Friday, March 06, 2009

Diplomat lunch

yeah call me a crazy mad woman
drove all the way:
1) Cyberjaya for breakfast
2) Putrajaya for lunch

but when it's good food and most of all, with lovely friends
I can drive to anywhere reachable
Diplomat Ais had mee goreng mamak.....she said need some greasy food to kill her hangover

Diplomat Ais works in a superb building up on the hill
in Putrajaya *the maze city*

Monkey got lost in Putrajaya, can u believe it?

"Sorry I am lost, I think I am at the Train station."

A few minutes later:
"ERrrr...I've turned to the hospital."

"hmmmm where is precinct 2????"

After that:
"GAH I am at the Minister of Finance.....where is your building???"
Diplomat Ais then got her colleague to direct me step by step
left turns right turns passed countless traffic lights
up the hill down the slope
past the chicane, humps, gardens, housing area


to this beautiful building which I waited at the wrong gate.
-_-" DAMN

Poor Diplomat Ais waited for me under the hot sun. :(

but it's all worth it when she brought me to this place for a yummy lunch
spicylicious and cheap
banana leaf curry rice
I hope u had a great trip there...
update me yea!!!

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