Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tsukiji Market *Part 2*

Have you had enuff yet of this humongous market? I haven't hahahaha. So last week I've posted mostly on the inner market section. There is also the dry market, the food section, the non-food section as well.

The food section was really a nice stroll but there's just too many ppl as compared to the inner market. All the tourists seemed to be hoarding around the FOOD section only!!!

One of the famous Ramen place. All the tourists busy slurping noodles...among the conversations in English (Singaporeans), Cantonese (HongKies) and Mandarin (Taiwanese)

What's brewing in that huge yummy pot? Looks like some beef tendon with some spareparts innit.

Basically there's no comfort in dining here. Just find a spot, squeeze in and slurp ur noodles loud while it's HOT.

Then I spotted one of the worker there enjoying his pipping hot Japanese Curry Rice. Ohhhh yumms comfort food.

Fancy some charcoal grilled fresh oysters?

or BBQ Kobe Beef skewers? It's pink on the inside :))))

if you don't mind queue-ing up with throngs and throngs of tourists for sushi, this is the section u should be. Cheap and good sushis.

Monkey decided her stomach is way way way too hungry to be queue-ing up like that.

"Hey Mister, could I just borrow your mean machine? I just need to get to the other side of the market?"

"Missie, prollie u should have considered the size of this market and took ur bicycle with you."
I guess only certain vehicles were allowed within that vicinity, bcoz most of the bicycles were parked outside.

Because we were tad too pampered folks....JS refused to queue up like that and we went to the local sushi place that has got NO TOURISTS!!!!

MW Maho and Papa Bear brought us here at Tsukiji Sushi on the first day we arrived, so we went back there. *click here to read*

He was one eppy boy there, popping sushi into his mouth. Minus the crowd, minus the queue, hehehehehe...see I told ya he's way way way more pampered than me. The quality of the fish here in Japan is so so so great that I can really eat sushis sashimis every single day and every meal!!!! and the rice!!!! oh gawd...I m missing it now.

After our brunch, we continued our journey at Tsukiji Market and there's so much to buy!!!!

Mr JS's favourite section of the market...
I do not understand how many more knives he needs at home!!!! It's so complete we can open up a kiosk and start selling them. Including those specially made and limited edition knives. In Kyoto, JS got a knife artisan to tailor made one for him with his name engraved onto the sharp blade.

-_- ok i get it....Chef will alwiz want personal knife/knives. He's so afraid of me ruining HIS KNIVES that Monkey has got her own set to use...not allowed to touch his set.

Another B2B kinda shop selling used weighing machines

I really enjoyed the dried section. So much to buy and the Japanese dried scallops were of awesome quality. We made imperial stocks outta it and it's so so so delicious lip-smacking good!!!

fragrant bonito flakes of different cuts, quality and made. Lurve them!!! JS used them a lot in his dashi stock.

The vegetables section was another animal on its own, with beautiful produce from all over Japan. I've never seen carrots this RED!!!!! it's not even orange.

and finally no visits here can be concluded before visiting the famous Tamago stall. Prepared on the spot :)))))))) The color of the egg yolks is almost like SunShine :)))

a special wooden panel to press the eggs as he cook them layers after layers.

it still has to be fluffy on the inside. The aroma filled the air and is such a killer!!!

There's choice of Sweet (mirin) and savoury tamago. Served with a dollop of radish/daikon relish on top, skewered on a bamboo stick. I've eaten many variation of Tamago. From artisanal to michelin starred quality. The one here is pretty normal but it's delicious. I guess with such high quality of ingredients and passion injected into preparing every single morsel of food here in Tsukiji, one can truly produce top notch yummy goodness to fill anyone's tummy :)))

I am looking forward to our next visit here....before the relocation of Tsukiji Market by Spring 2015. So Folks, if u are planning to visit Tokyo, this should always be on your list and do come early :)))
Tsukiji Sushiko
3-16-9 Tsukiji Murimachi Building 1F,
Tsukiji, Chuo-ku,
Tokyo, Japan.

Monday, January 27, 2014

An afternoon with Sergio Rossi

Ta-DA!!!! cupcake decorated by Yours Truly :P
It wasn't the prettiest of the lot among all the distinguished guests, hahahaha my creativity juice is pretty limited in certain extend. That really depends on wat I like. After splashing some colors and decos on top of this yummylicious Red Velvet Cupcakes, Monkey donated hers to Wenda. She had so much fun decorating hers, beads by beads, lining them up to the milimetres.

Last week, Sergio Rossi held an afternoon tea in Starhill Gallery in their duplex boutique. Unveiling all the new collections for 2014, there's more than eye candy to see. One can never step in without leaving with a pair of shoes.

As for Monkey, I've only own 2 pairs of really serious looking Sergio Rossi...one in this superb green. I hardly have green pumps and thought why not? Browsing through my shoes closet, I realised most of my recent purchases were in patent leather. Oh well I was thinking since I've spent so much on a pair of shoes, might as well get it in a hardy easy to clean materials right?

The other pair that I have was in blue patent leather as well. Yeah I know really boring and safe designs when u can have so many choices and beautiful creations from Sergio Rossi. Oh well when it comes to shoes for work, it must be safe and "normal" like these...hehehehe.

Even Mr. JS has got funkier looking Sergio Rossi sneakers than I do. -_-"
*he's quite vain u know?*

do take sometime off your Monday Blues and browse their websites for more eye candy.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Sato Yoske Inaniwa Udon

We stumbled upon this Inaniwa Udon restaurant while looking for Leica's boutique. Yeah we took one huge round with Papa Bear and MW Maho in Ginza looking for Leica when it was just right in front of our eyes. It's good to explore any city bcoz it's through such journey that u'll discover great eats, buy and sights. 

Knowing nothing about Inaniwa Udon we decided that we must return to this restaurant one day. WE DID....and it was so fully booked with such a long queue...so we decided to come back another day. On that lucky day, were got a table and was escorted upstairs the building. Even luckier, we were given a private room, just the two of us.

When u see a menu that has got no ENGLISH innit in a japanese restaurant, rest assured this isn't a tourist trap BAHAHAHAHAA. We alwiz refused to enter any local establishments that speak good english...no no no...or a huge menu hanging outside with english innit.

This is when JS had to force himself to speak, learn and read japanese *all from his lil iPhone*. He's doin really well and picked up so fast I have no idea which is kanji which is katakana and hiragana.

This restaurant is the inventor and original creator of Inaniwa Udon. A type of velvety udon, handmade with family secrets. Established since 1860, its roots started since the Edo period. Passing down from generation to generation, it is now at the hands of Sato Yousuke....which I have no idea generation number wat.

Later I found out from their brochure, Sato Yousuke Shoten is the 7th generation of this artisanal udon. They were awarded and honored by the imperial family with the Awards for Skilled Artisans. Hmmm looks like we gonna enjoy wat the imperial family have on their table huh?

JS: "Monkey stop messing around with the chopsticks. Leave it there as it is."
Monkey >.<
I know I have itchy hands...all the time.

Lil appetizer of chips...not just any chips but it's actually fried udon bits.

Thank goodness for pictorial menu, JS ordered a simple Inaniwa Udon with tempura

It's served cold with a bamboo sheet at the bottom to drain off some of the excess water. The temperature was just right.... Look at how fine the udon is...yes it's UDON.

Bcoz I'm such a Goma freak *Goma is sesame*
Simple fuss fress. I guess when u gonna enjoy something this fine and artisanl, u don't want other taste to corrupt it.

Those days, only the imperial family can enjoy the noodle...now we all CAN!!!!

This is how u enjoy it. Dip them into your goma sauce. Really true artisanal authentic inaniwa udon. So silky smooth and bcoz it was handmade and dried in a certain method, the udon "picked" up the sauces as u swish it quickly down the goma sauce.

Also famous in their menu was this salt-grilled chicken from a region in Japan. I did not take notes that nite hence forgotten its name. Apologies. It has really good texture and strong fowl smell. If u are not a fan of fowl u gonna hate this. Also the meat was intended not to be cooked 100% to retain its juiciness.

Simple dessert of creme brulee. With such high quality eggs and milk available in Japan, no doubt without second opinion, desserts will alwiz be outstanding.

We were so surprised that we were given lil souvenirs and gifts home after our dinner. Oh well dear readers, apparently not anyone receive it. I guess bcoz of the numerous questions and enthusiasm we posted to the Team there, they must be thinking we were some journalists from some publications at some corner of the Earth.

Or maybe they just gave us this to shut us up for the continuous questioning. Bahahahaha. Definitely not!!! In Japanese culture, when one shows such true appreciation to their crafts, they can't help but feel so good about it. Japanese have such strong pride in their produce and crafts which I really respect. Passion is all you need.

Just a simple restaurant, fuss free with no fancy mancy menu. You may even past it without noticing. But this simple restaurant spanned the length of 5 shoplots in Ginza so u can imagine for a cottage industry that started 150 years ago has grown this huge would have taken a lot of passions and love...just for udon :)))

Not only we left feeling satisfied with such fine high quality udon, we learned to appreciate the skills executed to produce something so simple - udon. And what else? Almost picked up every single item that's available on their display counter to bring back home. They provided us a print out of the instructions on how to cook the perfect inaniwa udon. Yea don't let such fine artisanal udon falls in the wrong hands with the wrong cooking method. It'll be a mess!!!

In the city where it all started at Akita...there is now a tourism center for you to visit and try your hands in making Inaniwa Udon. You can learn to twist, knead and stretch your very own udon. For more information, please check below:

Ginza Sato Youshuke Branch:
Idei-Honkan, 1F,
Ginza 6-4-17, Chuo-Ku,
Tel: +81 3 6215 6211