Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Dolce & Gabbana Sneakers

Hong Kong has alwiz been a vibrant shopping heaven
they even called themselves the City that Never Sleeps
yea we couldn't agree more...most shops opened till midnite
with more F&B outlets opened around the clock
well to every HongKie Time = $$$$$$

so Monkey & JS tottered to our usual favourite discount outlet
there were so many items on markdown fr the past season
we went bonkers moving round the shop like CSI unit never letting a single corner undiscovered
hahahhaahhaha hehehhe ok ok just me...JS just tagged along
guess there were just too many items on Markdown
esp the bags....I dunno wat to get

then we moved to the SHOES section aka JS's weakest point
he went ohhh-aahhh-very GLEE liked over em
-_-" okie Monkey now u shuddup it's JS's time to shop
just like Monkey, he couldn't decide which pair....coz apparently most designs have got his size
WAT??? Hongkie men dun shop izzit?
wat happen to the pink citizens???

where else every single pair I tried on....."Sorry size..."
from Ferragamo Ballerina to Gucci Bamboo pumps to Prada's stilettos
T_T x 10000000000000000
all at 80% markdowns........ARGHHHHHHHHHH
so among the racks and racks and hundreds of pairs and arrays of BRANDS
he chose the above pair

"hah? another pair of white D&G? wat happened to the last pair I bought for u fr Switzerland?"
JS: "heeeeeeeeeeeeeee this one nice mar.....I like the navy blue lining."
white colour very difficult to maintain....I know...
Monkey has got one pair and now it's very very extremely dirty ady...*read about it here*
They said never ever buy SHOES for your other half...
otherwise they will run away....away from YOU
think so far, every single pair of VAIN shoes that JS got, Monkey bought
so dun u ever run away...coz I can hit/abuse/throw the number of shoes u have at u..

but they said to void the belief....the recipient must pay the giver a small token of $$$$
to symbolise that u actually purchased that gift/items instead
and JS was so pleased with this pair of new VAIN shoes he forgot to pay me yet
wei wei wei.....u hutang saya RM 50 lar.....
cepat kasi bayar wei.....:P

Monkey got the above pair for RM 700 was at a 45% discount
totally worth it for full leather...hehehehehehe

Dear readers,
how's your week so far?
and let's close our eyes and welcome June 2011
gosh, time zoomed past us

Dolce & Gabbana

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