Friday, October 11, 2013


The famous Great Wave off Kanagawa, painted by artist Hokusai-San, between 1830-1833
the huge wave *not tsunami yea* was threatening the lil boats under it...with the majestic Mount Fuji on the background.

yep JS and Monkey will be away for 26 days to explore the culinary delights and sights of Japan. Gonna take our time slow, after such a hectic busy mad year. :)))))))))

Excuse me...or sumimasen while I go and catch my flight for a date(s) with Ken Watanabe. Isn't he dashing? aaaaaaahhhhh :))))))))))) *continue to dream on while she lay her head on the futon, zzzZZzzz*

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Drowned in my own lil world

I yummy....
the facial structure and proportion of his body is just perfect for print work. There's many types of models out there...those that can strut the runway like J.Alexander or those with just a pretty face for print works. In this case, we needed a good body structure for a black and white shoot.

so no makeup and hair, no apparels...oh save so much of work. To any stylists out there, running around from boutique to boutique selecting/picking apparels and shoes for any shoot is a nightmare. It's a one helluva paperwork and leg-work process.

and yes I know...the timepiece looked so good on him...I can't decide which is better now. Both were oozing with testosterone.

Despite the manicured structured jawline and face, stylist was only interested on body structure, so it was shot this way to accentuate the masculinity of the timepiece...hahahaha. We are selling watches here not human.

while every single male and female in the studio were so drawn to the model, rubbing baby oil onto his body to reflect the muscles and watever, Monkey was drooling at other things.

"Is that a Hasselblad?????" eyes wide opened
Photographer: *rolled his eyes*...."It's HA-sseerrrll -blaad darling....not hayserblad"

okie...dun get so upset and emotion over it.
oh well when it's the rolls royce of camera maybe they would. Fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld uses THIS baby to shoot all his advertising campaign.

to further irk him off, Monkey asked soo many damn questions on its lens, functionality, quality and print works.
"Can i touch it??? PLEASEEEEEE...."
after molesting his camera....
"Can i have a pic of it??? PLEASE?????"
no response

I can be persistent...sometimes very very very persistent.
a camera of a few hundred thousands really worth the trouble and worth upsetting its owner. heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee......

Then at another photoshoot yesterday....Minnie Winnie and Monkey was wearing the same shade of colors....oh well it was a coincidence. Not like we gonna attend some events or wat...but she was :))) the ever Miss happenings of beauty pageant.
and we found a file cabinet in the same tone....and a camping lamp of the exact color. Stylist and photographer were asking if its our fav color..but hello this is your studio not ours? just that we were so bored and messed around the Huge Space.

judging from my posting this week, u roughly have a brief idea how stucked I am with work. It's terrible beyond words, and no's really putting a lot of pressure onto my health. Nevertheless I am still having fun at my work, despite it all.

oh well, My housemate aka Mr. JS taught me, your job is as interesting as u make it. Which is so so so true. Just like you chart your own course of direction and territory. Make your life happen my dear readers....:))))))))))

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

National Revolutionary Martyrs' Shrine, Taipei

Shining reflective helmet with blue blue sky and puffy clouds moved across the sky. we arrived wondering if this gonna be another changing of guards display like wat we have saw at other cities.

as usual, guards will not smile for the camera....

we arrived just on time.....for the hourly changing of guards at National Revolutionary Martyrs' Shrine. Built in 1969 as a memorial of the all the Taiwanese that periled during the numerous Wars and Revolutions. It housed 390,000 spirit tablets of the deceased. :"(( So it's really a sad place, and served to remember that Wars/Revolutions have got a really big price to pay.

as usual, we were being notti and peeking *and tried to poke* the honor guard

wahhhh spanking clean and neat shoes!!! look at the shoe lace!!!! I can't even tie any shit ribbon on myself, let's not mention shoe lace.

the emblem and belt is so neat
the uniform was crease-less
such discipline :)))))

JS is so mesmerised with weapons, all the time. Since he couldn't carry one for work/profession, he turn his passion into activities that require one....such as cooking and hunting. In fact JS has got weapons & guns for his hunting activities but then again that part of his hobby I don't really participate.

One day
"When u were young, wat were your ambitions???"
JS: "I wanted to join the be precise...the Navy."
Monkey >.<

I am sure u will make a fierce and awesome Admiral of your fleet. Prollie that's why he's been treating his staffs like his lieutenants, ship of the line captains and naval officers. Ask his staffs and u'll know wat I mean....Terry the Terrorizer.

Soon the march begun, with the higher ranking officer leading the young guards. It's an honor to be in the army in Taiwan and every male born in this country will undergo the conscription for 2 years....yes freaking 2 years!!!

our neighbours Singapore and Thailand have got national service for their male citizens. So is Malaysia *which is of 3 months*. Oh well they can extend it to 2 years if the course and programme is relevant and with purpose. Not as another avenue to "earn" money

the discipline, expressionless faces and precision were truly admired here.
The higher ranking officer is so funny!!! he did this puffer fish face all the time. Maybe it helped him to breathe better under the hot sun.

We kinda like the young chap on the left. He's kinda photogenic, hopefully someone will spot him and cast him to be in movies production. Hahahahaha.

the march was kind of long from the gate to the shrine. The precision was breathless, with a definite angles and steps, rhythm and passion. There wasn't any verbal communication, only the sounds of their stern hard soles hitting the ground. It's so hard, even the ground has got darkened marks made by their soles.

As the honor guards marched towards the beautiful shrine at the other end, Monkey took opportunity to cam-whore for a bit.

Quick, they are on their way back again!!!!!

Step one two three, turn and lift, up and down
step another time two three and turn to your right, lift your guns, turn your guns to the other side, drop it...move it to the side, and step and turn to your left, lift your guns again. Sync it from left to right and one more time from right to the left. And turn and step and lift ur guns again, point to the air and drop it and turn to your right, and left one two three.

oh well just my imagination coz again there wasn't any verbal communication and they did every step so precise and right.

the choreographing involved too many steps. Even Lady Gaga will kow-tow low to these guards. It was really a sight to behold on their precision and discipline.

and finally when it's all done, and guards were exchanged....the NEW guard will climb gracefully in sync with the other one up the themselves, dropped their weapons in sync with each other, just like a mirror image.......relaxed their arms and shoulders, and finally he remembered to breathe......and continued to stay still for 60 minutes b4 he will be replaced with his fellow colleagues.

Click here to read about a rather quirky changing of guards in Athens, Greece *click here*

Monday, October 07, 2013

Taipei 101

It didn't look that high though....the landmark of Taipei and was the world tallest building from 2004-2010. Oh well there will be somebody taller better bigger. That's life :P

Currently the world 3rd tallest, Taipei 101 is much loved by locals and visitors around.
We were of coz amazed at its constructions and engineering. Every single details were constructed and built based on so many elements to hold it together....really amazing. Why???? coz Taiwan sits in the earthquake zone with the occasional crazy mad typhoons that claimed lives.
weather can take course so suddenly...from sunny hot and dry Taipei....the wind came and almost blew us off. and YES we are heading up there...

hmmm must be the camera angle...suddenly the tower looked 5 stories tall only...bahahahahah.

Taipei 101 is 508m or roughly 1,667 ft, constructed over 3 years it consumed USD 1.8 billion. Wow that's a lot of money but trust me, every single dollars and cent were efficiently spent.

oh dear Monkey, why so serious??? from such a eppy luffing face to this....
coz she's so afraid of heights!!!! abahahahahaha.

Impatience JS just couldnt' stand the line and throngs of tourists, he decided to purchase the Fast Pass. We were told the queue to go up is about 40 minutes. With Fast Pass, u are ushered into the elevator immediately and be the 1st on the queue.

The elevator is the WORLD FASTEST!!! u won't believe it...the ride was so smooth and only 37 seconds just to reach the top. It's not only fast but comfortable bcoz u don't feel any air pressure nor ears popping at all. Really!!! it's even smoother and better than my office lift to the 10th floor!!!! Each elevator cost about USD 2.4 million....-_-....ok okie...

featuring the world's first triple anti over shooting system, state of the art emergency braking system bla bla bla and yada yada yada. With such height, u better invest in the BEST EVER elevators!!! GAH!!!! thinking about it, I think that will be my first and only visit up there.

it's all in the mind~~~~~ I had to sit down for a bit for my legs already turned soft, no longer supporting my weight. yes It's all in the mind. I have this urgency of feel that we are falling and falling and falling and toppling off the edge. Like an old lady, Monkey needed support to walk around the huge space.
JS is the best lah....he knew how to "cure" me....BAHAHAHAH FOOD!!!!!
Taiwan is famous for their Mango shaved iced dessert.

and entertained Monkey
JS: "Hey I can see our home from here!!!"
Monkey -_-"

after much courage, it's my turn to check out our home....hahahaha
but I see a sexay chick......on my right :P
that one we don't need binoculars hahahahahaha

Taipei is huge!!!!
since they can't build high due to earthquakes, they had to spread the city out.

101 is literally the number of floors they have
but why 101 because it's better than 100!!!! hahahaha
it is also the renewal of 1st of January
101 is also used in the binary numeral system in the digital technology

The building looks like a bamboo with 8 segments
bamboo for its growth and continuous learning
some says it also looks like pagoda
watever shape it is, there's a reason why it's divided into 8 segments of "bamboo"

for 8 is the most important number in the chinese history for good fortune and prosperity. Apparently number 8 also signals renewal of time for there's 7 days in each week, and each renewal = 7 + 1
where else for those who doesn't give a damn about feng shui...the number 8 is very important in digital technology too....for 8 bits equal 1 byte

the curled Ruyi symbol is seen everywhere on this tower
it means protection, healing and fulfillment
Ruyi is like a strong talisman in the chinese and Arab culture

I see a rainbow!!!!!!!!

and the other end of the rainbow. Can u see it too?

I'm so happy to have rainbows most of the time, esp when we are travelling.

The observation deck at Taipei 101 is from Level 91 to 87
we went up to 91 and it was so windy....basically there isn't much bcoz due to security, the fence is really high. Hence the view from there isn't fantastic.

Level 92 onwards to Level 100 are communication floors. It's like a huge communication tower over Taiwan with broadcast of radio and television....thing is no one knows as at now if there's any companies that broadcast from there...

and Level 101 is even more mysterious....
It was built as a VIP Private Club...until today no one knows, wat is this club about and it's so private that no information has ever been release. Hmmmm.....

The other thing that I sooooo wanted to see....even a structural engineer like JS couldn't stand me!!!

JS: "It's just a huge mass of steel"
Monkey: "I came all the way to see this!!!"

JS: "U r such a weird gal...ppl came here for the view...u came for the damper."

compare the size of damper vs the visitors
hanging from floor 92 to 87 all the way weighs a freaking 660 tonne. This huge steel pendulum was built at a cost of USD 4 million. This is the largest sphere damper ever built on EARTH!!!!

My Engineer tour guide JS then explained the functionality of such damper in buildings
"ohhhhh it's such a massive huge damper."
JS: "It's a PASSIVE damper. Passive."
and continued to bla bla bla bla yada yada yada. I learnt so much from this man.

this hanging pendulum/passive damper saved many many lives and this building from earthquakes and typhoon. When the building sways it counters the inertia and offset any movement. There was a video shown on this floor, during the soulik July 2013 typhoon, this huge damper swayed so much it scared the shit outta me.....

"OMG look it almost touches the glass protection on the side."
JS by now was already so accustomed to my inquisitive questions answered me with patience.
"There's legs down there to protect its movement. It will not bang anything on its side my dear."
I was finally satisfied and happy having visited this damper...
yes the damper :P

it's huge u know....5.5 metres in diametre....def bigger than my car!!!!!

then we went down to wait for the sun to set
behind me is the famous haunted Hyatt Hotel. Apparently it's the most haunted hotel in Asia :P

JS left me there and walked over to the hotel and agreed, coz there's too many feng shui elements right in front of the hotel and lobby and by the road to counter all the negative effects. And I don't know where he got the information from *didn't know he's so kepoh* he asked around and it was used to be a burial ground during the world war.

The moment the sun sets at 5.50pm, the lights soon came up at 6.00pm sharp.
Each day there's different color of lights display

Monday = Red

Tuesday = Orange
Wednesday = Yellow
Thursday = Green
Friday = Blue
Saturday = Violet
Sunday = Purple

if u noticed, it's the colors of the rainbow
this spectrum of colors denote new beginnings and connections.

that's how we spent 2.5 hours at the observatory and waited a while for the lights display. Taipei 101 is also a world iconic display of fireworks every year at the struck of 1st January. It must been so lovely :))

I guess we were so fascinated by it, that we booked a hotel with a view of Taipei 101. Hahaha will blog about it soon, coz I made it a point to write bout accommodations that we stayed in...just like my food review.

Happy Monday folks...busy heavy week ahead for Monkey....but she will survive.

Friday, October 04, 2013

Services and Smiles @ Taipei

Taipei 101 through the blinds of our limo
Goodbye!!!!! waved Monkey
How time flew by just like that.....vacation is alwiz too short isn't it? :P

JS must must must MUST have his leg room
*not like he has got long legs pun -_-*
U can squeeze Monkey anywhere and she's good. Even bicycle built for two :))

He alwiz travel in style and like a boss
>.< oh well after all he's the boss

and when he travels like a boss, Monkey gets to travel like one too :P

My poor watch has got loads of scratches and it's time to be sent for polishing. I have a deep regret for exchanging most of my watches into leather strap. This is the only rubber strap watch left for travel. Looks like I need to go to my favourite shop to spend some money and get more RUBBER straps.

loads of snacks, chocolates, apples and mineral water.
fresh towels, sanitizer etc.
We only had water coz we r not the type who like to eat in the car.

Then I saw this!!!!!
Taipei has got free WiFi everywhere....including toilets!!!!
no kidding u!!! and now in our Limo????

not believing it we checked our respective phone and snap this pic

Taipei is really a friendly place. People has got more warmth than Msians, They go all the way out to assist you despite the language barrier. They speak English mostly. Taiwanese smile a lot too, The Land of Smiles - Thailand definitely lose out as well. 

I guess when you have good customer service, and friendly people....tourism will definitely flourish. This of coz wasn't built over the course of a few years time, the mentality of the local ppl has to be in sync to achieve this. SO now......wat is our Minister of Tourism is doing?

They are paid to think hard and to do their job, I am not gonna think for them. There's shit load of work here today.

Happy Friday folks :)))

PS: yes I am still awaiting for JS to return back to KL to fix all those pics for Monkey to blog. Come back soon!!!! We missed u :))))

Thursday, October 03, 2013

Airlines Food

I promised myself to keep postings on food consumed on flights that Monkey traveled in.

The above was:
Route: Taipei - Kuala Lumpur
Airline: Malaysia Airlines
Class: Business

Anyway it isn't fair to review the above meal bcoz I didn't have its meal meal. Just appetizer of grilled chicken breast with oden, fruit salads, a really yummy Taiwanese Pineapple Cake and the signature satays of Malaysia Airlines.

I forgot to order chef on call meal most of the time, bcoz I m perpetually on the run and forget things like this....otherwise u get to have really nice selection of special meals. Yes even roti canai with yummy dhal, or a grouper fish curry. 

On another flight to Paris
Chief Steward: "Madame, your grouper is onboard." and gave me a thumbs up
Monkey was blur for a moment b4 she remembered that she DID pre-ordered her meals.

"Oh ok thank you."He seemed more excited that I did :P

Sorry readers, I forgot to snap pic of my grouper coz she was seated next to some VVIP *I was travelling alone to Paris* and I wanted to behave and be civilised for a bit instead of cam-whoring with my airlines food. The VVIP next to me soon enquired for the same meal but there was only ONE GROUPER onboard

If you are interested on wat kind of food they serve on Business and First Class for Malaysia Airlines, find out more here:
First Class

Business Class

Otherwise visit this fav website of mine for all sort of meals including cabin crew meals

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Shoes Galore

Gianvito Rossi....the son of the more famed shoe designer Sergio Rossi is charting his own fame with his funky designs at every Fashion Week in Milan ever since 2007. Hey that's pretty young for a brand u know? And over the course of a few years he has garnered more and more followers and clientele esp from Hollywood. Seen on red carpets and movies's such a novelty to own a pair.

Thing much as funky and bespoke they are....Monkey can't carry such dainty heels

it's too dainty and mini and lady-like for Miss Monkey
I cute and pretty right?

Somehow I found a pair that suits me :)))))))))
something more subtle in Italian Lace :))))))))

Look at the detailing on the back with small pretty bows

*staring at my shoes-robe*
and yes I don't have anything this lady-like nor in lace. YET.
Shall I Shall I Shall I?????

yes I should but it cost SGD 1,160 a pair...say about RM 2,900
-_-" sigh.....TSK!!

Monkey bought 4 pairs of shoes in Paris a few months ago....
3 pairs of D&G and one from Ferragamo. The Ferragamo pair looked so tiny but all four are in size 36. Weird huh? Maybe coz it's only half the height of the rest?

Patent leather is so much easier to maintain. Esp with SHOES!!!! The lilac pair was a high maintenance one bcoz it's a weaved fabric material. ARGHHH. Oh well wat to do, when u see it and fall in's like u'll never part ways with it *except parting money*

sigh....ok no more shoes shopping. I gotta limit my purchase. And to limit it, I gotta stop browsing for the latest offerings, stop reading newsletters sent to me, stop attending fashion events....but again part of it is my job. Dangerous. Perhaps I should relegate to a deskbound boring low paying job.

oh well the grass is alwiz greener on the other side so stop complaining and be thankful. and yes I DO WORK HARD. VERY HARD. aaaahhhhh and to reward myself...more shoes. Oh dang!!!! *smack my head* this isn't goin anywhere...

To read more about Gianvito Rossi visit: