Thursday, June 13, 2013

Chef JS

Razor Clam Capellini cooked in its own jus

JS can emulate anything that he ate.....but recently it also included things that he didn't eat, but based on description of its ingredients and taste profile. A friend ate something at a restaurant, described it, and list down the probable ingredients including finer ones and JS made it....the friend tasted it and confirmed it's almost a copy.

Don't ask me how...go ask him how he did it

so 2 weekends ago, we had Razor Clam Capellini at Gattopardo. It was really good and JS fell in love with it....he came back to Msia...bought a bunch of fresh razor clam, still in its tank. It's RM 16 each......he bought 10 to make a plate of pasta for the two of us!!!!! If u ask him to run a restaurant, it's definitely gonna go RED all the time. :P

maybe i shouldn't say thi, but OMG it was soooo good and I prefer JS's pasta bcoz it's less richer with some lemon zest and topped with chinese Har Chee bought fr Hong Kong.
*smacked forehead*
chinese italian pasta HUA HUA HUA

Friends and kids all adored him for his cooking and innovations. Esp Kids who go all happy and asking non-stop when are we goin to that house for dinner??? etc etc etc
I home is the least child-friendly one but apparently my kitchen attracts most of them.

So one of those evening, we invited Peakie D and Lyndon for dinner at a restaurant. Of coz naturally when it's a sit-down dinner at an all-adult restaurants, kids are never invited...hahahahahahaha. Yes in Europe, restaurants do not accept children.

Peakie D was telling her son: "We are goin out for dinner with Auntie Cherry and Uncle Terry."
Intelligent Adam: "Are we invited?"

Peakie D: "No, not this time. It's at a restaurant. So wat do you want to eat tonight?"
Intelligent Adam: "aaaarrrrhhhh??? Why not have dinner at their house????? Uncle Terry is better than all the chefs outside!!!!!"

yes JS has got a little fan there...:P
to Intelligent Adam, JS is the best chef in the world, followed by Iron Chef Morimoto-san
LOL!!!!!!!!! morimoto lose to JS....hahahahhaahhaha

my dear Adam, wait till mommy brings u to dine with Iron Chef then u'll have a different comment OK? :)))))) but I am sure Uncle Terry is very very happy to hear wat u've said.

Chocolate chip cookies baked by 9 year old Intelligent Adam all by himself :))))))))

then the following weekend, we were invited to their home for yummy crab curry and homemade thosai....Intelligent Adam got ecstatic and told Peakie D he wanted to cook something for Chef Terry!!!! and he made the above cookies!!!! I was so so so deeply impressed!!!

so cute!!! so adorable!!!!

wahhh if any kid is willing to do something like this for me...I'll melt like glaciers!!!!!

have any kids done anything like this for you before?
I can totally feel how it's like :)))))))))


Chasing Food Dreams said...

nothing but the best and kickin alive before being whipped up by JS! :)

lovely... I also want to be a fan of JS's cookin... lol....

js said...

What a lovely surprise coming from intelligent Adam and indeed I am very very time I will submit a request to chef Adam before turning I want some nice juicy pineapple tarts :))