Thursday, June 30, 2011

Lepak at J&J, Singapore

such a beautiful bottle :))))))))))))))
anyway as at last nite, Monkey was recruited by Yiks into the Mabuk group
wuahahahahha thanks mate :P

I seldom drink myself to this condition
okie back to this post...
the lepak session was last month and I realised I am really really behind all my postings
so better post this up before our next lepak session with them.

we started our "dinner" at J&J's crib at 3pm on a Saturday afternoon
J&J trained their maid so well she can shuck oysters faster than Gordon Ramsay
yes oysters and rare champagne

and sweet korean strawberries

so who kept this bottle now??????
wat a nice way to enjoy a Saturday afternoon
if only there's a masseur :P
and the kids were screaming and splashing at me -_-"

and the dog was looking at me sadly.....
coz no human food for them :P
but the moment was not for long when Monkey was summoned to work
yea once the men start the fire in the's never ending till midnite
JS is very very fast in preparing mis-en-place
and everything prepared in such systematic way
those who dun cook just chill and laze around with more drinks
the M people :P
J&J Jelina made this fr scratch!!!!!!
Thai laksa = Khao Soi
the ingredients alone is like 2 pages long!!!!

standing ovation to madam!!!!!
it was awesome i had 2 bowls :P

Brian brought homemade otak otak by his mother
this is the baba nyonya style
rich and creamie

PS: at this stage if u r hungry, please grab something to bite coz there's more food pic
carpaccio of ocean trout with a lot of CHILIS
with Si Fu cooking the main ingredient is chili T_T

slow roasted shoulder of lamb with yummy herbs
sliced nicely on a bed of aragula
ABALONE risotto!!!!
it looked so normal huh???
GOE declared he doesn't take risotto...and ended up eating the MOST :P
the newly-weds in matching colors :))))))))))))
sautee-ing celery and onions
yes...I was not spared and made to work too.....
"No more lazing around the pool young lady....there u go and pls stir non stop till I come back"
said JS and shoved the spatula to me

very very good quality beef....wat was it again????
they usually spend big BOMBS on meat
just seared em and nom nom nom
cooked to different done-ness to cater to all the fussy eater out there

wat was this agian??? I didn't get to eat it :((((((((
coz I was bz doin KULI work

and monkey-ing around
this Chunky Monkey fr Ben & Jerry's is awesome!!!!

this was so awesome!!!! noodles!!!
with fresh oysters chucked in
there were just too much of oysters coz J&J bought ONE BIG CRATE for us to eat
they also made chili laced Oh Jien = oysters omelette
earlier at Orchard Road J&J Jelina bought these for the kids
but then the adults were GOGOGAGA over em!!!!

have u all downloaded the latest Angry Birds Season?? the summer version with the nice beach innit? and also the June edition of Angry Birds Rio?
so cute!!!! i feel like throwing it at a certain someone's face now and destroy her right now :P
J&J Jelina oso bought other designs for BIG kids like me :D
this one is for Berr!!!!!

and the MEN were still bz cooking non stop

super awesome Char Kuey Teow
I was just wishing for some cockles...but Si Fu offered oysters???
no more oysters pls.....
fried tang hoon = glass noodles
fried rice with tonnes of free range eggs...
oso gone in seconds i didn't get to eat

and this came out..............

before I can ask wat's for dessert.....the table was already prepared for this

very serious......the winner of the nite was Charles :))))))))))))

then on the other side of the room were Tai-Tais and one Man-Tai playing mahjong
I wanna be a Tai-Tai too......
do nothing and laze around

while the tummies were having a whale of time with the yummy food and wines
the M People were bz with their chips
our bags oso were having their private party
"Hello I'm Monkey's current love....and I'm fr Paris...hello Hermes...where are u from?"

oooo someone made this cheese cake

wahhhh so creamie
Thanks Laurel!!!!!
Keith & Laurel :)))))))
CENDOL cake!!!!
it was J&J's wedding anniversary
cendol cake was awesome......everything gone no leftover

there if u wanna get it....check out cedele's website

Chili Queen and Champagne King
I like ur new flirt mobile? when r u taking Monkey for a spin?
Yums of the nite!!!
aiks there was a bottle of Cristal....I forgot if I drank it or not?
but most of all I remembered the sake :P
Les Suchots was awesome :)))))))
echezeaux....shall we go to Burgundy again? :)))))))))))

and the awesome evening continued till early morning with awesome food, wines
but most of all AWESOME friends :)))))))))))))
Thank u to these 2 take home chefs for all the cooking and creation
super yums!!!!!