Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Golden Cake

Every Chinese Spring Festival,
it is auspicious to eat food,
that are synonymous with wealth, health, richness, happiness...

I jumped into the bandwagon,
and made a golden cake for my family..
it's made fr pureed mandarin oranges *kam*
with lotsa coarse almonds..
mandarin & almond cake drizzled with caramelized orange syrup in zest.
My mom was like...
"Kam Cake? U kek sei ngor" *cake/kek also means hurting a person emotionally in chinese*

so we changed it to "kam tan kou"

I took efforts to boil the mandarin oranges for 2 hours....
then pureed the bugger,
mix the eggs, coarse almonds, sugar....
yep..no flour...so it's a pretty heavy and yummylicious cake..

and bake this cake for 1 hour 10 minutes...
caramelized the syrup with its zest..
and ppl wallop it in less than 10 minutes.

damn, I didn't get to enjoy it...
so made another one for meself...

*where's my boss??? am waiting for him to go to SIN*

Monday, February 26, 2007


Last month went to scout for new home,
Since this gonna be a holiday home...
convenience isn't so important.

Well that explains why I'm staying in the heart of KL,
it's all about...
1) location
2) location
3) location
it's really a pleasure and luxury to own a property facing the sea front.
the moment u open your eyes...
aaaaaa clear blue sky,
sea breeze on your face,
the smell of the sea....
and the soft sandy beach is just a few steps away..
for someone who lurve the sea so much,
I can practically be in my bikinis 24/7...
the bungalow is practically surrounded by water feature...this one outside the master bedroom
even your bath has got a view
Anyway the price is mind boggling,
and it's not too great,
well a lot to complain but since it's developed
by some friend who also happens to be a politician,
I have no freedom to rant here.
Ok, stop ranting...
I had salmon chirashi for dinner RM 18.90
just so convenient to pick all these fr Isetan.

TMRW.....my dreaded regional meeting in Singapore,
*pulling my hair*

As usual,
monkey has yet to pack,
has yet to recharge her notebook, camera, phone, ipod...
lucky my house has sooooo many available plugs.

My assistant started her 1st day at work today,
I was way too busy to layan her,
nor give her any work coz there's just too much,
and the time used to guide her at this moment,
may as well be utilise to finish off my work.

So I just dropped the whole big stack of magazines for March,
all 35 of them and got her to read them.
Prestige, Tatler, Astelier, Harper's Bazaar,
Peak, VMag, Vogue, Elle, The Hilt....yada yada...

Isn't it nice to be my assistant?
Well for the moment...
When Monkey is back next week...
she won't even have time to eat...nor check her manicure.

Well, I did took her out for a nice lunch,
and drove her halfway home...

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Gong Xi Gong Xi, Ang Pow come come

CNY come and go *well going to go*
we feasted like kings & queens,

come to think of it,
I'm not so excited over CNY,
like it used to,
when I was a lil gal.

New dresses from 1st day till chap goh mei,
ang pows here n there,
sweets, yummy food, and more junk food,
also the time to gamble.

Those were the days,
now it's spent catching up with frenz,
long lost relatives,
popping fr all corners of the world.
damn he's soooo darn cute...melts everytime he calls me...jie jie..
my lazy pooch *just like the owner*
both of us ate & zzzzzz most of the time
Whatever I ate,
she had her share,
Whenever I zzZZzzz,
she'll be sleeping near my feet.

Monkey & my anime sister, Angie aka Choyuki *her anime name*
she's only 15,
will be sitting for the ever important SPM this year.
Everything that I did,
she's 10 times more competitive & better.

an anime freak,
musician, genius, maths freak,
and my gaming partner.

particularly living in an anime world...
I can never ever beat her in any PS2 games..
without using cheats...hahaha

already has 2 anime books under her belt,
will venture into game design *faints*
aiyo, can u choose a more realistic career path???
Jessie my cousin, choyuki, serious dadddy hugging the pooch, and just awake mommy *just like me*

Taken before I went for my reunion dinner,
I have to wake the household *it was 7pm*
gather them to snap a pic...
choreographed them...
they were so unenthusiastic...
unlike a camera whore like me which is a good thing.

Life's back to normal,
after the holiday season....
sis busy catching up with her assignments,
I think/confirm she will graduate with distinction/honours before she's 21 lar.

"wanna go head to head in another round of WRC??"
"Don't kacau!! I'm trying to solve this hypothesis!!"
>_< and went to complained to mom on how un-sporting she is!!!
JS got back yesterday, and already at the course today..
You not sakit one meh???
Playing 27 holes everyday for the past 9 days????
while monkey still slothing at home,
sipping my krug.....
listening to norah jones...
all glued to my comfy sofa...*yawn*
I lurve to enjoy my sunday afternoon this way...
I painted this when I was 16....dad dugged my old paintings & framed them up recently
and this one when I was very much younger...as u can see the strokes were very childish and not daring at all!!!! and the colours were so so wrong!!! Heeeee, luff all u want.

I haven't been painting for years....
and I still owe JS a few paintings,
which I promised last year.

I am such a procastinator.
Hmmm, next CD pls...
and refill my champagne.

aaaaa....beautiful Sunday.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Yum Cha

This time is really yum cha....
no more yum seng if I wanna save my liver.
so we yum cha-ed at Min Kok Restaurant...
I lurve the prawns dumplings!!!

Some ppl caused commotion there,
the whole restaurant stood up to watch,
7 of us still holding our chopsticks,
with yummy loh mai kai on the lips...
froze n watch..

we r so confirmed retarded lar..
next time run!!!!
and forget bout the bills
nyek nyek nyek
the place was freaking crowded,
after bz saying hi to each other outside
we missed our waiting numbers *yes need to take number one*
or should I say, the turnover of customers was astounding
plus efficiency of workers...
just woke up monkey & Sam
Melisa, still sleepy monkey, bubbly Chin & Sam
ok, I'm wide awake after a round of tea and porridge
Lee Yee, Yoke May, Mee Chuen, Siew Chien, Melisa
then off to SC's home for some.............entertainment
when gals gamble, all sorts of behavior will come out....
i took so many candid pics during the gambling session...
if only i can post it here...
was refrained by galfrenz....
no posting on the blog..esp those..
which will diminish their face value...

Now u know when gals get together
can be frightful experience...
esp when the stakes are high....friendship are thrown aside..tsk tsk
evil look when winning!!! Big winner of the day....
monkey win or lose oso smile broadly alwiz..
my classmates....sayang sayang...
we are confirmed camera whore...

Thursday, February 22, 2007

CNY Reunion Dinner

Lou Hei!!! It was a total mess... >_<
a table full of gals lou hei, u can imagine the noise..hehehe
we forgot to check for cracks on the window
Fui Lin whom I've never met for 10 solid years!!! Gosh..
We became frenz when we were 11,
I remembered we did a project,
during Secondary 3 with PC & WK,
interviewing a prominent lawyer,
and ended hanging out downstairs his office,
which also happens to be a red light district!!!!

No wonder those men were staring at us...
still clad in school uniform..
tsk tsk.
Melissa da lawyer and Pei Pei at the back. Fui Lin, monkey & Chai
FL flew back fr London, Chai fr San Diego,
Monkey....erm......some jungles in KL.
and Sheryl all the way fr Singapore
Kelly, Jol Dih & Serena
HL & YM my best fren :)))
the superb organiser, Alex...*sudah tukar nama*
happy happy face :))))
YM & SM *unofficial Pantene ambassador*
Back: Sheryl, Chiew Lian, Fui Lin, Chai, Siew Ling. Front: Alex, Sook Mei, Diana, Chiew Teng, Siew Hui & Monkey
Sheryl, YM & HL
monkey and SM
me & Amy aka Mrs Choong
more group shot
all of us

Saturday, February 17, 2007


Goodbye...doggie year..
Here comes the BOAR which breathes fire...
and brings us more happiness,

Happy or not,
You make it happen.

Wealthy or not,
You yourself work hard for it..

Well..you are what you eat..
So have a balance diet and go hit the gym.

You control your own destiny...
so make it happen ya!!

Hope everyone will have a blasting time,
drinking and be merry...
I will definitely enjoy meself...


Friday, February 16, 2007


How I wished it's "yum cha"
instead of "yum seng"
everynite for the whole solid week!!!

I need to insure....
my organs
lungs fr inhaling ciggie smokes,
liver fr excessive alcos,
stomach and organs related to digestive system...
fr over indulged in rich, heart choking, artery blocking chinese food!!!

and oh yea..
my throat fr shouting instead of singing
during all the karaoke session.
I hate singing...everyone knows that >_<

This is not good,
I've been entertaining my clients, retailers...
before the CNY..

"Lou Hei" everynite,
white wines, red wines, all sorts of beers, whiskies,
marlboro, dunhill, salem, whatever they are...
it appears as white toxic smokes to me...
as they puffed and blow it into my face,
I'm already in a trance.

Damn these ppl work hard and partay hard too.

Goin to work early in the morning as usual,
had been a torture and achievement...
I guess the torture is paying the bills.
Did my tooth just fell off??

Boss, I need a corporate credit card already...
Thank u in advance.

The restaurant manager is my best friend by now,
giving me free wines, free dried bbq meat, vouchers,
and the whole damn restaurant know me by my name,
Pai seh man...
even the jockey doesn't charge me for parking,
anyway to be a gentleman, I mean a lady,
I tipped the tam bee as usual.

Today is the last day of work before CNY,
half day....kua kua kua..
As usual, I was empowered to organise another makan session..

Everyone agreed..

me very cheeky,
booked the restaurant at 11.30am....for lunch.
so literally, we won't be working today....

We are gonna have Japanese today at Starhill.
wooooooo.....I can't wait to do last minute shopping after that!!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Malaysian Open 2007

I woke up late...*as usual*
coz it's Sunday

and no one bothers to wake me up
coz no one dares to mess with monkey,
esp when she's sleeping.
not even Bernard the Joker *he stayed over for a nite*

so after all the ding-dong-ding-dong
we reached there at 11 am...
and the pros were already on their ninth hole
dunno which pro walking at hole 9
a few of them were still practicing at the putting green
Lee Westwood, I followed and watched him fr hole 9 till hole 15
He's a very stern man,
can't blame him though....
coz those ppl are not educated bout golf at all...*incld me*

It was clearly stated:
1) No handphones
2) No cameras

yet there were silly ringtones here n there,
ppl snapping n photographing their fav golfers...
Westwood's caddy came over to me at hole 10..

"No camera pls."

sigh...why do I have to stand so near to watch,
only inches away fr Mr. Westwood..

Anyway Mr. Westwood smiled at me
"No worries sweetie, you can have one later."

There were times when he played badly,
that he yelled at those audiences,

there was once at hole 13,
he tee-ed perfectly....and the ball was flying high.....higher and higher.
this stupid spectator..."Sit....sit..sit"

Mr.Westwood with his red face fr the sun turned
"I DIDN"T WANT THAT BALL TO SIT!!!! WHO TOLD U I WANT THAT BALL TO SIT????? hupeaurhgpabgcebgbgpiagiegievmvhaie

Anyway he didn't play so well as compared to the rest.
But he tee-ed off beautifully all the time...
When Mr. Ahmad *not his name at all* raise the "QUIET" sign,
all movement must stop..

if you are walking....freeze.
if you are whispering...stop...*u can only whisper there*
if you are breathing....hold it.
if you are drinking....do not gulp yet
if you are on the phone which u shouldn't.....be prepared coz they will throw u out of the course.
okie lar, last pic of JS n Prince C
I think my readers had enuff of them.

It was very hot that day,
and humidity was high too.
JS walked very fast catching up with the golfers,
leaving me and Prince C tailing behind with our umbrellas and ice lollies..

"See....my Gucci become Cicci already" *Prince C in his usual broken english*
"Nobody asked u to wear Gucci shoes to the golf course!!!! Tai sei"
It was a super hot and sunny day,
so next time,
my advise....

1) Umbrella *Prince C bought his at RM 199.99 at the course*
2) wear a cap
3) comfy shoes a must!!! *there were chicks walking...err limping at the course in their high heels*
4) use sun block
5) wear the coolest and stylish eyewear.....coz u'll be on the tele!!!
6) dress appropriately....
8) NO CAMERAS.....*this applies to me*
10) and of coz no more GUCCI shoes....they are not meant for walking at the golf course

and the score with their earnings in USD


1 Peter HEDBLOM (SWE) 73 71 68 68 280 -8 $215,000.00
2 Jean-Francois LUCQUIN (FRA) 72 68 74 67 281 -7 $143,330.00
3 Ignacio GARRIDO (ESP) 76 69 68 69 282 -6 $72,627.00
3 Simon DYSON (ENG) 71 68 73 70 282 -6 $72,627.00
5 Gary LOCKERBIE (ENG) 72 71 70 70 283 -5 $49,923.00
5 Marcus HIGLEY (ENG) 72 67 70 74 283 -5 $49,923.00
7 Chinarat PHADUNGSIL (THA) 70 67 77 70 284 -4 $31,411.00
7 Mikko ILONEN (FIN) 69 70 74 71 284 -4 $31,411.00
7 Simon YATES (SCO) 73 69 70 72 284 -4 $31,411.00
7 Prom MEESAWAT (THA) 72 69 70 73 284 -4 $31,411.00
11 Amandeep JOHL (IND) 73 71 71 70 285 -3 $21,078.00
11 Graeme STORM (ENG) 72 72 69 72 285 -3 $21,078.00
11 David BRANSDON (AUS) 70 72 70 73 285 -3 $21,078.00
11 Ricardo GONZALEZ (ARG) 69 71 69 76 285 -3 $21,078.00
11 Angelo QUE (PHI) 70 73 68 74 285 -3 $21,078.00