Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Nespresso Innisia Limited Edition

Aren't they adorable??? Tiny in size but ferocious in performance, just like mean machines :)))  When we stumbled upon it while walking past....both JS and Monkey couldn't resist but stopped to have a second glance.

JS: "Hey look Monkey, ur favourite color!!"
Monkey: "Yeah I know but this is too compact for home use."

JS: "No, for ur office and for mine too!!!"
Monkey -_-"
These 2 in blue and fuchsia are limited edition colors, currently available only in Singapore and Hong Kong....and sales assistant informed that there's only 30 units left. And with that we were sold...both units in both colors......suckers for limited editions -_-"

Looking at all the other Nespresso merchandises, we actually have the beautiful cups and spoons/stirrer already...I can't remember which items from Nespresso boutique that we don't have.

Enuff already. The house is quite crowded now with all of our junks.
It's only been our 5th year in this home, with 3,000 sq ft of space it's seriously super crowded. Shows were lying on the floors everywhere coz the shoes cabinet can't accommodate 200 odd pairs of shoes. My handbags are all over the main room in their dustbags and I've forgotten what I have bcoz one cupboard alone won't be able to accommodate. Our walk-in wardrobe has been fully occupied since 4 years ago, hence the other 2 guests rooms' wardrobe are also full of our stuffs. My majestic 11 foot tall book case is fully loaded it's gonna fall on me anytime with the number of reading materials that we have.

But nothing can over be compared to Mr. JS's collection of lens, photography equipments, his drone camera, all the different types of tripods, and the many many cameras that I really have no idea how many he has got, wirings cables, batteries, peripherals, camera bags, oh well the list goes one. And oh recently he got into videography and it's an entirely different range of products.

and in the kitchen...oh gawd...I dunno how many Le Creuset or knives one need. His wine cellar is impenetrable as in u can't walk into it anymore. The new wine glasses has got no place in the glassware cabinet anymore, they are all lying inside their respective boxes.

and finally I just found out he has got a new Macbook air....not to mention there's already another macbook air at home, with my old macbook pro and another iMac.
Monkey: "Is this new?"
JS: "Oh yes...I think u should get the gold Macbook's so you!!!"

Monkey -_-" thanks but I think we need to get a new house first to store all of our purchases.
and bcoz the house is so so crowded now....this new limited edition Nespresso Inissia is sitting on my my office...yes :))))) despite the office have a huge coffee machine with its own grinder and amazing fresh coffee beans....I had to have this on my desk.

I dunno wat Mr. JS plans to do with his blue lil inissia coz it's still sitting inside the box at our home.

JS: "Hey our new home gonna be ready....we should start shopping/looking!!! Maybe the blue inissia can go to new home!!"
Monkey....deep breath....ohmmmmm ohmmmmm ohmmmmmm and yes I am also looking forward to shop for the new place but where to store all the new purchases while waiting?

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