Thursday, April 01, 2010

Four Seasons Claypot, Hong Kong

It was not difficult to locate Arthurs Street in Kowloon District
and we walked there from Tsim Tsa Tsui
passed the famous Temple street which was packed with small eateries and flea market
also streets selling LV, Gucci made in China.

the queue was so long, JS wanted to give up without even jump into the long long line
"We don't come fr so far to leave ok???"
JS: "Okie lor we wait for a while....otherwise can eat next door"
this is the lot 2 shops away,
also run by Four Seasons Claypot
and it's their KITCHEN
with gunny sacks of rice and a charcoal fire at the back
there's an old laydee there waiting for leftovers.....must be for her dogs or something...
she was sleep-sitting :P
now u can have a better view of all the actions goin on behind the sacks of rice :P
the queue was pretty ok as it was moving quite reasonably,
we only waited for 15 minutes considering it was like 60 ppl waiting
the worker who maneuvered the queue was very efficient

"3 seatings....anyone 3 seatings?"
3 hungry customers walked in...
"4 seatings.....4 seatings!!!!"
4 impatient youngsters hopped in
"1 seating!!!! anyone 1 seating???"

1 seating???? impossible!!!
then a loner uncle walked in...
walauweh...if I wanna eat alone...I won't come here all the way and queue!!!!!
very soon we were seated on a small table for two....
which can also be combined with another small table to do a seating for 4...
pretty flexible, just like playing lego :P
this was the secret sauce on every table :))))))))))))))
it was rather sweet and savory at the same time
and our food came very quickly too.......
JS ordered chinese air dried sausage with pork ribs
when the pot arrives, u need to dash some of the secret sauce innit and cover for a few minutes
for all the flavours to be infused

I ordered double dose of chinese sausage
OMG the sausages were amazing!!!!
with a phoenix claw
why the air dried sausages were amazing?
coz as u sink your teeth in, the chinese rice wine just burst out
and the sausage has just the right amount of meat and fat
the other famous dish here is the oysters egg omelette
fr the pic u can see how crispy it was right?
but it was soft and moist on the inside with fresh oysters!!!!!
lots and lots of it
there are so many diff variety of claypot u can order here
from eels to duck to sliced beef with ginger to chicken, pork, spare parts
u name it :))))))))

Four Seasons Claypot,
46-48 Arthurs Street,
Kowloon Hong Kong


js said...

worth the wait leh :)
the sleepy auntie was collecting left overs for the pig farm.

CHER-RY said...

we must go again kay :)))))))