Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sky Bar, Traders Hotel

Si Fu Lawrence & Bagaholic Tracie were staying at Traders Hotel
JS was the one who suggested that we go to SKY BAR for a drink
*blame him OK??? MUAHAHAHAH*

MR. JS??? JS?!?!??! Sky Bar???
guess his fever is taking the toll on his mind too.

well guess readers would've known why is Bagaholic named that way
if u purchased bags till the country manager is your friend...then she really deserves that nick
not one brand....but most of the brands............-_-
u are the QUEEN, my role model!!!
Shopaholic Tracie & Si Fu Lawrence
any sane boyfriends/husbands will keep their other halves away fr u
bad influence.
anyway I'm already one
Munchy is trying to get Wei Nee away fr me now. :P
JS & Monkey
Si Fu Lawrence & JS were monitoring the clock over Maxis tower
we arrived at 11.11

waited for minutes to get a table
*well if u wanna crash this place last minute, u stand*

later at 11.16 some foreign worker finally took our drinks order
I almost had to whack them on the head with the menu

at 11.27 Si Fu was still admiring the huge digital clock over Maxis Tower
"our drinks not here yet"

and BEHOLD at 11.40 after various reminders and throwing tantrums
2 outta 3 orders came

Monkey & Shopaholic were too busy snapping pics and chatting to actually remember all these,
but the men's face were as long as horses + girrafes.

11.50 the last order(gin tonic) finally came!!!!
JS gulped down his drink in 5 seconds, paid the bill and left.

anyway the bill part was another long story coz it took them very long
to process the payment and JS was freaking out coz his Amex was still with them.


Sky Bar,
Traders Hotel,
KLCC, Kuala Lumpur


paddymchugh said...

Dear Cher-ry,

I am so sorry that you and your friends did not have smooth service at Sky Bar. As the person in charge of Sky Bar I can tell you that it really is a constant challenge to keep people satisfied regards seating. On weekend nights especially, the rush of people comes at 10.30 to 11.30 p.m. and many of those who do not have a booking still want to experience the view and have a good seat. We do our best to accommodate all of our walk-in customers and Hotel guests alike, but ultimately there are limited window seats at Sky Bar.

It is not my intention to bore you with details of the other challenges of producing high volumes of cocktails and training staff etc. However I will point out that customers may also approach the bar and order a drink directly from there. Sometimes at the busy period large numbers of people arrive at the same time and approach the bar to order a drink. This can cause a delay. We make the drinks queued according to the time that the order is taken. Sometimes there are mistakes like with your Gin and Tonic. Apologies. ..

Regardless, I know that you are dissatisfied and that is all that is important here. I want you to know that all of us at Sky Bar take your comments to heart. We really care about how you feel about the service. It is our primary mission to give good service and to delight our customers. We take it seriously. As a team is it a very big issue when we learn that we have failed customers such you and your friends.

Please do give us another chance. I will ask you to kindly contact me directly or in my absence ask for Linges . 03 23329888


Sky Bar Manager

CHER-RY said...

Paddy: Thank you for your concern and also for dropping by here. It was certainly frustrating to receive such level of service from Traders.

I believe that you will continuously manage and train the team well especially with the high number of tourists in your bar.

Good Luck!