Friday, March 27, 2009

Lung King Heen, Hong Kong

Lung King Heen is the World's FIRST chinese restaurant to be awarded 3 Michelin Stars
indeed it was a great honor for Executive Chef Chan Yan Tak
situated on the podium level of Four Seasons Hotel
it is accessible via IFC building *above*
contemporary table setting
we made reservation weeks *a month* in advance and got a stunning view of the harbour
menu with a touch
1st page
while Monkey flipped through its extensive menu...JS wasted no time on the wine list
they have EVERYTHING!!!
when I said everything it's really everything
Lafite 1982 at HK$ 51,800 = RM 25,900
a 1969 La Tache
Instead of a sommelier they have a MASTER of SOMMELIER
wow we were so impressed
started off with a cold appetizer of crispy pork belly served with jellyfish and sweet chili sauce
the pork belly has this superb crunchy texture
Chef Chan is very proud of his homemade XO sauce
he has held the secret recipe to himself for a very long long time
then came our 1st course wrapped nicely in white napkin to keep it warm
baked stuffed sea whelk with diced abalone and minced pork
can u see the diced abalone?
it was never ending.....HK$ 100 each
next was the scrambled eggs with Hoi Fu shark's fin and fresh crab meat HK$ 450
looks simple eh? but the secret is the right amount of shark's fins, eggs, crabmeat and beans sprouts.
It cannot be too dry nor too wet and very challenging to make...
real test to any chef
next came the deep fried japanese pork HK$400
served with very thin "bun skin"
fried to golden perfection
First assemble your food
take a "bun skin"
place the deeply fried japanese pork innit
and garnish with some beautiful scallions

by this juncture, I was searching for the sweet sauce
"where's the sauce?? it looks dry"
JS: "No u eat it like tat...."
and I did....
and when I did.............oh myyyy gawwwddddd
it was so juicy and sweet, no sauce were needed.
Move over sweet sauce!!!
and this dish was voted the best of the nite.
service was so good...our table, cutleries etc were clean and neat at all time
staffs were so attentive including the Master of Sommelier who came to us
and shared his secret wine list with JS
we had MSD *wat else?!?!?!*
since Monkey is a fanatic
stir fried vege snow pea sprouts with animal fat HK$90
wok fried wagyu beef cubes with morel mushrooms HK$ 600
look at the pink meat!!!
melted in my mouth and blended so well with the wine
Fried Rice with Roasted Goose, Barbecued Pork, Shrimp, Taro and Preserved Vegetables
it was extremely good for a simple fried rice like this

JS was so satisfied and impressed
and Monkey being.....a monkey
Baked Chestnut Cream with Sago Pudding tat looks like creme brulee HK$48
Baked Milk Puffs with Hashma HK$48
look at the hashma oozing out
complimentary desserts
Baked Walnut Puffs and something I forgot its name

Reservation is recommended here
We are definitely returning to this place....

Lung King Heen
Podium Level 4, Four Seasons Hotel,
8 Finance Street, Central,
Hong Kong.
Tel: +852 3196 8888


js said...

i fully recommend this restaurant.....the whole dining experience is quite something. the jap pork was a revelation! that shell dish is one of their signature dish.....a must eat!

CHER-RY said...

JS: We must go again yea!!! :))))))))))) and try the rest of their dishes too.