Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Demel, Vienna

No one can just walk past this classic looking white colored shop without stopping
coz it's window displays were just screaming and squealing at u wif beautiful delights

Demel Cafe, founded in 1786 by Ludwig Dehne
Later in 1857, his son sold it to the Demel family
and it was relocated to this outlet
so we were visiting the very very same historical confectionery of Demel
warning though....do not come here during Peak Hours
bcoz the queue is similar to those ppl outside Apple Shops waiting for their iPad 3.0 in Malaysia.
so we came here for a quick bite during lunch hour
*well in case u didn't know, peak hours are after lunch till before dinner*
however then, there were a few groups of curious onlookers peeping in
coz it doesn't look like a bakery at all

Demel was the Imperial and Royal Court's confectionery
shows how serious they were towards sweets~~~~~
mimicking the other tourists, we took a peep too
and soon found ourselves squealing over their beautiful creations
its Cakes display
OMG!!!! which one to order?!?!?!!
now I really wished I'm a cow with 4 stomachs!!!!
as I was dashing from display to display in girlie delights, I saw pieces of cakes were being served
customers were fast deciding wat they want...pointing to the glass display
those pretty yummy ones are soon to be gone!!!!
grrRRRRrrrrrrrrr-ing at those men with big tummies
tee hee hee :D yes I'm a notti monkey
then there's some pastries and tarts
and more pretty looking ones
and if u like rolls and sponge cakes they have em too!!!!
also some really crispy looking pastries dust in castor sugar
I was still dashing from display to display 
can't decide!!!!
then dashed back to the cakes display
QUICK!!! monkey quick!!! u are usually very good with decisions
but why the retard-ness this time????
I told myself not to let the sugar rush coats my mind
Demel is famous with their chocolate cakes
and they have more than 20 types of it
I was banging my head on the glass display and smacking myself
JS was rolling his eyes

in exasperation, I asked the lady there for recommendations
she told me so many types and in the end, narrowed them down to 5 chocolate cakes
I was thinking, I came all the way from Malaysia....I need to have a degustation of chocolate cakes from Demel

I actually asked her that, for a chocolate cake degustation menu, she gave me the wide eyed look
yeah silly me....no such thing ok!!!!
but frankly I don't think it's such a bad idea at all :))))
then we walked to the back of the cafe
there's the open kitchen, separated with glass for curious onlookers like me
the smell of cocoa buttery chocolate cake baking was enuff to lure anyone to order that damn piece of cake!!!!

I told JS: "I've never smelled any chocolate this chocolatey before!!!!"
JS blinked at me
I thought to myself...wat was I talking about
it has to be the CHOCOLATE!!!
it's so intoxicating and to begin with, I'm not a chocolate person
we got ourselves a table next to the open kitchen
yeah if u do come at non-peak hours, u can sit anywhere u like
also the service is much better :))))
next to where I was seated was this machine that roll out royal icing sugar in lightning speed
u just wham the whole chunk of icing sugar into it, and the machine will roll it left and right
forward and backward
each time coming out thinner flatter and bigger
there's an airwell at this kitchen/ workplace
which gave natural lights
very very nice and cozy ambience
wished our kitchen is like this :)))))
Vienna is also famous with open sandwiches
the sandwich bar is looking so pretty tpp
just drooling looking at them
A bowl of pipping hot Goulash
Demel serves simple cafe food which reflects the true Viennese cuisine
it was so good, must be the beef broth or the paprika
JS had his favourite 2-foot long like a necklace pork sausage
served with a special pickled fennel like sauerkraut and mustard
it was really good with snappy natural sausage casing
I alwiz "nose" my food
coz our sensory is all depends on our dearie nose
I picked up some minty scent....
which surprisingly balanced up the rich broth
served with crispy malty bread
I wonder if they make their own bread too
they were painting the chocolate lollies with eyes, nose and mouth
once done, we saw that the chocolate lollies were rabbits!!!!!
That's a WHITE Kitchenaid there :)))))))))
u know wat she's making???
a couple making out
soon, our slices of heaven came :))))))
creamie vanilla custard sandwiched in between multiple layers of pastry
oh yummm~~~~~~
and a slice of chocolate tart
that was smooth and creamie~~~~~
 happy tummies happy us :)))))))
Demel has their own lil retail corner
selling sweets, pastries, chocolates and confectioneries for everyone

Kohlmarkt 14,
A-1010 Vienna.
Tel: +43 1535 17170


Melissa said...

OMG! Its really a 2 foot long sausage!
Ahhhhh.....I love chocolate!!!!!

JS said...

Actually it's more than 2 feet long :))

Chasing Food Dreams said...

I m always so impress with desserts in European countries... everything always look almost perfect... and I definately want that custard!!

its also nice to be able to see what and how they make or decorate their goods....

my first time seeing 2 feet long sausages..kakaka...

CHER-RY said...

yes desserts = Arts to them
to us Malaysian....nom nom nom :P

the sausage was long but it was not thick, so at least one person can finish it....hehehehehe. It's like goin to America and have a Burger the size of your face :P