Friday, October 29, 2010

Lanvin for H&M

every year there'll be a major collaboration between H&M and a designer
from Madonna to Karl Lagerfeld to Jimmy Choo and Sonia Rykiel, so did Comme des Garcons
and Lanvin for H&M is debuting on 2nd November on the runway....
*it is only available at the stores on 23rd Nov*


every season....whenever Monkey wanna lay her hands on all these super limited can die edition items
it's either SOLD OUT to the MAX or I have to chase the other laydee who laid her eyes on the same merchandise that I want...fight for it or just snarl at each other's either not my size...or just not my colors..

PPL queue up for these merchandise

so folks dun ask me to get all this super limited ed items home for y'all
coz it alwiz ended up....with disappointment
and me spending more time locating all the H&M stores in that particular country or for that particular items
*2 years back Dinos the Great & JS went with Monkey 45km away fr Athens to hunt for the very last H&M in the country :P*

yeah women are crazy when it comes to shopping
don't u think it's gorgeous????
arghhhh I MUST MUST MUST at least own one of this collection
*starts practicing angry snarls and fierce squinting eyes movement*

oh oh oh by the way...H&M just opened their flagship store at Champs Elysees


Seafood at Bukit Tambun, Penang

weird looking was very very poke-y and spookie :P
out of curiosity we ordered a kilo to try

Bukit Tambun is in the mainland of Penang
and famous for its fresh seafood and most's DIRT CHEAP
however it failed to impress me coz apart fr its freshness
*well all fresh ingredients will definitely taste great*
there's basically not much of a variety and its fishes didn't come fr this part of the world
*mostly all fr Sabah -_-*

or perhaps we just went to the wrong shop
think Hai-boey in Penang Island is still the best :D
in terms of total dining experience from food, service, ambience to price
anyway back to the weird looking mollusc.....dunno wat it's called...
but it's crunchy and tasted earth???
prollie it's fr shallow sea water or wat???
sweet and sour mud crabs....there's a lot of roe innit
but in terms of flava can do better
think we oso had a fish which was not in my pic bank....
and fresh mantis prawns - steamed with soy sauce

prollie I'll be more adventurous next time and try the other outlets as well
coz this place is nearby the swamp and prawn farms
with quite a number of outlets competing for your business

Parking is horrendous and narrow - only one lane
since it's so dirt cheap....pile urself up with anything & everything that they have :P

forgotten the name of the restaurant
Monkey failed hehehehe

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Asia's Top 10 Restaurants - The Miele Guide

1. Iggy's, Singapore
2. L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon, Hong Kong, China
3. Robuchon a Galera, Macau, China
4. Jaan, Singapore
5. Antonio's, Cavite, Philippines
6. Mozaic, Bali, Indonesia
7. Zuma, Hong Kong, China
8. Cilantro Restaurant & Wine bar, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
9. L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon, Tokyo, Japan
10. Caprice, Hong Kong, China

can I just skip the prestigious Ball this Friday and join u all in Cilantro gentlemen????

Congratulations again
we r so PROUD of u!!!!

lotsa Love fr Monkey & JS

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Jamie Oliver's Cheeky Mugs

hahaha we saw these wonderful mugs at Robinsons one fine day
and thought it would make really sweet everyday mugs
but there's so many choices to choose from......
 Drama Queen.....???? hmmmm....
 hahahah this one is so farnie.....
 this is so so so ME!!!!!!
 I just know exactly who to give this to....ahahahhaha...I think she knows too if she sees this :P
so after browsing so many cheeky mugs fr Foxy Lady to Cool Dude, Clever Clogs to Chocolate Lover
we finally found our match :))))))))

that's ME ME ME ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

go and get yours now
heart heart heart my mug!!!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

First Dinner.....with new neighbour

Chinese says, the first meal at the new home is very important
so all dishes must be auspicious
the lights at home must all be lighted
u must at least use the rice cooker
boil water with the kettle
and heat up the oven
well firing away on the stove is a must too

We r so confirmed China Apeks lar

so fr the pic u can see that the wet kitchen was in total mess
with mise-en-place all over

anyway for those who dun und the term
mise-en-place = french term defined by the culinary institute
consisting of "setup" ingredients used in cooking
in short "everything in place"

I learnt this word 6 years ago through reading books by celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain
Monkey couldn't cook then but still enjoyed reading em
6 years later....Monkey still couldn't cook....kekekekkeke
so in a nutshell I was not born to cook....
the dry kitchen was in a mess too
preparation of salad and plating of cold food was done here
did I tell u that the 2 Apeks aka JS & Monkey wore RED
to add to the auspiciousness?
kekekekekkekeke more like CNY already
Wagyu Beef marble 9
while he was bz doin up the preparation Monkey did the table setup
can't remember how to fold just simply pakai hentam
so why is the fork on the other side?
coz our 1st course was a pasta :))))
burgundy glasses were out too :))))))))))))
Head Chef plating the 1st course
the famous creation by Chef Gunther - cold cappellini
reinterpreted by JS minus the caviar *caviar is still siting inside the fridge, terlupa*
with a huge dollop of Sea Urchin aka Uni/Ooni
JS bought 2 trays of sea urchin freshly flown in that very same morning
and it was all gone...our guests can really eat!!!!!!!
the fresh sweet prawns were superb

this pasta is very clinically, preparation all done cold
with ice cold water and the toppings were all RAW and COLD
the vinegar was the killer.....pressie fr Si Fu
it cost bout SGD 780 per small bottle T_T

Off topic:
Monkey: "we need to get everything NEW for groceries, do not bring over fr old place. I will get em later."
JS: "But...but...but I wanna bring that vinegar over...."

Monkey: "NO...I SAID everything has got to be NEW."
JS: "But but but it is a pressie and it's NEW....moreover it is so expensive."

Monkey: "ok like how much????? WAT???? It's NEW? SO EXP!!! okie get it over."
simple salad with dijon mustard dressing
not to forget some fresh bread
this was bought, no time to move house, clean place and bake bread....
it takes time coz need hours to prove
all covered with fragrant basil leaves
2nd course was a linguine with prawns in tomato basil sauce
Prawns were fire up quickly to give it that crunch and texture plus "wok hei"
the oil were so beautiful, JS made it outta the prawn heads earlier
hey friends, remember this?
this round minus the egg....just plain rice fried with fats fr the Wagyu beef
topped with finely chopped spring onions
wagyu beef was slightly overdone coz the oven was new and we need time to re-adjust
thanks to its multi layer of fats in between the was extremely juicy
no sauce needed for this....
presenting our New Neighbour
Prince C & I Ching....kekekekekekeke
no seriously they are our neighbour :P
who stay just the next block and we can alwiz wave each other hi fr their balcony to our kitchen
another China Apek oso came in RED :P
spot the other Artemide Castore at the corner?
just hold its stem to Dim/Increase/off this stand eh?
I Ching putting the final touch to the souffle
it was still so early when dessert was served :P
Raspberry souffle served with very tiny amount of Vanilla Ice cream
very audacious of JS to make souffle with a new oven
and it turned out perfect.....
his first attempt in making a raspberry souffle
yep everything fr scratch as usual :))))
2 burgs, white and red
beautiful beautiful
its nose was so outstanding that the palate was over shadowed by it

and for the RED our favourite Vosne Romanee - Dujac
*was trying to book an appointment with them this December but difficult coz they are too bz to receive guests at that time of the year - bz pruning wor.......*

so wat do u think of our very First Dinner? :))))))))
I had to say my tummy had a whale of time :P
Thank u to Mr. JS for whipping up yummy food

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Finally....a home :))

it was messy and busy but we pulled it all together
I've lost count how many nails I've broken :P
should I find another label on any item at home.....GAH!!!!!!!
frankly speaking not the whole home is ready....
personal belongings were everywhere
I have trouble locating my's in either boxes or I've chucked into one of the many drawers 
while unpacking...
no....we did not forget bout you Atmos clock :)))))
it was the last item to be carried over
invented in 1928 and went into full production in 1929
this clock lives on AIR alone 
deriving energy fr atmopsheric pressure change and small temperature change too
for a new home u need fruits....
as a symbol I suppose...
fruits tray by Alessi bought to us by Saint Veeny & Dinos the Great
almost...well almost all our Alessi items came fr them or their part of the world :P
this fruits tray is unique as it's moulded by hand and each piece is different
we received our very first guest over for dinner that day.....
well we invited our neighbour over.......
will unveil our neighbour/ guests tmrw + blog bout our 1st dinner
*lurve the table's Chilewich*
despite the moving + dusting + unpacking + peeling labels
Monkey & JS had to rush out to buy flowers/groceries/fruits bla bla bla
it was indeed a super tiring can die day
and more flowers :P
no just buy/trim/chuck em into the vase
but I found time for this :D hehehehhehe
before I can lay my fingers on it....
Monkey had to clean each key with tender loving care...kekkekeke
and had to remind the maid NOT TO TOUCH IT
warned the contractors to STAY AWAY FROM IT
and JS without any notices....automatically alwiz.....alwiz walked away from it :P
*so par pai......-_-*

my bones and muscles are still aching today 
and another busy week ahead 

thank you to everyone for their warm wishes for our new home
all the pressies and love

Friday, October 22, 2010


It is so tiring...
having to solve all the problems and everyone's prob
prollie it's just my nature that I'm a problem solver that I HAD to do it
*or just being plain kepoh*

I have yet to accept the fact that THERE ARE THINGS that I can't solve
there are matters that are not meant to be mended

if both of u have made the decision
against all odd with my head held high....I will surrender
do wat u must.......for life is short

for the first time, this steel laydee tasted defeat at work..............
and it ain't a good feeling at all.

What is right may not be good for u
and what is wrong may not be harmful to u


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Too much to handle

these will not be Object of Desire
Bottega Veneta Intrecciato iPad and iPhone case


calm down Monkey....
5 more weeks till PARIS!!!!!
ohhh la la ~~~~~~~

Port View Seafood Restaurant, Kota Kinabalu

trip to Sabah is never complete without Seafood indulgence
it's great to indulgence in BIG group but if there's only a few of us, there's only so much u can order

The above was a yummy treasure hunt soup
errr that's not the actual name...think it was double boiled soup
with BABY ABALONE innit, dried scallops, fish maws, mushrooms, free range chicken, and other yummy goodies
wait till u hear its price u'll think it's even yummier
RM 15 per bowl :))))))))))))))
steamed really fresh scallop - as in they were still swimming in the tank...yeah scallops can swim ok!!!
topped with freshly chopped garlic, sesame oil and voila~~~~
*I m looking for scallops shells to do some handicrafts...anyone know where to get/buy them?*

I dun really know wat do u call these...but it's fr the SEA
just blanch it over hot water...
served with chili and mustard dips
it was rather sweet and crunchy, can almost taste the sea
the famous "Seven Star Grouper" aka Coral Trout
we ordered the tiniest of the lot inside the fish tank...
"That oneee...that tiny it out!!!!"
it was jumping in frantic as the worker net him outta the tank....
sayonara my dearier grouper friends....wailed the Seven Star Grouper

Seven Star Grouper is one of the most prized fish in HK and fetched really damn high price...
so if u r there and consume assured it's 100% fr Sabah water :P
it's RM 170 per kilo here and that's dirt cheap...
try eating it in the restaurant :P

Off topic:
JS and gang went out to the sea and caught 22 Seven Star Grouper over a night
T_T mad.......
*read bout it here*
another must eat in Sabah is the I dunno wat u call it in english
on the menu it's written as "Sabah Vege"

since this place was so convenient we parked ourselves for 2 consecutive nites here
there's also a cultural performance and native dance entertaining u while u chomp on all the finger smooching seafood :))))))

Port View Seafood Restaurant
Lot 19, Ground Floor, The Water Front,
Tun Fuad Stephens Road,
8800 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
Tel: +608 822 1753

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Manukan Island, Sabah

Monkey + Wake boarding = disaster

there was only a few more hours to kill before we have to get our butts to the airport
and we had to spend the last few hours with tonnes of adrenaline adventure...

Chris da Boss called my room extension in a super stoned voice....
"aaaaaargghhhhh headache.....u all go ahead and pls take care of urself....arghhhhhh headache....."
Baby Wei with a view of Pulau Gaya
nope we r not heading to that island....
that island is full of Philippinos Tourists without passport
u get my drift?
We took turns to snap pic for each other
and WE WERE SO DETERMINED to do "it" that day
been talking about it for days~~~~~

wooooohoooooooo baaaabbbbyyyyyyyyyyy

Monkey is alwiz afraid of for her to garner all the energy and determination which can almost move the Mount Kinabalu is really really a rare occasion.
but it was a let down.....coz it was toooooooo windy and they won't let us do it
and innocent us were like...."why not???? strong wind = fly higher!!!!"
Jim Bean the Island operator: "yes u can fly very high...but how are u gonna come down???"
ohhhhh kakkakakkakakakakakaka
perhaps u can cut the rope? :P
minutes later.....we were on our way to Manukan island
the waves were strong and according to Walking-Pedia Mr. JS who was in KL then
there was a typhoon the nite before at Hainan Island and Sabah was getting its tail-end of the typhoon
hence the strong wind + choppy sea
we went to my favourite private the other side of the island
with nobody around except a fat Iguana roaming around and some seagulls
and zzzzZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz with the view of Pulau Sapi the neighbouring island
Baby Wei bz munching away~~~~
there are a few quaint lil shops to get ur stuffs
from cold drinks to snacks to sandwiches, ice creams and equipment rentals
and we rented this picnic mat and gals being gals we had to choose one that matches with our swimwear
"Baby Wei which color u want? Shall we get this one?"
*Shop operator squinted his eyes and faint*
Monkey & Baby Wei
in Paradise~~~~~
we wanted to zzzzz longer....but then our flight is waiting for us...
haiiiii back to reality~~~~~
then we were on our way back to the jetty to catch our speed boat back to mainland
it's a TURTLE!!!!!!
Jim Bean the island operator took this pic for us and kept on saying it's a "Buaya Darat"
hmmmmm -_-
goodbye Manukan Islandwe shall be back again in a few months time
Since we gals wanted to Para-Sail so much
Jim Bean was so sweet and got us the speed boat that does Para-sailing
for us to at least "have a feel" hahahahahhahaha
u can see the yellow thingy at the back is actually the Parachute
care to ride on a boat that I steer??? hiak hiak hiak!!!!
back to safety~~~ no more steering the super fast speed boat on a choppy sea Monkey!!!!
Jim Bean got us this private ride...
just the two of us back to reality to catch our flight

Speed Boat driver from Hell: "Madam which jetty u wanna go to?"

"can u get us to the airport please? :)))))))))))