Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Company trip(s)sSs

Last month....JS had a company trip to Bangkok
so he shopped like nobody's biz

Next month.....he's gonna walk the Great Wall of China,
roam around in the Imperial Palace
then fly down south to Metropolitan Shanghai
enjoying a glass of wine, overlooking the Huangpu River
and the famous structure in Shanghai - telecom tower

company tripsssssSSSsss
one after another
wat kind of company is tat?

got vacancy but dowan to hire me


Tsu Lin + + said...

Got vacancy?

Dowan to hire you? +_+
But you left there, wor... remember????


(Ps : abit too much la... when I was there where got go so far, the furthest was Phuket! Memang meng-cis-kan!)

CHER-RY said...

TL: Absolutely mengciskan!!! During time like this still can fly here n there!!!!

yeah me being stupid monkey to leave that company. :P

Odin Cards said...

hire me laaaa (serious)

CHER-RY said...

Joo: Seriously...are u looking for a job?

Odin Cards said...

cher-ry: yessshhhh seriously! become cow or horse also can