Friday, March 25, 2011


it's nice to have a sip of coffee at the boulevard
and watch ppl go by...
most importantly if the cafe is just next to the....
ehehehehe u saw wat I saw in this pic?
yes it's H&M

Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Birthday Pressie fr last year

yea....the pressie for meself took so long
9 mths to make
and finally it is HERE!!!!!!!
*star jump*
no I mean I am here in Switzerland to fetch her home!!!

coz the movement is one of its kind in the world.....totally aligned with such sheer transparency
u can see thru and enjoy the view
the gold bridge *by the way it's called Miss Golden Bridge - the official name* is hand-engraved with fern design
oh well u need a microscope to truly enjoy this engranving

again it took so long coz everything was hand assembled...
such a beauty and so easy to love
this watch is patented and definitely ain't easy to make
studded with 90 diamonds it's a sight to behold

but the reason why it took so long coz Monkey specifically wanted piece no.30
to commemorate my 30th birthday *gosh I am goin to be 31 soon!!!!*
and most of all I needed 9 months to save $$$$$ for this

welcome to my watch-robe missy!!!!
I'm gonna pimp u up soon with a WHITE crocodile strap
oh well I need to save $$$ again for tat

Sayang Sayang~~~~~~~

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Esquire Partay *of the decade*

I just wanna wish u Leong, on ur new baby --> Esquire Malaysia
finally it's out *phew*

catch up soon babe :)))

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Monkey is in Moo-Moo Land

ohhhh of the richest country
with the highest wealth per adult in the world
hmmmmmm why are we not getting paid in Swiss Francs huh?

Monkey is back in Switzerland for work....
that's where my HQ is...
facing the world largest Watch trade show
over 450 brands are participating.......Monkey will totter in her small feet till she can't walk no more
*in my stilettos :D*

oh Gawd bless us pls....
for the amount of work and PR at the show

Monday, March 21, 2011

Sa Sa MiMosa

Today is Spring Equinox!!!!!!
and the vibes must come :))))))))
*jeng jeng jeng*

sorry I know yellow is so not spring but summer
but don't we just need all these vibrant colors in our life now???

isn't the Balenciaga in Mimosa color so pretty?
gawd I better not start collecting colors now
so many Balenciaga fans do tat and I believe I'm doin the same for Bottega Veneta
Monkey didn't buy any bags for the past 3 months already!!!!!!!!
*yeah coz she bought 6 mths quota in December alone*

wow where did the 3 months go to????
I think 2011 had just zoom in and 2nd quarter is here soon T_T
and the addiction came back yesterday when I was sniffing a leather jacket
"AaaaAAAaaaaaa sheep skin!!!!!!"

JS  >_<

yes this post is not bout my next Object of Desire
coz I will not get this bag

Dear Ms Monkey.....pls stop buying bags
U have no more organs to sell and U already spent ur bonus on Mr. JS's bday pressie

Friday, March 18, 2011

Which one???

Life is about choices rite?
but what happens when u can't make em?
so which one???
the black one is so conservative and safe
but much easier when it comes to pairing
and this one is so ME!!!!!

so as usual, Monkey got both :P
no wonder my wardrobe and shoe racks(s)sssss are alwiz filled to the brim
my car boot has been downgraded to shoes storage too :P
poor Ms. Alpine

Happy Friday folks!!!!
time to get busy again....

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Our Study Room

JS's side of the study room
the study table stretches from one end to the other

as chinese feng shui said...Male on the left, Female on the right
so everything applies from wardrobe to which side of the bed we sleep on
oh yea also sofa seating...
call us chinaman :P

U lurve the view?
sometimes I'll just dazzle and let my mind wonder into the greenery
and feeds my need for laughter looking at golfers down at Hole 18 trying very very hard
to hit this par 5....kekekke
most of the time they ended up on the pond or bunker...and also on the buggy track
everywhere but nowhere on the fairway

yea why never show Monkey's side of workstation?
coz it's too messy
heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee *sheepish smile*

hey dun forget I'm the one doin filing at home so tonnes of paperworks and bills on my side
and also my cups and my cameras and stuffs and chargers and accessories :P
non related accessories such as hair clips
and loads of books and magazines

looks like JS's is very neat huh?
:P pppppfffffttttttttttttttt
when I have time to kill *like when I was sick*
I'll snap pics of parts of our home for u guys
and I know I know...I still owe so many ppl the pics of the wardrobe
think it's getting so FULL *and messy of coz* now, again I am shy to show u :P

lastly thank u for all the well wishes...
I'm still recovering and on medication but am back kickin asses at work!!!
more lunch app, dinner events and another Event of the Decade tmrw nite...
arghhh wat to wear wat to wear...wat was the dress code again?

PS: yes u got it....I haven't pack for my Switzerland trip yet....and I'm flying off in a few days time :D *swinger*

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Angry Pianist

I dun get the time nor pleasure to lay my fingers on the lovely piano all the time
don't know why life has bcome so FAST and BUSY
getting sufficient sleep is a CHORE

I dun enjoy zzzzz anymore
*signs of aging*
alwiz worrying bout unfinished stuffs
well work never ends

and all the appointments plus events
years ago, events used to be a novelty
now I have headache finding wat to wear and which accessories to match it with
plus personal events that I must attend to otherwise I'll feel very guilty
fr birthdays to weddings and anniversaries....
well these should be joyous events so no complains :))))
and so when I DO have the time and pleasure to play the piano
this is how I looked like

Like wanna murder the piano :P
JS no likey...coz he was trying to enjoy every single piece
and all sounded like I wanted to go to WAR

I dun believe it until JS took pics last weekend
this one is face problem...nothing to do with mood.
yea dearie JS...I lurve the piano...coz u bought it for my birthday last year :))))
let me retire and I shall play u more nice pieces :))))))

so for now u'll hear more noise pollution...

sigh....been sick for Day 2...
need fast recovery like instantly
everyone's been chasing stuffs fr me....
again Work never finishes...


Monday, March 14, 2011

Mr JS's Birthday dinner at Cilantro

our favourite makan place :))))))))
so for a very important birthday we congregated here
Prize giving ceremony :))))
JS got a Hermes travel wallet fr I-Ching
lucky him!!!!!!
*monkey drooling at the smell of new leather...wakakakakakaka*

Romanee St-Vivant......vintage: 1998
this one knocked everyone outta their shoes/socks/pants

it was opened at 2.30pm for it to breathe
JS let Monkey had a sniff....while she was playing her piano...
and ended up having a few sips

JS: "Eh I let u smell and have a nose only....not drink!!!!! -_-"
Monkey turned the other way and had another sip.....
JS: "Eh eh eh....I can still see u...."
our table was prepared for us to enjoy the almost 10 course dinner
:P and since honorable guest Prince C was around....
it ended up 12 courses?
Amuse Bouche of fish and daikon
topped with lemon zest, chives and kelp...
just lurve the umami taste
Pearl Blanc oysters....served au naturel
we ordered a dozen and guess who finished half of it????
our honorable guest can really eat :P
Hirame with Ooni and Botan Ebi
the giant sweet prawns were amazingly sweet with that creamy texture

yep all served RAW and no sauce nothing required
just on its it has got to be superbly fresh
Capellini pasta with Baby Abalone
the abalone was cooked sous vide *pronounced Su-Vee* = vacuumed

the taste was excellent with that smoked-wood nose
and of coz excellent texture
think Chef Takashi used the juice to braise the pasta for a bit?
can't never guess how he created all these beautiful dishes
Ocean Trout with Cima di Rapa
that cima thingy was a special vegetable from Southern Italy
it's fr the broccolli family with a nutty taste

the star of this dish was still the ocean trout cooked confit in oil?
guessing again :P
this one was not in our degustation menu....we ordered it coz there was a HUGE REQUEST for it
Wagyu beef tartare

Oyster with Truffle Consomme
really really really yummy!!!!!!
it was soooo sweet but consomme really take a lot of time to make

years ago, JS attempted tomato consomme and it took him 8 hours to make
and Monkey took 5 minutes to slurp all down
actually I think it was less than 5 mins....
and he never attempted it again anymore :P
Chou Pointu with scallop
perfectly seared sweet scallops :)))))))))) with scallop juice foam???
Chou pointu = pointed head cabbage
it's fr France and the taste is different fr normal cabbage
it has got more bite and very sweet
Seabass with hijiki
the fish was from a cold country...hence the fattiness innit
one of the best fish of the nite :)
the black sauce on top was a type of seaweed

surprisingly the sauce was sweet and blended in so well with the fish which was just slightly cooked
well the fish was still cooking when there's alwiz trick in cookin fish :))))
if u overcooked it...the meat will b tough but this one just melted in ur mouth
came a surprise fr the kitchen...wahahahhahaaha
Tuna tartare!!!!! with wasabi
think we r tartare freak lar!!! and yes we preferred tuna over wagyu :)))))))
we only had 2 bottles for the nite...
should have brought a small bottle of champagne...but we ran out of half bottles
think it's time to stock up on half bottled champagnes again...
Baby Krug????
Grilled wagyu with Kinome
the outer part of the beef was so crusty just the way we wanted it
and medium + pink on the inside :))))))))))))

Kinome is a type of japanese herb...picked during Spring
it has a lemon peppery citrus minty taste
usually at selected Japanese Restaurants, u'll find a few pieces in your soup
very clever of Chef Takashi to match it this way
bcoz Clever Us ordered tartares and had too much beef...we couldn't finish this wonderful dish
and later bcame our supper...
hiak hiak hiak
lime granite with sweet figs
just to cleanse ur palate before dessert
really really sweet and aromatic Japanese Strawberries with diplomat cream
topped with some crunchy I dunno wat and mint leaves
and vanilla ice cream in the middle

JS is not really a cake person
well u can tell fr the look of his face
okie now smile and pose as though u received a big plate of GOLD~~~~~

and blow slowly so I can capture it
dunno y he blew it as though the cake was full of candles
yes now u can cut for all of us

Eppy Birthday and lurve u heaps!!!!!!
Bday Boy usually get a lot of photo op
wif I-Ching who came all the way just for this :))))))

nice!!!!!!! :)))))))))))

and came another pretty cake fr Cilantro :))))))

y is he looking so shy here? :P
coz the lovely staffs were doin an accapella for him
*dear Jason....all of us missed u dearly....u should b doin accapella here too!!!!*
ok now hold it and blow slowly so I can capture this again....
oh well...the pic looked so fake :P
Moist Chocolat & Banana cake
JS: "Piak Monkey!!! wait...I need a pic!!!!!"
okie more time...Moist Chocolat & Banana cake
*minus Monkey's tongue*
dear Prince C & I-Ching.....tq for coming :)))))
Thank u to Chef Takashi Kimura for everything
it was superb!!!!!
despite all that happened last week in Japan, he did not let emotion to conquer him professionally
*amazing :))))*

We pray for you that your family in Japan will be fine...and u have a safe trip back to Japan to see ur them
our thoughts are with u alwiz

Thank u to Puji for the arrangement and service :)))))
well everyday is a celebration....
so treasure every moment folks...
and again I have to say this....Life is too short to drink bad wines
coz it's like throwing a good bottle unto the wall
Cilantro Restaurant & Wine Bar
Micasa All Suite Hotel,
368-B, Jalan Tun Razak,
50400 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 603 2179 8082

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Let's take a moment.......

I am thankful that all my friends and business associates in Japan are safe
despite losing their homes.....and still trying to reach out for help
help is just the beginning...the journey is still long, far and painful
to rebuild everything again.......

life is so precious and valuable...
so folks, now u go and reflect your own and be thankful.

Love always.....