Friday, April 30, 2010

CORUM closing dinner & partay!!!!

Monkey & Yves, our after-sales director
It was the closing dinner after 10 days of hardwork at the world largest watch fair
most of the agents have gone back to their respective countries
our bouncer cum security at the fair joined us, with Big Boss fr Spain - Angel
yes his name is Angel....really angelic
they were competing on who has the biggest biceps -_-"
"U like Cherrrieeee????" scares me!!! and ran away
Monkey and Nerdy Gaetan
who can't make do without his nerdy spec

"NOooo I look good innit."
No u don't!!
"Yes I do!!!"
and it went on and on and on and on............

"Hey Nerd...can u gimme the..."
"I. AM. NOT!!!!!!!!!!!"
Pretty Laurie, Fab, Marie-Claude, Damien the IT man
Val was so eppy and jovial
never seen her smiling like this...coz throughout the fair
she was tense, defiant and stressed!!!!

most of us ran away fr her...hehehehe
esp when champagnes glasses fell onto floor and bcame gazillion specs
all she worried was...."did my totem fell down??? did my display towers fell off????"
errrr...Val...u should be asking if anyone's hurt!!! not the towers!!!!
Nasser & Mommy Jacky :)))
on the last day of the fair...he gave me an angry look

"ce qui vous veulent Nasser?????"
Nasser: "YOU....AND's OVER huh????
"Oui. Nasser. It. Is. Over."

Nasser: "Can I come to Malaisie to look u up."
"NO. O_O"
whenever we were stressed up...we talk rubbish to make time passes by quickly
and to destress I suppose..
coz amid the free flow of champagnes at the booth...we were not allowed to drink :P
only for customers....kekekekeeke
group pic!!!!
Mommy Jacky & Superman Gregoire
he was the man taking care of the gift room at the fair

and alwiz seen carrying huge boxes around
"Voila Gregoire......u r so strong just like Superman..."
he smiled sheepishly before replying: "It's empty cherrrrieeee"
everyone luffed and Marie Cattin told him in french...."u shouldn't have told her that!!!"

Sandra!!!!!! :)))))))))))
who assisted us a lot to secure some big pieces...
merci beacoup I lurve u so much~~~~~~
missing everybody there!!!
pls dun forget all my inventory and items that we needed here!!!!
I'm waiting~~~~

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