Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mun Choong Seafood Restaurant, Ipoh

Clos de la Roche which was retrieved outta Prince C's chiller

Prince C: "Mushroom....go and take watever u wanna drink later."

Off Topic:
oh yea...he's been calling me Mushroom Head
then shorten it to Mushroom

lastly when I was using my Miu Miu bag last weekend....he started to call me "Meow Meow"
Prince C: "Meow Meow....dun walk so fast...wait for us."


Mun Choong = Pusing Seafood Restaurant
the signage says Pusing
Pusing is a lil hakka village near to Ipoh but this restaurant is in town itself
Alaskan crab and Lobster...Look at its size...made the lobster looked so small

we went to the live tank and chose our lunch
the workers then retrieved em with a net...put them in a yellow container
brought it into our room....and presented it to Monkey.

they were still crawling.....
First course was the braised Japanese Abalone in superior stock
the stock was really really superior and thick
these Japanese abalones were braised for 10 freaking days
10 days ok
not 10 hours
the 3 of us were so quiet chomping on the yummy abalone
look at its grain inside!!!!
JS: "Must be very expensive lor.....eat with care"
Prince C: "Nah it's cheap...not the black ones...black ones are more expensive"
Captain: "Wah Prince C....it's not cheap ok!!!"
Prince C: "very cheap only...u dun be so busy body can or not?"
Monkey: "So Madam Captain...how much is one?"
Captain: "It's 550 each u know!!!!"

I almost puke out my piece of abalone which was still enjoying its ride in my mouth.

Black Abalone = they are in the extinct list...so dun eat them ok!!!
shark fins soup with freshly peeled crab meat
when u cook the crab and then peel it immediately before serving
it taste so much more nicer and sweeter
next to be consumed was Mr. Lobster
he was still alive..
its head was still moving

when Monkey poked her chopstick to its mouth it responded
*tsk tsk why the hell do i poke his mouth...so cruel*
**but hey it's my food!!!!**

la la la la la rinsed the lobster meat onto the "kei chi" soup and MAKAN!!!
or u can have em sashimi style
but I prefer to cook em first...in case it's still moving :P
I lurve this vege...wat do u call it?
throw everything in...bye bye Mr. Lobster
Mr. Alaskan Crab....the meat was so fat!!!
it lived in the dark deep sea
after I've cooked it, it looked like the above
the strands of meat were so juicy, fatty and thick!!!
then the remainder of the crustacean were cooked with "sang mee"
everyone were digging into the noodle
but not the crab and lobster :P
the noodle was very good as it absorbed all the flavour fr the crustaceans
sedap sedap sedap!!!!!
simple fruits for dessert
enuff lor!!!!

Read bout our last visit *here*

Mun Choong Seafood Restaurant aka
Pusing Public Seafood Restaurant
57-65 Jalan Verasamy,
Ipoh, Perak.
Tel: 605 241 9348

Monday, March 30, 2009

My first Miu Miu :))))))))))))))))

Bagaholic Tracie had alwiz wanted to bring me to Queen of Bagaholic's place
and finally last week we did!!!!

made appointment at 11am
and despite slight hangover Monkey woke up early...
then Bagaholic Tracie zoomed past Marriott, picked Monkey up
and we zoomed happily to St. Martin's Drive.

Ding Dong!!!!
when the door was opened

the 1st thing I blurted out was

Bagaholic Tracie: "Calm down Cherry......"
and started to pat my back as my breathing were short and fast
hands were trembling
legs were heavy

but that didn't last long....
coz I was browsing through the collection like a mad woman after that.
and I got this Miu Miu
but in off white colour
sorry folks, I couldn't find pics of this bag in off white
also available in black
but I already have so many black bags
isn't it a pretty???
with a removable strap
also available in mint green

Miu Miu RN0569
Spring Summer 2009
soft calf leather and I got it at a steal!!!
after much calculation I've saved RM 1,500

I lurve my new Miu Miu
Thank u Bagaholic Tracie :D
I wanna go there again!!!!!!
*and she got a pair of Christian Louboutin :))))))))))*


Taiwan Noodle, Malacca

it was early Sunday morning
*erm...quite early lar*
we checked outta Majestic Hotel & drove to Bachang for breakfast
it's about 10 minutes from town.
Homemade "taucu" hot sauce
This place specialised in Taiwanese noodle
the owner came fr Taiwan many years ago and started this lil humble shop
The noodles were homemade too
freshly made early in the morning
served with braised sauce and topped with crispy pork ribs
we ordered another plate of crispy pork ribs
actually I don't mind another one

They have another branch somewhere in PJ
but this one in Malacca is still the best!!!

Taiwan Mee *its signage*
Gajah Berang,

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Satay Celup

we actually went to Malacca for this!!!
satay celup....
JS had yet to try it so........
served with bread and cucumberfresh raw cockles
basically u just cook all the sticks in this boiling spicy peanut sauce
sorry very few pics coz too busy eating
this place is next to the one famous one - Capitol
i forgot its name :P
along Lorong Bukit Cina

Majestic Hotel, Malacca

Majestic Malacca is really nice...
right in the middle of town
we can walk to anywhere we want to
and tonnes of good food around.
I love their free standing bath :D
somebody just crashed and zzZZZZzzzz
while Monkey was preparing to................
AAAAAAA no peeking!!!!
Spa for the day was full so no spa for Monkey
cocktails at the lounge
reminded me of my grandma's house
me being a lazy monkey as usual
*gasp* I was so happy to stumble upon these cute cookies
reminded me of my childhood :P
while I was being lazy, JS went to the gym
more traditional kuihs await me in the room!!!
this hotel never fails to surprise me

Read bout my previous stay *here*

The Majestic Malacca
188 Jalan Bunga Raya,
75100 Melaka, Malaysia.
Tel: +606 289 8000

Short Malacca Trip

they say if u see a rainbow when u are traveling
u are in good luck!!!!
*we saw one in Athens too*
Malacca Baba & Nyonya Ice kacang!!!
drizzled more Malacca palm sugar on top
Baba Nyonya laksa with all the condiments
with a spoonful of tuna
this lil place is at Jonker Street
we were eating among antiques
a hungry man is an angry man
feed him and he shall be a happy man
I'm alwiz HAPPY :D
it was scorching hot
Clock tower
the fountain which was erected in 1904 in memory of the Great Queen
He wanna be a navy army when he grew up
*her royal highness told me :P*
that is why he is commanding his team like a battalion now
kincir air
I dunno wat is it for
the river has been cleaned up and beautiful sidewalks were built
we came for the boat ride
quick there's no one!!!
it was a relaxing 45 minutes journey
the river cruise also passed by our hotel

"can we stop here? hehehehe?"

the tour guide who was driving the boat can't be rely on
esp on his facts and details.
everything were inflated.

"itu hotel paling mahal di melaka!!!! Satu malam dua ribu ringgit"
everyone was in awe....
"aaaaa, dalam tu ada muzik, ada minum...semua pun ada."

ishhhh this man is so unreliable.
tipu tourist one!!!!