurant
20, Jalan 31/70A,
Desa Sri Hartamas,
Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 603 2858 7739
closed on Mondays


Chasing Food Dreams said...

The place looked really awesome for Omakase... may I know price range for Omakase pls?

I am a huge fan of what ever sushi and sashimi they put in front of me except those that is still crawling... lol...

CHER-RY said...

Then u must really pay this place a visit soon :))))