Tuesday, March 17, 2009

El Cerdo, Changkat Bkt Bintang

it was a lazy Sunday morning....
reservation was made for 12 pm,
Monkey woke up at 11am....rubbing her eyes
"Oh NO!!!! I'm gonna be late!!"

while JS already stepped outta door at 6.30am for his 18 holes with the boys
yes on a Sunday -_-

rushed to shower
zoomed to Hilton to get I Ching
then scurried my way to Bukit Nanas to get Si Fu & Bagaholic fr church
drove like mad woman to Changkat Bukit Bintang
parked my flirt mobile right SMACK in front of El Cerdo.
Monkey & I Ching

phewww and the above activities got me awake!!!
but my stomach was still sleeping
yeah I know having the above for breakfast was truly a standard of its own
selection of cuts fr Spain
Bagaholic Tracie & Si Fu Lawrence
according to Si Fu it's never too early for wine
*pssttt 99% of my pics featuring u were alwiz with the wine glass*
selection of signature sausages of El Cerdo
we lurve the bacon wrapped crispy sausage :)))))
pork shoulder marinated for 48 hours
it was super tender
my favourite crispy pork knuckle wrapped in crispy bacon
didn't I tell u this place serves only pork????
there were crispy crackling on top
with the knuckles wrapped with crispy bacons
I was digging all the bones
Munchy ate very lil
"why aren't u eating????"

I didn't know he was waiting for the ultimate dish to arrive
since we had so much of pork,
we only ordered half a piglet
roasted suckling pig fr Spain
*Munchy was waiting for this one*
Munchy & Wei Nee
see the sparkles in his eyes? almost in tears already when he saw his suckling pig

Hyperactive Wei Nee joined us after 2 hours in the gym
this laydee is so discipline...
4 times weekly, more cun than MAS flying to Zurich.
Bagaholic Tracie had the honour to cut the suckling pig with a plate of coz
it's so crispy on the skin and soft on the inside u can cut it with a plate!!!
"Are u ready???"
El Cerdo~~~~Munchy's favourite till he wanna be their ambassador
hmmmm, u have to look like a cute piggy first.

I'm gonna bring JS here again for the crispy knuckles..
Read bout my previous outing *here*

El Cerdo
Nose to Tail Eating
43 & 45, Changkat Bukit Bintang,
50200 Kuala Lumpur,
Tel: +603 2145 0511

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