Friday, June 07, 2013

Picnic by the Garonne River, Bordeaux

It was a lovely Sunday in May, the sun was shining through a blue low cloud sky
beautiful meadows with all kind of flowers

the SMELL of SPRING announced it arrival!!!!

the loveliest thing about Sundays are there's Sunday Market!!!!!
by the beautiful Garonne River

I was drooling over these freshly hand-picked juicy strawberries
noticed the lil tiny white flower petals were still on them????
yes it was THAT fresh!!!!

French Potatoes

We lurve walking around markets everywhere around the world
the colors, the smell, the noise, the taste
It's really a shame we couldn't buy them back to cook immediately....our usual short stays of 3 weeks just can't justify to rent an apartment. There are some weekly apartments for rent in Paris/Spain/Dijon but just didn't meet JS's minimum standard for HIS COOKING
hmmmm I think at the end of the day, HOME is where he cooks best
with all his mean machines and utensils

Purple Radish next to really huge Leeks
all these are organics and came from local artisanal growers

Somehow our GPS aka Nose lead us to these....

fresh juicy fat mussels from the Atlantic Coast, cooked with fresh herbs and quality saffrons
aaahhhh OMG the smell was so addictive we were just standing there like beggars asking for free food!!!!!

JS was more attracted to this!!! Seafood Paella
how come the clams are as big as mussels??
with chicken drumsticks lying everywhere within the saffron infused rice


Bordeaux is situated near the Gironde Estuary
hence fresh shellfish produce are at its best.....oysters are really good here as well. Breed at the Archachon Bay. We can never get enuff of them :))))

JS, let's retire and live here for a year???? then we move on to the next place.
I've already checked the's quite affordable. More affordable than Singapore!!!!

While JS was drawn to shellfish I was to.....these....
beautiful rotisserie chicken!!!!

There's different types of roasted chicken being sold here
but they all looked the same to me :P
organic free range really HUGE chickens!!!!

The method used here are the same as everywhere....fats from the chicken drips down to the potatoes being roasted underneath.

I dunno wat's with the French Chicken.
it's really damn damn damn good.
and I had the best chicken in the world in France as well :)))))))

yes I's just a chicken!!!
but it has got a different dimension all together
from the taste, the texture, its skin and smell

must be the feed they used for these chickens....
maybe they eat truffles and worms hahahahahahah

White asparagus was in season
really THICK and HUGE
compare it with the size of this crates!!!

oh and I sheepishly announced that I cooked white asparagus in Switzerland for breakfast....even JS was impressed when I sent him the pic...ok ok ok ok I will post soon.

Artisanal cheeses!!!
there's so many types I didn't know which one to try
they were all sold in limited quantities, sat on beautiful green "hays"
well obviously this is a cottage kinda business. This is wat we need in Malaysia!!! An outdoor market selling all these homemade specialities with no preservatives and chemicals.

I didn't know cheeses could look this beautiful!!!!
Frenchs do know how to merchandise their produce in such a way that u MUST buy them!!!

well I guess it applies to everywhere...from fashion to bread to vegetables and chocolates
have u ever past by one in France and can't resist yourself???

Now I suspect that french school teaches "Merchandising" to all children

how could one have such flair, symmetry and organisation in merchandising things effortlessly???
it can't be in their blood right???
French can't be that superior as compared to other human beings on Earth. They just have good taste in my opinion :P

ohhhh watch it!!!!

she's preparing meat skewers to order
just choose wat u want...and she'll prepare them on the spot for u
from meat to seafood and vegetarian sticks

u see they have such respect in treating meat...
lamb on one hot plate, seafood one one, and so on and on.

I was so drawn to this old couple manning a small stall
They looked so happy and so alike too!!!! this is wat they meant by growing grey together right right right????

Oh no!! I don't want to grow old looking like JS *like a Mean Generale*
why can't he grow old looking like me????

They were selling fresh juicy prawns cooked on hot pan
drizzled with lotsa lotsa olive oil and dried Oregano!!!!
OMG the nose was so intoxicating I must have one pack!!!!

That reminds me, Saint Veeny gave me a bottle of homemade dried oregano from Cyprus...I should prepare this soon :)))) wat an inspiration

The lady selling it was telling me how delicious it is :)))
Monkey: "Oui madame, je sais"
then she continued to tell me more but I can't decipher anymore french from her. Yes my french is really that limited. Sufficient to order food is more than good enuff. I believe we must all learn to order food in the language of that country you are visiting. That's truly important. U don't want to end up eating at some tourist trap with an ENGLISH menu. I have this fear when the waiters speak good english with english spells HORROR!!!

as our hands were loaded with food....yeah we've been buying from here and there at this kilometre long Sunday Market, Monkey noticed there's no dessert!!

Monkey: "There's isn't dessert to go with our food!!!"
JS -_-" Ok ok ok ok ok my hands are full u know?

CANELES!!!! how could u not eat canales in Bordeaux when it's originated from here!!!!
Read about JS's crazy venture making them *click here*

it's available in a few sizes
all looking so beautiful perfect and oh yummmsss
enuff said...just gimme gimme gimme!!!!!

then we stood there, watching how effortlessly it was being prepared on the spot
oh yes if u are still wondering, everything was prepared on the spot at this Sunday Market. Even the oysters are shucked on the spot for you with a tray of ice and some lemons.

He continued to pop each and every canele outta its mould. It looks dirty with black residue because of the bees wax used. JS actually imported a few kilos into Malaysia when he attempted it last year.

Then we found our cozy spot to do our lil picnic

I was leaping in joy bcoz we finally get to sink our teeth into all these produce that we bought!!!
what a lovely weather!!! nice!!!!!

I got a really nice view from where I sat...including my Man

his paella
with fat fluffy plump rice

Bordeaux is very near to Spain and the sea so that spells really good yummy food!!!!

aahhhh our appetizer of the oregano prawns prepared by the lovely couple in grey :))))
it was so good and juicy!!!! esp its heads.

Since we didn't buy a bottle of white wines...coz none were of JS's approval, we settled for a HUGE bottle of fresh orange juice, prepared on the spot.
only Euro 4.50 and surprisingly so so so damn sweet!!!

French are really green and environmentally conscious bcoz most of the patrons brought their own glass bottle to buy orange juice....except us tourists...who even requested for plastic cups.
*smacks forehead*

WAHHHAHAHAHA my roasted yummy french chicken!!!!!

WAHAHAHAHA the smell!!! ohhhh
so good!!!!

it was all covered with herbs, spices and its own jus
WAHAHAHAHHA I was doin star jumps, leaping like a gal enjoying my chicken
yes I'm very easy to pleased, if you've already known me.

U know u gotta stop when JS throws u that Emperor General look

:(((( .....but......but but it's really delicious!!!
JS: "GAH that smell of chicken is so strong!!!!"
hello!!! it's organic FRENCH chicken!!!!

Finally we enjoyed our really yummy crunchy chewy canele
aaaAAAAaaaa life is good here :))))))))))

What's even better, midway through our picnic lunch, there was a barge carrying the wing of an Airbus 380!!!

Monkey leaped and jumped again
JS -_-" sakai!!!!

Look!!!!! how often do u get a chance to see this??????
I am really a very very lucky gal!!!!
but not as lucky as JS bcoz he got upgraded to First Class on an A380 while he flew to Paris. All those while I was working like a dog in Switzerland!!!! I jeles and envy like hell!!!!

JS: "hihihihihihihihihihihi"
Monkey -_-"

All parts of Airbus 380 are being shipped with special barges via the Garonne River to Toulouse for final assembly.

Certain parts were made in Cadiz, Spain *we were there 6 months ago!!! and I have yet to blog about Cadiz, kill me please!!!!*
Some parts made in Hamburg, Germany and United Kingdom.

the wing was really huge...when I sat in one and looked outta my window...the A380 wings stretched so far I couldn't see the end...the takeoff was so heavy like it's never gonna lift up though we are almost at the end of the runway.
sitting like a whale after a yummylicious picnic lunch
then we ZZZZZzzzzzz on the green green grass
and did some readings :))))

seee I can really live here....seriously :)))
We already lived the life of a Bordelais (Male) and a Bordelaise (Female)

We plan another trip there again soon OK???

now would u excuse us as we need to plan our next destination. The world is just too big!!!
Happy Friday!!!!


Anonymous said...

Nice place for picnic! I want picnic too...But NOT in M'sia...the grass where I'll be laying my butt may have dog's poo poo...:-p

CHER-RY said...

LOL!!! yes Melissa u are so right plus our weather is too warm for an outdoor picnic unless if u are in Cameron Highlands!!!

Chasing Food Dreams said...

I think I would have died trying to buy everything to taste there... hahaha... gorgeous marketplace... :)