Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Homemade Pizza

Prince C custom-made a very nice granite stone for us
not to throw at ppl
*it's so heavy that I can't carry it*
but to make superb thin crust crunchy can die pizza.

JS: "I want a stone oven at our new place. Let's build one."
Me: " O_o stone oven??? STONE OVEEEENNN????? >_<" Since kitchen is HIS territory and HE is designing it,
do wat u want.
I shall not interfere.
later world war 3 or 4 or 5.

*In that case, can I have a rabbit???? wink wink? puuuhhhleeeaasseeeee?????* *puuuhhhhhleeeaassseeeeeeeee, u can have 5 stone ovens at home.*
Pizzas are fr Italy, so use Italian ingredients like fresh herbs, sun ripen tomatoes, etc etc.

Here we used chillies *we lurve em*
japanese tomatoes coz it's the best
fresh basils
fresh baby spinach
japanese onions *available at Isetan*
Italian flat leaf parsley
homemade tomato sauce *made fr momotaro tomatoes*
and most of all my favourite streaky bacons, heheheheheh nyek nyek nyek.
basically it's very simple
and errrm I dunno how and forgot how.
then shape it to watever shape u like.
Pizzas dun have to be round ok!!!!!

okie lar, we have to admit,
we are not very good with shaping stuffs *like bread*
so I guess rectangle is the easiest.
heat the oven with the granite stone in it!!
and then bake the crust first!!!

and while baking, let's dig something to drink~~~~~
just the 2 of us how to finish a bottle of bordeaux?
if it's a burg......hehehehehee, different story.

aaaa, see the magnum bottle over there???
resting well,
it's drinkable already but I am not ready to open it coz only ONE bottle at home!!!
it's not a very good vintage but STILL!!! it's MY YEAR!!!!

those born in 1970, 1978, 1982 and bla bla bla *quite a number of good year*

bless u,
either u have to spend a bomb on your year
every birthday, u get to enjoy great wines.
next fridge!!!
oooo all the yummies.......La Tour, Chambertine, Mouton...ooooo and Salon!!
the bottom tier = all the grange and pensfold
*eh I dun like them anymore*
and so we have this, half bottle = 375ml
Cos d'estournel fr st estephe.

I didn't see which bottle he opened,
he tricked me and served with a burgundy glass.

after the 1st peppery whiff,
"wait a while more, so tannic."

After like waiting till I cannot wait...
"wat is this?"
JS: "He he he it's d'estournel."

OMG!!! how come so aweful????
Nose: peppery, celery
Palate: cedar??? acid????

Conclusion = I don't like Bordeaux anymore.
-_- bad
ok ok maybe good bordeaux.
garlic + olive oil base
the rest put whatever u like....
next come the basils, salt + pepper
ooOoooo so rustic!!!!!
this one with the homemade tomato based sauce,
baby spinach, bacons, onions, chilies and fresh mozzarella

Never ever compromise with processed cheese for pizza,
made the pizza stinks like mad!!!
*u know those shredded loose yellowish parmesan???*
see the bacon there!!
"Put more. Sumore...More..."
JS: "-_- enuff already."
Next time we wanna try suckling pig pizza with aragula
we had it at La Strada, Singapore.
Yes I can eat the whole pizza!!!

What to do with the leftover toppings???
leftover basil + tomatoes
toss with olive oil, pepper and salt....
the leftover baby spinach + bacon *which should have NO leftover*
sautee them with garlic.

hmmm, I noticed that I lurve charred food nowadays...
suckling pig pizza ANYBODY????

have to ask Chef JS whether he wants to make or not.
sure a lot of work...:P
thank u first ya!

PS: YES. JS finished the whole bottle of d'estournel himself.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hokkien Mee @ Kuchai Lama (post no.2)

Read about my 1st posting of em here *click*

This post is again dedicated to my beloved friend - Joo.
which reminds me of:
"When is our hokkien mee outing lar?"
"Nee Lee, when is your butter prawn dinner lar?"
everyone is busy incl myself.
The view fr the outside of the "shack"
see those turbine fans???

okie the word turbine is just exaggerating but it's huge.

Important advise: Never ever park your car right in front of those "turbines" or u will go home with a windscreen of pork lard. (souvenirs)
seatings are limited,
so pls come early esp during weekends.
the partition between the kitchen and the dining area
so dun mandi before u come....
u mandi after u are done stuffing urself with their yummy food.
dun play-play,
they have an executive chef *the thin woman dressed in lime green*

she will present the food with her "gold" chopstick
finishes with toppings and splashed some "secret sauce" over the dishes.

shout on orders to her sweaty chefs,
and screamed at her waitress,
"why they cancel order?"
"why they order this and this together??? Don't go well. Tell them."
"where is the noodle for table 16????"
she's fierce!!!!
tam chiak like me will take all 3 chilies
pickled chilies to go with meat - cut through the fattiness in my mouth
sambal chilies - a must for hokkien mee
chili padies - for everything else
just the way I like it....
JS pushed all the heart choking, artery clogging and hi cholesterol pork lards to me.

"oooooooo tq tq tq tq tq ....more more more sumore."

JS: "-_-"
claypot fish head curry,
I lurve it coz they load it with lotsa brinjals + cabbage + okras
and they used red snapper :)))))))))))
braised pork ribs in special sauce.
it was so so so tender and juicy~~~~~~

Waitress: "one hokkien mee, one fish head curry, one porkie. WAH both of u can finish or not? don't order so much. Enough already."

both Monkey + JS: "-_- YESssssss and we want vege also."
romaine lettuce + garlic
I like the slightly charred garlic,
such distinctive flava...
their stove is seriously = bon fire!!!!!

after clearing all the plates and rubbing our cute tummies~~~
Waitress: "Wah both of u can reaaaaallly eat wor. Good good. This is called 'fook'. "

both of us...-_-

checque pls!!!!
Total damage: RM 60
excld cholesterol pills etc etc

Hokkien Mee
Jalan Kangkung
*beside the church*
Off Jalan Kuchai Lama.

Monday, April 28, 2008

GLAM Generation NEXT Party

"Where is this Borneo Rainforest Cafe??"
Baby Wei: "It's at this yada yada yada yada yada yada yada."

the rest of her words did not register into my brain,
coz all I was thinking was...
so damn Sunway!!!!!
why the heck in Sunway!!!!
*sorry Bry, no hatred towards your homeplace but it's far~~~~~~*

We took 1 hour on a Friday evening....
1 freaking hour!!!!
so u say far or not???
or I drove like a tortoise?????
Monkey, Baby Wei, Beautiful CS

I guess the motivation of meeting crazy friends made me drove that far~~~
so far~~~~
Sweet-but-Notorious Rachel and Hot Babe WeeShen

I was prepared with my small but strong muscles to carry somebody home that nite,
but......she was sober till the end.

why?? not enuff to drink??
tee hee hee
Sweet-but-Notorious Rachel, Hot Babe WeeShen, Monkey, Beautiful CS
Beautiful CS with Macho Mani
Hot mama with her Hot papa Allan
the gals with gracious host Fabian
He looked so intimidated and scared,
must be Sweet-but-Notorious Rachel who's beside him!!
tee hee hee.
Beautiful CS said she can't get the smoke out!!!
Sweet-but-Notorious Rachel: "Come let us teach u how!!!"
Sweet-but-Notorious Rachel: "Now watch!!!"
sorry folks, wat am I doin?
promoting tobacco?

Macho Mani shook his head: "Look!! She's a dragon!!!!"

yep breathing fire~~~~
Hot Papa Allan trying his skills
with French-gal-Sara and hot chick in yellow top who was not introduced to me.
wei, what's her name ar?
the place is kinda like balinese mix with outdoor cafe with a very jungle-ish theme.
I was hoping to see some cute statues of animals...

but erm...more of "human animals" around.
-_- *khamm sau*
after such a GLAM event, we went to an UN-GLAM place for supper,
my fav must have KFC~~~~~~

yeah lor, tak cukup makan during the party.
yes another round of yum seng,
them downing wines and beer and me lemon grass tea the whole nite.

Beautiful CS: "Why don't u drink?"
"I'm driving."

Beautiful CS: "-_- like I'm not driving?!?!?!?!?"

I need to come up with better excuses in the future.

hey woman,
enjoy yourself being a lazy bum for the next few days,
catch up soon!!!!
and THANKS for the pics!!!!

Credits: some pics stolen fr Beautiful CS's camera.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Oodle noodle pasta

I had been away,
and someone else had been away too.

Me in moo moo land
and him in Spore.

Monkey thrashing papers and words,
him, flours eggs and more flours

*FYI: my bf is not a chef folks.*

I was busy,
and he kept himself busier, learning new skills,
so he can prepare a special meal for me when I touch down.

:))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) x 1000000000
JS, Si Fu Lawrence, MC, sorry-I-dunno-u, with Chef Lino Sauro and his assistance

JS went to learn some new culinary skill
fr the head chef of DOMVS
*Italian restaurant at Sheraton Towers Spore*

I was surprised!!!
U went to him to learn PASTA?!??!?!!?
U went to Chef Lino?!?!?!?!?

Do u get a certificate after that?
Can I tell everyone u went to Chef Lino???
*which I am already doin*

Si Fu Lawrence,
How did u manage to set this "class" up?
personalized pasta session!!!!

Chef Lino is an astounding chef with 16 years of experience,
came fr a beautiful island - Sicily
DOMVS is very very sicilian,
Chef Lino imports almost everything....seriously almost all his ingredients
from Sicily.
aaAAAaaaaa I wanna go~~~~~
*both DOMVS & Sicily*
when are we goin?!?!?!?
I am hungry now~~~~~~
I dun mind having vegetarian when it's Italian~~~~
*this monkey is a carnivore*
when I came back,
someone proudly performed his oodle noodle session in front of me,
made pasta from scratch.
as in like started fr eggs, flour, durum wheat and god knows wat do u call it.

"can't get italian eggs. hmph."
"can't get this flour, hmph."
"can't get..."

Ok hold it hold it. Dont' tell me u wanna import your own groceries now.
worse to worst, buy from Chef Lino when we are in Spore kay.

JS adapted the pasta into my style,
as in like Monkey's style!!!
my fav roast porkie~~~~~
porkie~~~ porkie~~~~~
another version was the spare ribs which I lurve so much

The texture of the pasta was seriously excellent,
with the eggy taste.
lurve it lurve it lurve it.

so creative!!!
I bet Chef Lino gonna be >_<>
I thought he taught u Sicilian style???

ok I am gonna wait for the sicilian prawns with tomato based + basil.
erm but need to buy those sweet sicilian prawns 1st wor.
time to do groceries shopping in Spore.

Si Fu,
have u tried making any yet????

Sheraton Towers Singapore
39 Scotts Road
Tel: +65 6839 5622

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Prestige - Celebration & Appreciation

Palace of the Golden Horses again?
what's with the place?
It's gaining some attention here,

Sweet-but-Notorious Rachel booked our seats while everyone was still enjoying the cocktails.

nonchalantly she requested for an ash tray...and the chimney begun~~~~
"Here can smoke meh?"

"I dunno. I got an ashtray here!!!" *Gleaming with smiles*

that is why her name have "Notorious" in it now.

After all the hi hi, how are u and kisses, we were finally seated.
Anyway we were notorious enuff to seat ourselves un-accordingly.
as in like...according to our preference instead of the hostess.
*nobody gonna welcome us to their wedding dinner since we lurve to ruin seating plans*
cold starter of lobster with fennel salad.
Dinner was held at Cavalinis
the award winning Italian restaurant at the hotel.
our superb mushroom soup with chunks of Morels
Morels have this honey comb liked surface and it's mildly toxic,
hence must be cooked thoroughly before consuming.
I lurve morels....
hence JS stocked up morels at home to make pasta!!!
Main was beef with foie gras and zuchinni cake cum fritters at the bottom.
everyone was commenting how wonderful it was,
It was not too bad.
I couldn't finish any of the course cept the starter.

Sweet-But-Notorious Rachel hates the foie gras in Cilantro!!!
How could u!!!
that's Chef Takashi's signature dish - Foie gras with unagi.
well if that's the one u tried.
go so well with Inniskillin Ice Wines.

okie back to Cavalinis
*hai....I missed Chef Takashi*
our dessert was huge!!!
I forgot wat it was coz only consumed the RUM & RAISIN ice cream + strawberries.
Beautiful CS + Notti Monkey
Yes folks!!
she chopped her hair....
but lurve it!!!!
one more pic for u to steal fr my blog!!!
tee hee hee.

enjoy your new career at a new height!!!
Sweet-but-Notorious Rachel + No-Longer-Available-JH
I will continue to fwd your fans to your facebook kay?
Marcus + Sweet-but-Notorious Rachel

your new beau cum target not too bad eh?
*wink wink*
Monkey + SMein
she was so tired entertaining each and every guests.

Thank you so much for having us!!!
The Notorious Gang!!!

We had so much fun that we were the last to leave.