Monday, October 11, 2010

Reunion with Kindy Chai & Ass Kickin Vonne

1,2,3,4......all lining up like ducklings~~~~ la la la la
that was the song we sang when we were 5 year old kiddos :P
*well something that sounds like tat :P*

It was indeed a very rare occasion to have not one but two childhood friends get together these days...
ain't easy when everyone is busy globe trotting the world
and their own career + life + business + family

I considered Ass Kickin Vonne as childhood friend coz we met when we were ermmm 18?
18 still a child leh u know???

eh babe still remember all the silly pranks we played at other ppl?
we do lived out to our title eh??? Notti Monkeyssssssss
the three of us are indeed Monkeys....notti or's up to a person to define
Kindy Chai bz updating her FB :P
wat would we do without FB huh?
no updates fr each other when u r on the other side of the world?
paper wrapped chicken!!!!!

oh so yummy and hi-cholesterol "Sang har mee"
lurve its gravy to bits :)))))))
*slurp slurp slurp*

Kindy Chai she can't eat no more!!!!
eat all u can..
Trust me u won't get this even at the BEST CHINATOWN in the States
stir fried greens

star of the nite *well apart fr us*
has got to be this dry fried beef noodles
specialty of Soo Kee
the beef was marinated with young papaya juice to tenderise em
with lotsa crunchy beans sprouts and shredded cabbage stems
and EGGS!!!!!

catching up like we haven't meet for ages
*we still chat online every other day*
**thanks to FB**
yak yak yak yak yak yak
oh not to forget our photographer joined us that evening
Mr. JS..

eh nothing is free hor...
u want photography/pics..u better feed him well
Ass Kickin Vonne, Kindy Chai, Monkey
One for our beautiful memory :)))
so we can show to our grandkids :P

Ass Kickin Vonne can't get enuff over the huge prawns :P
so now u know how to come here...
next round I'll take ya to Sek Yuen yea.

and since the nite is still young *it's alwiz young for me*
we dropped Mr. JS off coz it's LADIES NITE
and hit the town for drinks :))))))))))

they have very beautiful and innocent *ahem* smiles
wait till they show u their devilish horns and tanduks
esp the one who can kick asses

Monkey & Ass Kickin Vonne
u must bring ur camera out next time kay?
so we can cam-whore with ur Nikon till its shutter/lense explode :P

and dearie Kindy Chai so nice meeting u again
if we have more time together in the future, let's do some activities apart fr makan yea
but understand ur schedule in Msia is even busier than the PM
cheers to our childhood, sisterhood and friends forever :))))))))))))
love u all!!! muaks muaks muaks~~~~~


licheng said...

thanks for bringing me here. the sang har min was really good :D and it was great catching up!

yes next time we go do some activity, then go eat..hahaha

CHER-RY said...

Kindy Chai: Haha alwiz a pleasure to dine with u madamme!!!! *hugs*

Yvonne Chan said...

u remember those pranks I used to always play on my housemates?
the condom wrapped door knob, the sexy lingerie silhouette etc... fun times those days.

Chai, next round.. we can go off somewhere to stay the night, cook for ourselves or just some outdoor day activities.

CHER-RY said...

Vonne: Don't forget the condom + banana @ Daphne's room :P