Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Taxi cabbies protest

*Pic stolen from Sexay Back Maggie's Facebook*
they started at 3pm outside Grand Millennium Hotel
such a small group of ppl but the impact they've created was....a major standstill in KL City for a few hours

Nothing could move in town
so don't underestimate small group of ppl
the power it brought together

Many asked wat were the reasons they were holding this protest
Cabbies were known to have really poor reputation in Malaysia
but sometimes do try to hear them out

major media streams reported that the cabbies were not happy over the free GO-KL bus to be implemented after the budget announcement
yeah to benefit who??? tourists?? or someone's deep pocket(s)??
with my tax money -_-

and last weekend, Malaysia ran out of Diesel
wuahahahaha this is too farnie
because our dearie Gov limited the quota
this showed that they are really really desperate and broke...
too broke to subsidize anymore

Taxis, Buses, transport, logistics, factories, generators and so many other machinery run on diesel
do u know many schools and clinics in rural areas run on diesel??? What do u do when life depended on it and you ran out of diesel nationwide???
and some unfortunate high-end, high-technology, high-efficiency.... luxury cars
*so dearie JS, I am not getting that BMW 520D ok!!!!!*
but what did the major media said?
ohhh that those stations have over-used the given quota by the Gov, thus putting blames at Oil & Gas company.
I am in the media industry, I strongly protest this and we are in need of transparent system, news and facts and watever shit

ohhhh let's not turn this blog into some politic shit
sorry peeps -_-"
I should start a separate blog to lament about this and more things in my list

and so yesterday, the whole city was burning fuel, caught in the massive jam
I was stuck inside my own office parking basement for the longest time

so ppl do something
do anything
we really need to change
I am doing my part, are you?

after the terrible jam, I arrived at my destination for my dinner event
with this yummy crab welcoming me
and a few bottle of bubblies chilling, surrounded by awesome great friends

and this morning when I got into my office....
I got this plastered on my computer monitor


yesterday while caught in the jam, I was texting my new staff
she bet that I won't reach my destination in 2 hours time
but I did :P

now that she didn't get her free nasi lemak, she's gonna up her amount to RM 10 in the next bet
ok ok ok that's gonna be a deluxe premium super nasi lemak

another event to execute today and definitely more problems to solve, more ppl to meet....
nobody says life is gonna be easy
so u go and do your thing, achieve your goals and make yourself HAPPY
for Happiness and Joy matter in life

so what matter the most in your life?

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