Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tsui Wah, Hong Kong Island

So we landed our bums at the oldest chat chan teng in HK
the beauty of Tsui Wah's open from 6.30am to 4am DAILY
and everyday around the clock, u'll see ppl eating there and the menu is LONG.
since the menu booklet can't accommodate the list of menu,
they also maximised it on the table.
if u dowan to share table with ppl, make sure u get those small one fit for two
See Maat Lai Char
Milky iced tea is a must
Tung Leng Char
Iced lemon tea
the ever popular wonton noodle with prawns and crunchylicious noodle
my fattening cod fish udon noodle

If u wanna experience good food at super cheap price this is the place to go
*starts from HK$ 25 = RM 12.50*
well it's cheap coz a can of coke in HK = HK$ 12 = RM 6
Tsui Wah
15-19 Wellington Street,
Tel: +852 2525 6388

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