Saturday, March 28, 2009

Satay Celup

we actually went to Malacca for this!!!
satay celup....
JS had yet to try it so........
served with bread and cucumberfresh raw cockles
basically u just cook all the sticks in this boiling spicy peanut sauce
sorry very few pics coz too busy eating
this place is next to the one famous one - Capitol
i forgot its name :P
along Lorong Bukit Cina


js said...

frankly don't bother going to capitol....the group of guys queing in front of us was still queing when we emerged from the neighbouring shop.....!!!
it's overhyped and too many tourist partonize capitol....hence the lansee attitude!
i recommend the neighbouring shop....maybe not as good as capitol but i reakon it's 90% there....afterall it's in melaka and can't be that bad...haha!

CHER-RY said...

JS: Lucky we went to the other shop rite? Otherwise wait for 1 hours oso not out turn to makan yet. :P