Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sweet Devil Rachel Halloween Birthday!!!

disclaimer: all pics were stolen from SkyBar, Sweet Devil Rachel and Ishootatkiosk
coz this blarddy Monkey was too playful and bz to snap pics :P

Anyhow it was a surprise Birthday Party for Sweet Devil Rachel
everything was planned and under wrap for a few weeks leading to the hauntinglicious nite
we even had to scheme with her dearie husband to arrange for her to be at the right place at the right time with the right COSTUME!!!!
When I arrived.....Sexay Back Maggie in her Witchy costume
WAHHHH so hawt!!!!!
she even drew her own cobweb eyes!!!!

"Hey bitch where's your broom?"

Sexay Back Maggie: "My Mother in law refused to loan me one."

Since we were early, we hang out with this couple...
I forgotten their names and which country they were from :P

Grim Reaper and Stuey Potter
Sexay Back Maggie then sat me to Grim Reaper...
I was like who the hell is this guy?

Sexay Back: "It's my husband...."
"Wat the.......what have u done to him?????"

yeah she did his makeup to such perfectness I couldn't recognise Shy Chatwin
" that really you in there???"
Shy Chatwin: "Oh thank goodness u can't recognise me....I feel" -_-

the entire nite....almost half the SkyBar guests were queue-ing up to have a pic with him
so Shy Chatwin lived the life of a celebrity for a few hours :P

and bcoz of wat Sexay Back did to her dearest hubby.....he's gonna kill her
hahahaha lurve the expressions

then the Birthday gal made her grand entrance all decked in Pirates suit
holding her sword high, she did make a remarkable and memorable entry to the place

I hope it was a surprise for her...
coz somehow I guess our plan was a bit "leaked"

Sweet Devil Rachel, Hawt Babe Shen and Million-Dollar-Smile Encee
we really lurve this ishoot Kiosk
first saw it at Tatler Ball but bcoz there were too many Mak Datins taking pics, I didn't get a chance then...but on this special Halloween nite...the kiosk belonged to us

with husband and wife team - Beautiful CS and YS
both of them decked in HUGE glasses

I know my makeup and costume were so FAILED
coz dearie Monkey rushed home from Singapore with no time left to do shopping
yeah no time to shop for costume
so I just decked on a black head gear and a pair of black wings

"so Wat are u sexy?"
Monkey: "Can't u see I'm Dark Angel?? Watch out your words or your soul would be MINE~~~~"
Allan & Hawt Babe Shen
my neighbours whom I have yet to visit after staying next to each other for a year
ok ok technically next block :P
so what do u call a sexay hawt Gal Pirate?
Pirate-cess coz she's oso a Princess :)))))))
Hot Mama Thevi, Pirate-cess, Beautiful CS, Monkey and Macho Mani
soon everyone were hogging Ishootatkiosk to snap pics with the Bday Gal :))))

She came looking for her fresh kill~~~~~~

then Million-Dollar-Smile Encee found her 1st Victim but he seemed to be enjoying it

Later she was killed by the Birthday gal
Bionic Bonnie and Desiree
the entire world was waiting for her to arrive at 1.15am
coz we need to cut the Birthday Cake
Pirate-cess with her Princess cake
so pretty!!!!!!

Group picca....just for the ladies :))))))

Sweet Devil Rachel: "U like my kill?"
then she served her fresh kill with her sword

Stuey came as Harry Potter
yeah u must be wondering wat's on my arm...
some Vampire bit me that nite

Baby burn....burn higher
I think she was so drunk that nite coz they said she started speaking in Tamil
well every Birthday gal has to go through this :P

I guess at this juncture with Pirate-cess down there trying to steady herself and sword, u know she's having a great time with the Witch

the ladies and YS who came as a pilot
hehehheheehehe told ya ladies lurve men in uniforms
Naughty Harry Potter with Naughtier "fans"
 soon Harry Potter's glasses and wand were in my hands
and I've turned him to.........

turned him into.....errr.....Stuart with an axe on his...errr
I need to re-learn how to cast my spells properly

Aye aye Captain!!!! where's your hook?
and where are u steering your boat??
u need more booze man....

I only attack and feed on sexay beings....
wanna be my victim???

Okie..enuff of pics for the day....
last one last one....

Happy Birthday Sweet Devil Rachel!!!!
we must do this again another time :)))))))))
and of coz we hoped u were surprised

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Nee Lee's 21st Birthday :))))

yup she just turned 21
for a lady, after she turned 21...she'll be 21 forever and ever
haven't u heard of the US brand Forever 21?

and terrible us made her smiled like one
I think she did very well huh?

eh eh eh Birthday Gal oso wanna snap pic of her cake :))))
these days we spent some fraction of our day Instagram-ing, Facebook-ing, Twitter-ing,
yeah and for ppl like me blogging

Baby Rei and Nee Lee

He was so soon as the song was done.....him, midway eating his yummy noodle perched up from his seat with his left hand laid steadily on the table to balance himself...blew the candles

Thank Gawd no pieces of noodles were blown outta his mouth during the process
Baby Rei is really an intelligent boy

Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese frosting by Wondermilk
I guess the sweetness was balanced by the savouriness from the cream cheese
now I must learn some cream cheese frosting from the Birthday Gal Nee Lee

Group Shot
Monkey, Mee Mee, Nee Lee and Shell Shell
try to take a guess on what was Baby Rei doin?

He was actually counting ONE, TWO, THREE with his fingers!!!!
see wat I meant that he's so intelligent

Happy Happy Birthday again Nee Lee

I m so looking fwd to our next date in December :))))
*Read bout wat we are planning to do in December, just click here*

Monday, October 29, 2012

Durian Puffs fr Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

I was again... arrived at my Singapore office on the "right" timing for yet another birthday party bash
The Office usually holds a birthday party once a month unless there's no babies/staffs born in that particular month

Aside from birthday celebrations, they also celebrated Hungry Ghost Festival, Chap Goh Mei etc
so The Office was perpetually on some kind of celebrations to my dislike

Monkey who's so oblivious to all these celebrations will usually -_- at the HR and snarled my way for ppl to be back in The Office on time...despite them smelling of joss sticks and other chinese prayers' materials that they've burnt through
*smacks forehead*
why lar u all need one freaking productive hour to pray down there??? Twice in a month sumore!!!!!

Hence birthdays are the only celebrations that I participated in
ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho
so cut the crap and let's focus on these Durian Puffs
I'm not a fan of durian but these lil poppies were not too bad
however I must say, I don't think there's any form of durian in there....prollie just flavouring

However for all the Malaysians folks out there...
these are only available at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Singapore
SGD 34 for 20 pieces

so cute and popular at parties...
just pop them into your mouth to avoid messiness :D

plenty of food were served at the October babies party
the usual Singaporean fare - Old Chang Kee, Rojak, stir fried RED colored noodles, century eggs and braised duck (????), KFC, pizzas etc etc
*KFC in Spore suck-ass!!!*

yeah I know...wat a concoction
sometimes it's the company and people that matters

for more info, pls log on to:

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Clinging on to my bed...... I wanna go home already!!!!!!
BUT....I am paid to do my job

So be it... No more complains Ms. Monkey 

So looks like my readers have got nothing to read for this week

have a lovely week there
Coz I am gonna enjoy mine

Monday, October 22, 2012

Cookout at home

JS's mise-en-place
all prepared by himself
he's alwiz a one man show, he's the butcher the fishmonger, the one doing groceries, the patisserie, the baker and I wonder wat else :P
ok, to clear the air....not that Monkey didn't help out *i did all the washing ok....or more like the dishwasher...I just loaded them in*
it's just that he's such a control freak and perfectionist nothing is good for him unless he did them on his own
yes that includes slicing garlic...according to him, Monkey alwiz did it the wrong way >.<

it was also JS who lugged home all these snap-freezed langoustines
I dunno how many kilos were those....but u can never get langoustines from the market/supermarket
they usually go to the fine dine restaurants
so when JS was picking them up....they were wondering if there's a new restaurant in town
all the meat were removed while the heads and shells were used to make the above
all the juicy goodness from the sea were made into these langoustines oil
totally awesome

JS also bought kilos and kilos of Master Kobe Beef
He must be thinking all our guests are carnivores
but really...they were...all the beef were gone!!!!

vacuum-packed them to be sous-vide at a low temperature for an hour
seasoning and garlic were added in

Munchy was curious at this new cooking technique.....while Monkey as busy pouring champagne for guests...he came over:
Munchy: "eh can I see your vacuum in your store room."

Monkey: "Oh okie sure..."

Both were then inside the store room and Monkey was bz pointing at the gadgets
"U see we have 2 is centralized around the came with the unit..."
Munchy: "No no no....not this."
"Oh u mean this smaller Bosch one? we have this smaller one for the maid to use."
Munchy wanted to slapped me or his forehead I think
Munchy: "I want to look at the vacuum machine to sous vide food."
and all along he has got such patience with me.

so u see....if u ask a non-cook for things he/she doesn't use...u'll alwiz be sure to get the wrong answers.
Just like JS's iron and my iron
his to be used at the golf course and mine with an ironing board.....
get it???

mixture of all sort of hams fr Spain topped with buffalo mozzarella and aragula leaves
this heap of hams were 2 inches thick with a diameter of 12 inches
all gone!!!!
our guests are confirmed carnivores

Dr. Epicurean brought this Iberico ham
all 3 packs were also gone...wiped out!!!!

Dr. Epicurean preparing the cold cuts while JS making our 1st course
we ladies just watched while sipping our champagnes :)))
life is awesome...hehehehehehe

First course was a tartare of Wild Scottish Salmon with an egg - which was sous vide-ed for an hour
topped with chives and konbu and a dollop of japanese mayo on the side
this one was inspired by Cilantro :)))

Guests said this was the bomb!!!
Langoustine pasta
hahahhaha I can imagine all the yummy goodness of langoustine oil innit
with loads of its meat

Dr. Epicurean brought this Latour Haut Brion 1975
such an elegant wine and it wasn't enough!!! hahaahha
too many of us...
but he was kind enough to save some for me as I was such a slow drinker that evening

the beef which just got out from the sous vide machine were seared on the cast iron pan
BCBG Amy saw its portion and had a shock...
"is that portion per person???"
hahahha no no ...don't worry...he'll slice it for everyone
but at the end of the day, after much calculation....there were 9 pieces of these for 9 of us
so she was right...hahahhaah

Best beef ever!!!! Master Kobe :))))
they looked bloody but not at all
just juicy and tender
gone in seconds before the next portion needed to be produced fast enough for all the carnivores

JS's signature Banana Souffle
he's the only person I known to baked a crispy top with soft cloud-like souffle
I like it this way as compared to the standard white fluffy top
served with Ben & Jerry's Chunky Monkey ice creams
the other yummy flavour is Chubby Hubby :))))

Cheese brought by Dr. Epicurean
with some apricots and crackers
I totally forgot bout the fresh almonds -_-"
too many things on the counter

We thought that cheese would not be popular..but everything gone
our guests can really eat that nite
soon we found out some of them starved the day for this dinner

a special Sherry for the cheese
all the way from Andalusia Spain

that afternoon, JS sat in front of his oven baking these delicate babies

since he has got only 8 copper moulds...that's the max he can bake
these babies took 1 hour to bake
our petit four stand!!!!
Macaroons brought by Munchy fr Pierre Laurent
Madeleines baked by yours truly :))))))))

yes I know they looked so awesome right?
honey golden with crispy edges
with a proud hump at the back!!!
the Frenchs will only acknowledge a Madeleine if only they have got the hump :P

looked more like UFO to me
Si Fu Lawrence said it's Unidentified Food Object

Peakie D making wishes with her happy family
enjoy Koh Samui babe!!!!
it's gonna be bliss :))))))))))

yummy cake with cream cheese and vanilla butter frosting
bcoz the other desserts were so popular...this cake bcame...errrr unpopular
but seriously Wondermilk makes one of the best cakes in town

Sal, Peakie D and Monkey
the evening *more like past midnite* ended with songs and singing

the last lot of guests left by 2.30am
I was so tipsy then

the next morning I surveyed the total damage
okie lar for 8 adults and one non drinker aka BCBG Amy
that's like one bottle each person

Thank you all for coming
:))))) and for finishing all the food
u ppl really mopped everything clean!!!
this made JS really really happy and proud
till the next time peeps!!!!