Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Nee Lee's 21st Birthday :))))

yup she just turned 21
for a lady, after she turned 21...she'll be 21 forever and ever
haven't u heard of the US brand Forever 21?

and terrible us made her smiled like one
I think she did very well huh?

eh eh eh Birthday Gal oso wanna snap pic of her cake :))))
these days we spent some fraction of our day Instagram-ing, Facebook-ing, Twitter-ing,
yeah and for ppl like me blogging

Baby Rei and Nee Lee

He was so adorable...as soon as the song was done.....him, midway eating his yummy noodle perched up from his seat with his left hand laid steadily on the table to balance himself...blew the candles

Thank Gawd no pieces of noodles were blown outta his mouth during the process
Baby Rei is really an intelligent boy

Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese frosting by Wondermilk
I guess the sweetness was balanced by the savouriness from the cream cheese
now I must learn some cream cheese frosting from the Birthday Gal Nee Lee

Group Shot
Monkey, Mee Mee, Nee Lee and Shell Shell
try to take a guess on what was Baby Rei doin?

He was actually counting ONE, TWO, THREE with his fingers!!!!
see wat I meant that he's so intelligent

Happy Happy Birthday again Nee Lee

I m so looking fwd to our next date in December :))))
*Read bout wat we are planning to do in December, just click here*


Chasing Food Dreams said...

Forever 21 sounds good to me.... happy birthday to your fren!

neil said...

Love you all! :X

ps: Thanks, FD :)

CHER-RY said...

yes a lady is alwiz "Forever XXI"