Friday, April 30, 2010

Object of Desire 0004

I want this!!!!! I really really really REALLY EXTREMELY want
the ARTEMIDE CASTORE suspension lights
designed by Hubb Ubbens & Michele de Lucchi

so pretty~~~~~
will look so spectacular on the main hall

it's not gonna happen bcoz of the ceiling height
basically the largest size of the ball is gonna be so long
and it will hang so low that anyone walking underneath it will have a smashing big ball smacking their head

the above picture looked so perfect
coz the lights were installed on the LOBBY OF A HOTEL!!!!
why can't our ceiling be as high as the hotel?!?!?!?!??!

after 2 weeks, I finally accepted the hard painful fact
that we not gonna have this!!!!!
and I learnt to let go....
*been doin a lot of compulsive decision making these days just bcoz of aesthetic elements*
**hey I'm a person of ART ok!!!!!**

So in the end, we bought some other nice pieces as well
find out which lucky Artemide will come home with us
click *here* to read more

Penang thru the lense of an iPhone

pic stolen fr JS's iphone
JS took this in Penang outta boredom
*while waiting for someone to fetch him to go eat duck egg char kuey teow*
pic again stolen fr JS's iPhone edited by JS using lightroom
makes u wonder how powerful editing software are these days
this one is very nostalgic!!!
like that dunnit SLR cameras dy!!!!
iPhone is enuff to do the job

wei JS, mana saya punya ta pau-ed char kuey teow, mochi, asam laksa, lobak, hokkien prawn me????

CORUM closing dinner & partay!!!!

Monkey & Yves, our after-sales director
It was the closing dinner after 10 days of hardwork at the world largest watch fair
most of the agents have gone back to their respective countries
our bouncer cum security at the fair joined us, with Big Boss fr Spain - Angel
yes his name is Angel....really angelic
they were competing on who has the biggest biceps -_-"
"U like Cherrrieeee????" scares me!!! and ran away
Monkey and Nerdy Gaetan
who can't make do without his nerdy spec

"NOooo I look good innit."
No u don't!!
"Yes I do!!!"
and it went on and on and on and on............

"Hey Nerd...can u gimme the..."
"I. AM. NOT!!!!!!!!!!!"
Pretty Laurie, Fab, Marie-Claude, Damien the IT man
Val was so eppy and jovial
never seen her smiling like this...coz throughout the fair
she was tense, defiant and stressed!!!!

most of us ran away fr her...hehehehe
esp when champagnes glasses fell onto floor and bcame gazillion specs
all she worried was...."did my totem fell down??? did my display towers fell off????"
errrr...Val...u should be asking if anyone's hurt!!! not the towers!!!!
Nasser & Mommy Jacky :)))
on the last day of the fair...he gave me an angry look

"ce qui vous veulent Nasser?????"
Nasser: "YOU....AND's OVER huh????
"Oui. Nasser. It. Is. Over."

Nasser: "Can I come to Malaisie to look u up."
"NO. O_O"
whenever we were stressed up...we talk rubbish to make time passes by quickly
and to destress I suppose..
coz amid the free flow of champagnes at the booth...we were not allowed to drink :P
only for customers....kekekekeeke
group pic!!!!
Mommy Jacky & Superman Gregoire
he was the man taking care of the gift room at the fair

and alwiz seen carrying huge boxes around
"Voila Gregoire......u r so strong just like Superman..."
he smiled sheepishly before replying: "It's empty cherrrrieeee"
everyone luffed and Marie Cattin told him in french...."u shouldn't have told her that!!!"

Sandra!!!!!! :)))))))))))
who assisted us a lot to secure some big pieces...
merci beacoup I lurve u so much~~~~~~
missing everybody there!!!
pls dun forget all my inventory and items that we needed here!!!!
I'm waiting~~~~

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Al Picchio Ristoria, Rome

hmmm lucky I snap pic of the napkin coz kinda forgotten wat's the name of this place
:P well after 4 months.....sure ler...
this family run place was so cozy and nice
just down the road by the corner of Trevi Fountain
and has been there since 1930

the frontal of the shop with its merchandising of yummy food
by the way this restaurant served simple everyday food
just like our "chap farn" shop
esp this plate of freshly made pasta
everyday when I passed by this shop....Monkey would beg JS to have lunch/dinner here
JS: "It's just a italian "chap farn" shop leh!!!"
yes I know no michelin stars, no great wines...but I m sure they have AWESOME pastas!!!!

the other reason why I was dying to eat here....
look at the spit roasted hog on the chopping board
with its crispy skin!!!!!

and grilled artichokes!!!!!
oh my gawd....the artichokes in Italy were fantastic!!!!!

other available grilled stuffs were zucchinis and eggplants
yeah the huge chunks in black were grilled sweet eggplants!!!!
so jumbo rite?

they have some other hot appetizers too

the salad counter
so u see wat I mean when I said it's a "Chap Farn" shop

wow and perfectly wood roasted chicken!!!!!!
but I didn't have any coz....JS was around.....and nobody will share the poultry with me :(
*I shall blog soon bout another place I went, where I had the whole roast chick to meself :P*
this place speak no english and no english menu....
so pls rely on your eye contact, pointing here n there esp on the table nearby and also sign language
just tell the Papa waiter cum owner cum father cum boss u want something delicious
sign language = put all your five fingers into your lips, smack it, muaks it...
he should understand :P

and based on his recommendation we had a micture of grilled mushrooms, chilis and zucchinis
unbelievable bcoz of the extra virgin olive oil they was apple green!!!!!
next was calamari and sweet shrimps - deep fried with a slice of lemon only
so simple but yet......gawd..esp the prawns u chomp everything including its shells.
still can taste the saltiness fr the sea
finally, this was wat we came for...
JS had an unbelievable yummy and value for money of coz
porcini pasta!!!!!
the pasta have such good texture and it was very very eggy
and I was craving for meat and fresh tomato based pasta!!!!!
worth coming here..
chap farn shop...kekekekkeke
and there's a variety of sweet desserts on the display waiting to be picked up
from tiramisu to lemon tart to cream puffs and more cakes and tarts
we didn't have any coz Monkey wanted gelato near the hotel again :P
everynite on the way home,
we'll stop by the gelateria.....
monkey will have 2 scoops and JS will have his double express decaffeinato

really a nice chap farn place

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bottega Veneta Cruise 2010

the color = fever
I actually bought the brown one first......
then within 24 hours i thought the brown one looked so old on me :P
and changed it to fever!!!!
*Bagaholic's fav color!!!!*

if u are wondering.....
it's a clutch bag cum lil handbag
the clasp can be remove to create a loop
so u can loop it round ya wrist 

Piazza di Spagna, Rome

Spanish Steps has been a magnet for tourists
I dun see wat's so special about this place
just high steps for u to hang out and a landmark church at the top - Chiesa della Trinita dei Monti
*note the obelisk grew outta Monkey's head :P*
I didn't fancy this place coz.....LOOK AT THE CROWD!!!!!
the reason we were here bcoz of the shopping strip!!!
that whole street packed like sardines of human being holds all the famous italian brands
from Gucci to Dolce & Gabbana, Ferragamo, Miu Miu, Prada, Armani and Rome's very own Bvlgari

built between 1723 and 1726 it was named Spanish Steps because of the nearby Spanish Embassy
soon it became a place for beautiful men and women to hang out.....errr not to pak tor
but to be spotted and hoping to be chosen as artists' models

hmmmmmm how to spot these beautiful ppl among the crowds leh????
wrong place to be

soon we found a spot to watch sunset :))))))))))))
and climbed all the way to the top
the street was still full of ppl!!!
the tiny van can't even get through :P
how come there's so many ppl in ROME????????
beautiful sunset :))))))))

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Prince C's Birthday, Cilantro

Prince C & GOE share the same birthday,
one was celebrating in Spore....the other one here in KL
since both can't make it together at a destination at the same time
*well important ppl are alwiz busy :P*
the favourite seaweed butter and truffles butter
I just like ordinary rich butter
started the dinner off with a Baby Krug
wei...JS I thought no more liao in the fridge?
this bottle came fr where? or u've been hiding so I won't be sneaking behind your back and whack all your stocks? I'm not like tat rite???
*nyek nyek nyek*
simple dinner, just the 3 of us with really really simple wine
yes we are following Si Fu Lawrence's philosophy - simplicity

Chef Takashi was not available to cook that nite
but he was so sweet to do up a nice menu already
He was celebrating his wedding anniversary!!!! Congratulations!!!!
amuse bouche of scrambled egg inside an egg shell
very delightful
the men were busy whacking the awesome bread with the awesome butter
one super favourite dish at Cilantro :))))))))
cold capellini with sea urchin and avruga caviar
oh yea...must credit mention first...nanti he merajuk
all pics taken by Mr. JS using his Canon Mark IV
white asparagus and foie gras
white asparagus is in season now but I must say it's not the same if u eat them in Europe
it has a slight golden bitterness that's very yummy
2 years ago, I brought back fr Switzerland for JS to cook
and it's super cheap there....
think I brought back bundles and he couldn't finish em and had to throw :(((

Foie gras is another favourite for Prince C
he uses them to fried rice at home
roasted hirame fish and poached oyster
the oyster on my plate went to the birthday boy
another favourite his
well the menu of the nite was certainly made for him
think we were so obedient to have 1.5 bottles only :))))
this is wat I call moderation....:P
more like not enuff forum to drink more....WAKAKAKAKA
so dear Singapore AA gang...know how blessed u guys are
with all the top notch restaurants everywhere and availability of wines and kakis to indulge
in Malaysia I have yet to find this bunch of ppl
some sour sorbet to cleanse the palate
JS had his usual off the menu aka open food seafood pasta
birthday boy had lobster with deep fried zucchini flower

Monkey had wagyu beef with nanohana - broccolini
*the col of the beef in the pic is a bit pale*
**blame it on the flash**

sear em on the hot stone according to ur liking
just look at the fats...I mean where's the MEAT???
YUMMO!!! melts~~~~
so Prince C went out for a smoke and we gave him a lovely surprise :P
one year older one year wiser
and he got a bottle of pressie fr us

Romanee St Vivant
the ritual of snapping pic with the birthday boy
my turn!!!!!
yummy tiramisu cake
thank u for arranging, Jason :)))))))))))
coffee or tea or me?
rhubarb souffle
homemade chocolate truffles

kinda forgotten the name of this chocolate dessert
with figs
good combo
so I m not JS
I won't blog about a person's horoscope/zodiac
coz I dunno how :P

but being logic and general
Prince C was born in the year of oink oink
hence he has such good oink oink life
eat and sleep only
yeah he doesn't work :P

but when he does get down to his butt to work
u better watch out coz this man is ferocious
yeah that reminds me...he's also ferocious behind all his wheels
the man who taught me to speed at 270km on the highway and it's ok
promised meself will never do tat again :P
pls dun force me to drive ur car again hehehehe

Cilantro Restaurant
Micasa Hotel,
Jalan Tun Razak,
Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 603 2079 8082