Friday, April 27, 2012


I know I know.....away again??
Do I ever need to work?
it's about managing your time, work and having a great team and boss to support u

Notti Monkey will be back middle of next week
so till then, this blog will have some rest for a bit

and now I am rushing off for a photo shoot before heading to the airport
Have a Happy Friday everyone and be good!!!

*click here to read wat I'm gonna eat in 24 hours time :D*

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Chatterbox Chicken Rice, Singapore

Many Singaporeans detest Chatterbox....for one thing..
it's price tag....hehehehehehehehe
but for Malaysians like us, we dun get good quality chicken rice anywhere everywhere like u Singaporeans pls spare us and give us a chance to have this.

Most of my Singaporean friends would prefer to take us to their favourite chicken rice stall/shop
everyone will have their own lil place that they deemed THE BEST one in the island

since we dun have a car, nor bearings to get around the island, chicken rice at Chatterbox is the best bet...hahahaha

since 1971, Mandarin Orchard Hotel dished out this very same dish with the very same recipe
even its presentation is the same
I've had chicken rice at Chatterbox for the past 10 years and it is still the same
from its taste, presentation and condiments
its chicken soup has got a slice of soft silky toufu since then, and I was in delight to find it still there
unlike some establishments, they tend to cut corners here n there to save cost

the sauces were excellent
spicy chili sauce, fresh ginger sauce and the dark thick sweet soya sauce
so u have a spectrum of sauces to play around with
at the end of my meal, all my sauces were GONE!!!
the ultimate HERO of their chicken rice was the RICE!!!!
it's long, grainy, fragrannt, fluffy with a good chewy texture
it was a HUGE BOWL and we finished every single grain

sincerely, I can just whack a few bowls of rice and push the chicken aside
u can eat it on its own with nothing at all..
it was that blarddy good
to sweeten every meal, there must be desserts or some form of fruits
the signature and famous coconut ice cream
made in-house here

sprinkled with some cocoa powder,
a skewer of rambutan stuffed with pineapple cubes
and topped with toasted nuts
the ice cream has a very nice coconutie taste that's elegant
it just makes u wanna hold this coconut-shell-bowl-of-ice-cream
lie on a hammock by the beach

the emotion it evoked
such sensation......
it's really REALLY really good, must try

what a meal, with great company and amazing friends
*for my Sporean friends, if u were wondering why I didn't call u, I was having this with my colleagues from other Asian countries*
**well these days, when everything is so transparent on the blog, I better make disclaimer first before calls and msgs start flooding me on WHY I didn't call my friends out :P**

well again, I played tourist guide
taking them around to try the signature famous cuisine of Singapore
Nothing is happier than watching happy and contented faces mopping everything down

Yes now back to its price tag...
a set of the chicken rice meal cost SGD 25++ = RM 61.25++
per person...excluding drinks and desserts
now u know why Singaporeans detest this place?
this place has got other things to eat as well - Lobster Laksa, bak kut teh, nasi lemak etc

Chatterbox @ Mandarin Orchard
Level 5, Mandarin Gallery,
333 Orchard Road,
Tel: +65 6737 2200

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Trying to post.....

I was trying to upload some pics from my iPad and it didn't work
No pics for the day then...
But my thoughts are with my readers as alwiz....

Work trip in Singapore has been going well so far
Whenever it is work I refrained from meeting up with my own personal friends Not bcoz it is a work trip, but bcoz it is so difficult to arrange something

During work trip u need to be with your colleagues from other part of the world
Or at least playing host.
Singapore is like my second home so it feels like a duty to educate my other colleagues from other countries about the diversity, culture, cuisine and language in Singapore,
bcoz for could be their very first premier trip in this part of the world.

Not complaining at all coz I am enjoying every bit of it
Perhaps I should be in a different line
Travel?? writing??? as in be a contributing writer for a publication
if only I have the flair for writing, which is something u can't acquire or learnt???

A tour guide???? Hahahahaha I really lurve to travel bcoz I learnt so much
The more I learnt the more I realized that there's so much to be learnt
The world is really BIG

So message of the day, don't be single/ narrow minded
The world is really really THAT BIG
Whatever worries u have, there's alwiz a solution/solutions...
It's only a matter of whether u really wanna choose that option to solve it or not And face its consequence

Really, life is really short
Be generous
Love urself
Appreciate what u have
Take time to absorb LIFE
Express urself
And try everything
If u dun try it, u'll never know
After all u only live once :))))))
U with me???? :)))))

Ps: don't mind the fonts huh coz I blogged fr my iPad on the bed of my hotel :))))

Demel, Vienna

No one can just walk past this classic looking white colored shop without stopping
coz it's window displays were just screaming and squealing at u wif beautiful delights

Demel Cafe, founded in 1786 by Ludwig Dehne
Later in 1857, his son sold it to the Demel family
and it was relocated to this outlet
so we were visiting the very very same historical confectionery of Demel
warning not come here during Peak Hours
bcoz the queue is similar to those ppl outside Apple Shops waiting for their iPad 3.0 in Malaysia.
so we came here for a quick bite during lunch hour
*well in case u didn't know, peak hours are after lunch till before dinner*
however then, there were a few groups of curious onlookers peeping in
coz it doesn't look like a bakery at all

Demel was the Imperial and Royal Court's confectionery
shows how serious they were towards sweets~~~~~
mimicking the other tourists, we took a peep too
and soon found ourselves squealing over their beautiful creations
its Cakes display
OMG!!!! which one to order?!?!?!!
now I really wished I'm a cow with 4 stomachs!!!!
as I was dashing from display to display in girlie delights, I saw pieces of cakes were being served
customers were fast deciding wat they want...pointing to the glass display
those pretty yummy ones are soon to be gone!!!!
grrRRRRrrrrrrrrr-ing at those men with big tummies
tee hee hee :D yes I'm a notti monkey
then there's some pastries and tarts
and more pretty looking ones
and if u like rolls and sponge cakes they have em too!!!!
also some really crispy looking pastries dust in castor sugar
I was still dashing from display to display 
can't decide!!!!
then dashed back to the cakes display
QUICK!!! monkey quick!!! u are usually very good with decisions
but why the retard-ness this time????
I told myself not to let the sugar rush coats my mind
Demel is famous with their chocolate cakes
and they have more than 20 types of it
I was banging my head on the glass display and smacking myself
JS was rolling his eyes

in exasperation, I asked the lady there for recommendations
she told me so many types and in the end, narrowed them down to 5 chocolate cakes
I was thinking, I came all the way from Malaysia....I need to have a degustation of chocolate cakes from Demel

I actually asked her that, for a chocolate cake degustation menu, she gave me the wide eyed look
yeah silly such thing ok!!!!
but frankly I don't think it's such a bad idea at all :))))
then we walked to the back of the cafe
there's the open kitchen, separated with glass for curious onlookers like me
the smell of cocoa buttery chocolate cake baking was enuff to lure anyone to order that damn piece of cake!!!!

I told JS: "I've never smelled any chocolate this chocolatey before!!!!"
JS blinked at me
I thought to myself...wat was I talking about
it has to be the CHOCOLATE!!!
it's so intoxicating and to begin with, I'm not a chocolate person
we got ourselves a table next to the open kitchen
yeah if u do come at non-peak hours, u can sit anywhere u like
also the service is much better :))))
next to where I was seated was this machine that roll out royal icing sugar in lightning speed
u just wham the whole chunk of icing sugar into it, and the machine will roll it left and right
forward and backward
each time coming out thinner flatter and bigger
there's an airwell at this kitchen/ workplace
which gave natural lights
very very nice and cozy ambience
wished our kitchen is like this :)))))
Vienna is also famous with open sandwiches
the sandwich bar is looking so pretty tpp
just drooling looking at them
A bowl of pipping hot Goulash
Demel serves simple cafe food which reflects the true Viennese cuisine
it was so good, must be the beef broth or the paprika
JS had his favourite 2-foot long like a necklace pork sausage
served with a special pickled fennel like sauerkraut and mustard
it was really good with snappy natural sausage casing
I alwiz "nose" my food
coz our sensory is all depends on our dearie nose
I picked up some minty scent....
which surprisingly balanced up the rich broth
served with crispy malty bread
I wonder if they make their own bread too
they were painting the chocolate lollies with eyes, nose and mouth
once done, we saw that the chocolate lollies were rabbits!!!!!
That's a WHITE Kitchenaid there :)))))))))
u know wat she's making???
a couple making out
soon, our slices of heaven came :))))))
creamie vanilla custard sandwiched in between multiple layers of pastry
oh yummm~~~~~~
and a slice of chocolate tart
that was smooth and creamie~~~~~
 happy tummies happy us :)))))))
Demel has their own lil retail corner
selling sweets, pastries, chocolates and confectioneries for everyone

Kohlmarkt 14,
A-1010 Vienna.
Tel: +43 1535 17170

Monday, April 23, 2012

Monkey is away.....

Singapore Flyer
pic taken from last year while I was huffing and puffing at this JP Morgan Marathon
*click here to read*

yes this is my current destination now
for work
Nope not for another Marathon...not anytime soon with my condition like this

someone asked: "What condition??"
Monkey: "U heard of this syndrome?? I m actually suffering fr it."

someone: "Oh sounded so serious...wat syndrome?"
Monkey: "The LAZY Syndrome :D heeeeeeeeeeee"

that someone --__--

so since I lurve all my readers so much, I've prepared scheduled postings for all of u to read while I'm away
just scroll down for the next posting...
Happy Monday!!!!!
while I m running around in the airport catching my flight.

Annoucement: Char Siew Wan Tan Mee (ex SFS Kopitiam) moved!!!

hmmm come to think of it this is my very first announcement on this blog
so by has to be THAT GREAT and THAT GOOD to be worthy of any announcements.
hiak hiak hiak

Remember I posted bout the famous Char Siu Wan tan noodle last month at SFS Kopitiam in Aman Suria?
*click here to read the posting*

so this famous char siu place has moved to another shop a few steps away
just diagonally opposite to the current SFS Kopitiam
our only guess was the landlord has raised their rent again

hmmm when we glanced back at SFS Kopitiam, there's only a few tables seated
the usual noise and chaos that used to be there was looooooonnnggg gone
almost like a cowboy town

so back to this the new lot, it's called Shang Yi Fatt kopitiam
and Char Siu owner has been given a more premium lot, at the shop front

enuff of talking........
the above speaks for itself
caramelised half fat half meat char siu
which was reheated in a tiny oven
Now that he has got a bigger space, he has upgraded to 2 ovens
it came with special homemade XO sauce and also pickled tiny green chili padi

just the kind of Sunday that I like
greasy lazy fatty satifsying

2 bowls of dry char siu wan tan mee, medium size, special request for additional slices of char siu, came with 2 bowls of wontons *4 pcs each* all came to RM 13.00
makes u wonder, if the prices of stuffs have increased or our wallets are getting smaller?
I think our salaries are just not increasing in tandem with the cost of living


anyway sucker me would pay that kind of money for this bowl of noodle
coz it's just that good :))))))

Char Siu Wan Tan Mee @ Shang Yi Fatt Kopitiam
Jalan PJU 1/3C,
Sunway Mas Commercial Centre,
Petaling Jaya.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Breakfast at Meirerei, Vienna

Monkey & a huge bottle of milk
why must we have milk for breakfast???
I'm not a milk person but the sight of this just made me so happy
prollie I was hungry, well after all we need to break our fast rite?
not eating from dinner until the next morning is pretty long u know??
that's why it's called "Break-Fast"
u break ur fast
hmmm the breakfast menu is astounding...I dunno wat to order
Meirerei is just downstairs of Steirereck under the same group
remember that amazing restaurant in Vienna which we went to?
where I chomp down everything before JS could take a bite?
anyway if u missed that posting *click here* to read about it
it's Spring and Monkey is all decked in colors of spring!!!
these colors just make one so happy
I alwiz look forward to dressing up in the morning
hahahhaha it's a fetish :P
firstly our glass of still mineral water, freshly squeezed and super sweet orange juice and a cup of coffee arrived on its individual tray
the milk came separately......u have a choice of lactose free milk, soya milk, rice milk
why make life so complicated...just have the full fat full cream milk

the pack of sugar was perfectly aligned this way
without blocking the view of all of its logo on this presentation
this is wat I called a good "Merchandising"

they only served coffee from these bean companies
in Vienna we realised many places are very ethical in terms of sourcing their produce
it has to be from fair trade, or farms that leave least carbon print,
or industry that condemn slavery

again, a single lone tulip on our table
tulips are just everywhere in Vienna
by the road, in our room, at the concierge, at the park, near the fountain
I can't imagine the situation in Amsterdam :P

a slice of Viennese Sponge Cake
they have so many cakes and pastry here
we didn't know which one to choose

and it was freshly we saw it coming out fr its glass window-ed kitchen
pipping hot and moist
simple and yet so yummy

JS ordered a simple bacon and eggs
and it came out so beautiful!!!!
there's choices of 2 or 3 eggs and even OSTRICH eggs if there's a group of 6 ppl

the bacons were paper thin, fried until it's crispy before 2 free range eggs were popped in
it looks so good I had to steal his food :P

well, by the look of it...who wouldn't want to steal his food?
so who's with me now?
:D heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :D

I've ordered a slice of Farmer's bread with butter and chives
it came with its own wooden board and a bread knife on the other end

1st thing we did was analyzing the perfectly cut chives
"my they have a ruler or something?"

Monkey then cut them to smaller pieces
the bread has got this really fragrant malty-ness innit
butter were almost cream-liked, really RICH and CREAMIE
but well balanced with the freshness from the chives
now with this amazing apps.....everyone can instagram
seriously this bread was so simple but I m willing to kill for it!!!
while I ordered an innocent soft-boiled free range egg
came propped on its own wooden seat like a throne
so pretty and I had to destroy it coz my tummy is more important
 so simple but the ingredients were so fresh
the eggs has got this farm freshness
yolk was thick and sweet
I didn't have to add salt nor pepper
*notice there isn't any pepper?*
I didn't notice there were plates and cutleries on top of my head
our table was a the corner overlooking the river and a garden
spent a slow long breakfast watching ppl walking their dogs, jogging, strolling in the park with kids
and mind u it was a wonder Vienna is world no. 1 for the most liveable city
I think I can live like this everyday~~~~

reservation is recommended for breakfast bcoz later on this place was full
*we set alarm, woke up early for this breakfast hahahahaah*

Later it was our turn to stroll at the park
so many mandarin ducks
quack quack come here come here!!!
yooouuuuuuu huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu~~~~~~
they swam further away from me

maybe I should speak german to them
"Guten here now!!!"
yeah perhaps I should have brought those malty bread from Meirerei instead
I want to live my life this way
have slow yummy breakfast with good quality produce that doesn't harm the Earth
go for strolls at the park

Thank Gawd today is Friday
so I can do all of the above soon

Meirerei @ Stadtpark
Am Heumarkt 2A,
A-1030 Vienna,
Tel: +43 1713 3168