Monday, June 24, 2013

Sober brunch @ Jade Palace, Singapore

It was a really sober brunch on a lovely Sunday. Not that we are alwiz drunk but....ok enuff of explanation, no one will believe me anyway T_T

Jade Palace is our usual Sunday spot for dim sum that lasted for hours before catching our flight back home to Malaysia. Established in 1998, Jade Palace serves only authentic cantonese cuisine. What really impressed us was its winelist. :))))))))))))))

I can't remember when was the last time we refer to menu to order. Guess when u are a regular, u dun really check out the menu and the staffs usually knows what u wanna eat :))))

Who can miss such a gourmet beautifully roasted porkie!!!
wuahahahah served with mustard on the side
the meat and fat were evenly distributed with its crispy skin. We had so many of the above portion I can't remember how many :P

next is the famous caramelized char siew
I know....
I don't have to say anything...the above pic says it all....
I am sure the chef is beaming with pride to have made such a beautiful char eh eh, he uses only Kurobuta pork ok :)))))))

also lurve the bite size portion they served here. So we get to try and eat more variety of dim sum :))

Deep fried fat white baits - alwiz good to munch with some yummy white wines :))))))))

Si Fu Lawrence brought this cult maker..
as its label states - Mineral+

My favourite!!! not in the menu
Crispy fried Fish and Prawn paste wrapped in Fish Skin
move over u chicken skin!!! Fish Skin Rawks!!!!!

the skin wrapped the delicate meat of prawn and fish paste then fried in pork lard
ohhhhhh the nose the taste the texture...totally outta body
I can have a basket of these :)))

the single dish which u KENOT miss at Jade Palace is their superb amazing deep fried frogs with sliced ginger
so so so so so so so so Extremely Good!!!!

just like chicken drummets but these are frogs ok
I will not go home without indulging in these. Yeah I'm so easy to pleased.....just gimme frogs!!!!

Off Topic:
JS traveled to Thailand for golf with his friends and most of the men HAD to or maybe FORCED to buy something back for their wife/gf etc etc They usually ended up with jewelries and high value purchases....JS bought Monkey Crispy Thai Pork Skin with its spicy chili dip *which was less than RM 10*

Friend: "Huh??? is that all for her?"
JS: "Yeah that's wat she wants :))))"

Friend: "U sure??? U won't get killed for that?"
JS: "Yup, definitely....this is her favourite!!!"

Friend: "Oh damn...your gf is so easy and simple...just pork skin?? I wished mine is like yours :P"
JS -_-"

sigh....yes I'm cheap :P and easy to maintain :P kakakakkakakaka or maybe not.

What are dim sum without the usual fares?

chinese terrine...hahahhahah
nope I'm not a fan but everyone said it's damn good

Glorious paus!!!

Sotong balls with a twist

served with this fermented clams sauce with pickled ginger. So it's pretty balance with sourness, saltiness and sweetness

another favourite of ours....cheong fun done this way...sauteed with dark soya sauce...
it has a very good "wok hei" and a bit of crunch here n there....soft and velvety on the inside...
simple and yums!!!

scallop and egg white fried rice for those Carbo Hungers

Deep fried Soon Hock
I know there's a lot of food for Brunch :)))) just for a few adults but don't forget all of us have auxiliary stomachs(Ssss)sssss

Fish liver.....
I didn't try :P

More food was coming out as I thought I wanted to give up :P

I like this one though.....chinese mustard green :)))) not everyone likes it though bcoz it has got a slight bitterness innit

Hongkie Ho was in the Sunday papers!!!
looking good here and slim :)))

he then came over to check on us, if we have enuff to eat or not..
don't worry, there's alwiz enuff to eat and drink when it comes to this group of human beings.

Monkey has been waiting quietly for these...

these babies were extremely durian-nie, sweet, creamie, sinful, tasty and intense

a refreshing dessert of lime and jelly

egg tarts!!!!!
they were small and amazingly good
I really like the size and portion of dim sum here at Jade Palace. This is wat we call Chinese Tapas :)))
Cold refreshing tropical fruits.

I almost had to be wheeled outta the restaurant
hahahahahahaha. Trust me I didn't have dinner that nite :P
and yes we definitely can live like this....yummy food, great wines and amazing friends :))))

hehehhehee now I look forward to Jade Palace in 2 weeks time again.....tee hee hee.

Jade Palace
Orchard Road,
Tel: +65 6732 6628


Chasing Food Dreams said...

I ll take a few portions of the first 3 dishes and I am not sharing.... man, that is certainly breakfast of the champions!!!

*I can relate to that gift piece... my other friends just stared at me that I want food as a souvenir from other places... lol

CHER-RY said...

HAHAHAHA yes Food Dreams...the first 3 dishes not to be missed.

Guess you and I are the same category kinda ppl.