Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Gathering with Kindy Chai

When life gives you lemons, you make Lemonade
heard this too many times but how many of us do actually wear this on our sleeves? I found this quote to be pretty appropriate esp around this New Year. YES we must alwiz be optimistic and strong come rain or shine :)))

Each year, Kindy Chai will return home to Malaysia for her break. And each year without fail we made efforts to meet each other. More like she made the most efforts hahahahaha. Kindy Chai is someone with such tenacity and perseverance. No matter how far how busy, she'll made the gathering happened. Take for example last year...she was back around Christmas and Monkey was travelling, we somehow managed to make plans and met in between in The City Of Angels - BangKok.

Spent a few days together in Bangkok *eating* and had a great time with a really really old friend from kindergartern. Seriously how many of us still have friends from pre-school?

Nasi Ulam with Ayam Panggang

Kindy Chai asked what's good here? It has got to be this nasi hahahaha. Since u are back in Malaysia u musn't touch any Western food...so this is it!!!

Kindy Chai and Ass Kickin Vonne - who rushed to the place right from her Ukulele class.

Uku wat??? Knowing Ass Kickin Vonne who's gifted in performing arts from Theatre to singing and dancing, I don't think she'll have problem picking up yet another new instrument.

our Luncheon continued with a different style of Pho Bo
Instead of the thin rice noodle, they used another type of noodle...later I found out from their menu, it's Jiang Xi noodle??? but why???

Mommy Connie arrived the latest *as usual*
we were concerned that she may be lost, which was quite the norm since University years. Her sense of direction were somewhat lost as compared to her strong and superb calculation and tabulation skills. She was one of the top maths student and Notti Monkey used to copy her Algorithm homework...bahahahaha. Come to think of it, I didn't even copy...coz I never bother to finish my tutorials - spent my time reading books on designs and arts in the library most of the time.

Kids, please do not emulate me. Else u will end up like me doing nothing related to Financial Engineering...bahahahaha.

a simple carbonara with slices of Turkey.
I know...carbonara isn't carbonara without bacon >.< this one I have to admit, which is lacking in Malaysia.

Imagine McDonald's with pork...its scrumptious bacon for breakfast...and the delectable pork burger....Imagine Tony Roma's serving baby pork ribs. Have I gotten ur attention yet? anyway the above were just basic example of fast food...I have yet to go into details on other offerings for various of F&B.

Su San is wearing braces!!!!

"WAT??? since when?"
Su San: "10 months ago."
that means I haven't seen u for the last 10 months? Oh gawd...

oh it wasn't my problem...it's HER problem coz she's been traveling from Australia to Germany then back to Australia and god knows which other country for work. Each and every month she's off somewhere and I kinda lost track.

This genius ought to have GPS installed inside her brain so we kinda know where she is :P I guess u don't really need to renovate ur new home coz there's only like 6 months that u are in Malaysia? Why don't u come over and stay with me, I'll just charge u rental. It's more economical that way :) I'll throw in meals for u too. Laundry excluded :P

the famous Macadamia Caramel Cheesecake

Chan Lu who's now based in Hong Kong was screaming thumping loud over this, bcoz she missed this cake so so so so much. Hmmmm it should be she misses the cake...not the cake misses her???
The other one missing from this gathering was Rol Rol, she was busy with her home and family who's in town visiting.

All of us again :))))
glad to have this gathering despite everyone's hectic super busy CEO-liked schedules :P

Looking at my archives, we met every year. Click on the below link to dig back on all our past gatherings.

If you are interested on our meals....log onto Plan B's website to check out its menu

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