Friday, October 04, 2013

Services and Smiles @ Taipei

Taipei 101 through the blinds of our limo
Goodbye!!!!! waved Monkey
How time flew by just like that.....vacation is alwiz too short isn't it? :P

JS must must must MUST have his leg room
*not like he has got long legs pun -_-*
U can squeeze Monkey anywhere and she's good. Even bicycle built for two :))

He alwiz travel in style and like a boss
>.< oh well after all he's the boss

and when he travels like a boss, Monkey gets to travel like one too :P

My poor watch has got loads of scratches and it's time to be sent for polishing. I have a deep regret for exchanging most of my watches into leather strap. This is the only rubber strap watch left for travel. Looks like I need to go to my favourite shop to spend some money and get more RUBBER straps.

loads of snacks, chocolates, apples and mineral water.
fresh towels, sanitizer etc.
We only had water coz we r not the type who like to eat in the car.

Then I saw this!!!!!
Taipei has got free WiFi everywhere....including toilets!!!!
no kidding u!!! and now in our Limo????

not believing it we checked our respective phone and snap this pic

Taipei is really a friendly place. People has got more warmth than Msians, They go all the way out to assist you despite the language barrier. They speak English mostly. Taiwanese smile a lot too, The Land of Smiles - Thailand definitely lose out as well. 

I guess when you have good customer service, and friendly people....tourism will definitely flourish. This of coz wasn't built over the course of a few years time, the mentality of the local ppl has to be in sync to achieve this. SO now......wat is our Minister of Tourism is doing?

They are paid to think hard and to do their job, I am not gonna think for them. There's shit load of work here today.

Happy Friday folks :)))

PS: yes I am still awaiting for JS to return back to KL to fix all those pics for Monkey to blog. Come back soon!!!! We missed u :))))

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