Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Chateau Palmer, 1970

Dinner with the boys is alwiz bout the wine,
not the food.
They get so excited on which baby to bring out,
and ponder on its vintage as well.

"Chateau Palmer or du cru Beaucaillou?"
"hmm......I want some bubbly that's all."
and continually to scan his wine chillers.

Since there's only 3 of us,
we compromised on a bottle of excellent bordeux,
and a baby krug champagne (half bottle at half the price, cun eh?)
Every Friday,
there's new shipment of fresh produce,
and we had tasmanian oysters.
*when u asked men to take pics of food, it will alwiz end up like the above*
Fresh oysters are best eaten at a certain degree - slightly chilled,
not too cold and u don't want it warm either!!!

Shucking an oyster requires a lot of determination and passion (?!?!?!?)
I can't even shuck those huge japanese clam....
just let those experts do it!!!

Both JS and Prince C can shuck them at a speed u can't imagine!!
the amount of skills involved is enormous,
all thanks to Chef Jean Francais.
who gave them free lessons in his kitchen.
sashimi of turbot fish with ooni,
Always ask for recommendation,
coz they have lots of nice yummy food
which are not in the menu.
and trust the restaurant manager.
this one u must trust me!!!
unagi + foie gras
slow roast rack of lamb
I forgot to snap wat did the other 2 had.
Some pasta I think!!
We were so obedient this time,
got it rested for more than 3 months,
the patience involved were worth it.

Sommelier's note:
"full bodied, intense, firm and tobacco...."
of coz he described it beautifully, not like the above.
which I won't be able to emulate in a thousand years!!!!

U won't believe its colour,
dark and there's still smooth tannin in it!!
Though ready and matured to drink....
Mr. Sommelier informed that we can still keep this baby,

OMG, it's older than me!!
still can do a few more years of cellaring.

"Errrrr, we only have one and only one bottle!!!"

Both JS & Prince C had most of it,
Since stooopid monkey requested for champagne,
I have to finish most of it.

coz JS is not a champagne fan,
Prince C hated Krug,
he only drinks Dom Perignon.

and we had our usual dessert,
They knew what we gonna have already,
I will try not to be so predictable in the future.

No time for Cilantro this week,
By the way,
I've done everything in my "No Time" to do list,
posted last week.

Let's see what I'll accumulate this week,
*procrastinate procrastinate procrastinate*

Monday, July 30, 2007

I lurve Edwin Saw

Time to mend my bird nest,
and off to Saw Salon.

You won't believe what I did to my hair,
or WHAT Edwin did to my hair!!!

I didn't bring my camera,
so no pics of the process,
no pics of hair on the floor, *yeah i had it cut*
no pics of stylish Edwin at work.

Edwin was the creative director of Michaeljohn in LONDON,
before setting up his own salon in KLCC 2 years back.
*translates to.....he styled celebrities ie.Tony Blair, Spice Girls*

Take my advise,
DO NOT COMPROMISE with any other stylist,
ask for no one but EDWIN himself.

After some consultations,
we decided to make it short.

"What's your profession? U ok with funky hair? How short can u take?"

Do wat u want,
my boss won't fire me!!!

anyway he played it safe,
just in case I will cry and throw tantrum,

SNIP SNIP here and off u go boring hair!!
Coloured it with amazingly not one but 4 colours!!!

"Careful with my new shirt. It's GUCCI."
the assistant backed off.

"I'm gonna diieeeeee coz Msia don't sell GUCCI & Prada apparels anymore!!"
"Yeah, go to Spore then."
"That's what I did."

after another round of hair and colour treatment,
I still can't see much.

"I lurve your hair......such bounce!!!"
Monkey smiles

"It's such a waste you've been keeping it long."
"yeah playing innocent and elegant."

Holding his scissors high,
"You ready for this?"

after snipping for 1.5 hours....
he looked at the almost done hair
"soooo muuucccchhh of haaaaaiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrr"

then another 30 minutes gone by
"ooooo it's fab!! It's sexay. I lurveeee it. U like it??"

it is absolutely yummy.

"You promise me that u must blow bob your hair, kay?"
monkey nodded

"what must u do again?"
like an obedient school gal, I repeated what he told me.
"gooood, otherwise it's gonna turn frizzy."

What's the total damage?
no, I didn't have to get a bank loan,
but for colouring, treatment and styling and TIPS
and company of Edwin for 4.5 hours....
RM 750 isn't crazy.

SAW Hair Salon
Lot 401k, 4th Floor,
Suria KLCC
50088 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 2171 1881
*reservation a must during weekends*

Friday, July 27, 2007

I need a butler


No time to send my laundry and it's piling,
No time to buy the right white dress and event is near,
No time to fix my hair which already looking like a bird's nest,
No time to go for pedicure, massage, pamper.....

no time to send car for wash and got the rain to do the job,
no time to service the car and it's due,
no time to fill up the gas
and had to this morning otherwise the car won't move.

no time to pay my bills,
and baby had to settle everything. *thank u*
no time to call my dad yesterday,
and it was his birthday.

I'm lost for words now,
but thank u everyone for your support,
It means a lot to me.

PS: I just wished I'm that Astro guy...."I've got TIME!!!!"

PPS: Have u ppl seen the latest Astro's ad on the new "On Demand" channel? Hehehe I lurve it!!! ......ngor tai chor loooOOOoooorrrrr. (I've seen it!)

PPPS: Yeah whack me despite my schedule I have time for Astro. :P

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Crab Meat Risotto

As usual,
I reach home with food ready on the table...
the worst it can get is,
food cooking/in process.

All my life,
I reach home with food well prepared,
the smell of warm yummy home cooked food.

When I was in my lolly dresses at 5,
I reached home with kiddie food ready.
all prepared with smiles and love.
*missed my grandma*

As I grew nottier and taller,
there's always hot yummy food on the table
the moment I threw my things and yelled,
"I'm home!!!!"

Then when monkey started her life in campus,
she has to hunt for food.
Not too bad for 1st year,
As the whole house catered from a chinese "ah soh".

When we moved to Cyberjaya with cyber cows,
Food is either HB1, HB2, HB3, HB4....*sien*
the best would be driving 30km out to hunt for it.

When monkey touched the career line,
her gastronomy experience got even worst,

"No mood to eat, grab a beer."
*when in actual fact, that's the only thing in the fridge*

Anyway I was seldom at home with all the travels,
hence it's still not too bad.
JS made succulent crab meat risotto yesterday,
with grilled red peppers, fresh dill....
He even took the trouble to make the crab stock fr scratch.

Basically everything from scratch,
if we are staying in landed properties,
he may even reach out to the garden for his greens.
*well that's wat I thought, just like Jamie Home*

Monkey only helped out on.....
chopping the grilled red pepper.
and most of all...chomping all down.

I am very very extremely super duper thankful,
Can't ask for more.

Just can't imagine after a tiring day at work,
being a control queen,
and coming back home,
to whip up a great meal like JS did.

Probably I will only serve beer.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

"Hi this is WWW, the HR manager of BBB."
"I am calling to do a reference check on LLL."

Do you people dread HR calling your previous employer,
to check on you?

esp when you are striving hard for that job,
or aced well during the interview,
but the final evaluation may still be
influenced by your ex-employer??

anyway back to the conversation above,
some BBB company called,
to check on an ex-staff...

hey, this monkey had only sold her soul,
to this current company for 9 months,
hence I am not qualified to evaluate past employees.

so the call was transferred to Chris da Boss.

after the long conversation,
he called me in for a lecture.

"LLL is in jail now liable for some misconduct."

OMG, I can't imagine my own company sending me to jail.

"So moral of the story is, please be aware of what you are doing."
"Boss, fr this second onwards, I ain't gonna put my signature on any papers bearing the company's logo, that's my moral of the story...hehehehe."


"NO!!! YOU MUST!!! You must share my burden and responsibilities!!!"
"No no no no....you are the boss....you share your own burden with yourself."

"You must learn how to be a boss."
"No thank u, I don't want to be a boss. I will go and check my employment of contract this instant on any indemnity and liability. Heheheheheh."

Boss cursed me for being a chicken shit.
cute cuddly soft fat wombat!!!
What do u expect?
I only know how to eat and gain weight.

Wombats don't lead in packs,
the smell of food will lead them to survival.

Now where's my latte?

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

FJ the Barney

I was salvaging some old pics,
fr my yahoo pics.
Unconsciously I walked down the memory lane,
of me working on my 2nd job.

Damn, those were really fun times,
though I traveled till I forgot my surname,
and acquired french accent,
and a thing for french men.
*yikes, pui!!!*
erm, well France was my most visited country then.
Monkey & FJ in France 3 years ago
I was working for FJ the day I joined XXX
then it became "working alongside"
and it ended "working against"
till today we are still very much in touch.

Though our attitudes won't gel but,
we complement each other.

He = relaxed
Me = super kiasu

He = working at an annoying speed & yet finished his work
Me = trying to beat the "maglev" record

He = super calm & zen
Me = was sent to hospital for high blood pressure due to work!! *it's true*
we attended every single damn launch in town together,
and was dubbed the best team ever existed in XXX industry,

I take pride in my work,
but I think FJ guided me to the right path all the time,
and made it happen for us.
He took me to whichever countries he traveled to,
fought for my rights as an employee,
I think more than what I deserved.
not to forget every single damn nice dinner overseas,
*nyek nyek nyek*
and every single damn nice new arrivals,
I'll get a share!!!
Monkey also get to travel to places,
which I don't think I'll have chance to go to,

I still remembered our trip to Monaco,
whereby we asked the cab driver to take us a round,
on the Formula One track.
But the traffic was reversed and we sulked big time.

"Non, non...monsieur, wrong way!!!"

In the end, we got down,
and walked around the casino town,
in the cold autumn,
just to snap a picture of that famous tunnel,
where so many drivers crashed.
Cannes, Cote d'Azur, France.

Thanks FJ,
for every single damn thing u can do as a boss,
and built me to be so strong.
and never take me as a threat,
though at times I can be so jeopardizing.

Glad that we are very much in touch.
and still can have a good luff,
on others stupidity,
and be proud at our achievement.
*yeah, we undermined others to make ourselves look good :P*

I really do missed those time,
but we need to grow up eh?
I will not let u down,
in fact,
I am already the person you were trying to build 4 years ago.

Thanks FJ.
for everything,
I hope we will cross path again,

Monday, July 23, 2007

No more favourite food/dish

The downside of having favourite dishes
most of the time,
or should I say everyday,
will just make it to the unfavourite list.
File Pic of blue swimmer crab raviolli fr Cilantro, Micaso Suite.

Ravioli!!! YIKES

Ravioli is the Italian version of our local "wan tan"
I was a "wan tan" person until....
JS had ravioli themed week,
and made it so many times a week!!!
File pic of prawnie ravioli fr Mr Js's kitchen
File pic of porkie ravioli in tomato based sauce fr MR JS's kitchen
File pic of grilled prawns with squid ink risotto fr Moomba, Singapore.

NOW, my favourite prawns
no longer favourite and I still have a 3 trays of frozen huge prawns,
sitting in my freezer,
pressie fr NC.

See lar, this monkey lurves prawn,
till ppl give them as pressie.
File pic of seared scallop with confit of japanese corns and dunno wat, fr Moomba, Singapore.

Scallops is another no-no...
Mr. JS used to buy them everyday and made it sashimi style,
and sprinkled truffles salt on top.
File pic of foie gras with hokkaido scallops (yikes) served with tonnes of white truffles on top, fr Cilantro, Micasa Suite.

Scallops - no no
Foie gras - also no, after having foie gras fried rice fr a chinese restaurant
Truffles - I hate the smell now coz Mr. JS kitchen used it too often.
File pic of scallops with sea urchin bla bla bla, fr Mr JS & Mr Lawrence kitchen.

I really do hate it now....

File pic of French Mussels in crab reduction served with lobster fr Cilantro, Micaso Suite

"What's new on the menu?"
"It's not on the menu, but today we've got shipment of fresh french mussels which is in season now. Chef said it's the best mussels in the world." *wink wink*

In the end,
both Monkey & JS fighting over the mussels.
File pic of steamed french mussels in white wine, fr Mr. JS & Mr Lawrence's kitchen.

Since now it's in season,
I'm gonna hunt for it!!!

Another thing I will not be sick forever and ever.
File pic of 4 season dessert fr Moomba, Singapore.

"What's for dessert???"
when we just sat at the table.
everyone rolled their eyes and ready to give me a lecture.

I'll never get sick of it.

Chef Leonard cook till he doesn't know wat else to create for me.

"Aren't u bored coming to my place all the time?"

"U can cook anything I will eat one!!!"

Both JS & Lawrence: "Yeah right!!"
and rolled their eyes 360 degrees.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Thursday Fish in Fish Curry

sing a long with me...

Coz today is Friday,
and Thursday fish all pepped up to partay!!!!!
yeah she even got a dainty fish bag....awwwww....

But I dunno why is the mushroom following her.
Nee Lee, pls explain.
Anyway JS made fish curry....minus the head.
coz he was afraid this monkey may choke herself,
with all bones, and more bones....and bones..
but i thought that's the best thing in fish head curry!!!
Another important ingredients in indian cooking - onions
and his secret ingredients
which is no longer secret now that I am posting here
fenugreek, fennel seeds, cumin seeds, ginger, curry leaves
fry till they release its flava.
then add in the other ingredients
tomatoes and the curry powder
these muddy juice is actually tamarind juice
I dunno wat u call these,
sautee the brinjal and okra before adding into the curry,
otherwise all will be smashed up when u cook them together.
yeah I like my curries loaded with vege and not fish,

and sautee more onions and curry leaves to garnish on top!!
not to forget,

It's not fried,
oily and messy and fattening.
just run it over the gas stove.
that's how they cook it in India.

Thursday Fish needs to go partay partay today,
but work first.....

Have a good weekend folks,
and don't drink and drive,
but drive and drink.


Thursday, July 19, 2007

Fukuya, Jalan Delima

Wednesday fish looked so beaten up and errr...
even the scales is no longer shiny.

"Nee Lee, why is your Wed fish liddat?"
"It's middle of the week, tired and needs a bath."

yeah I agree,
with eye bags and smokes steaming out fr its poor head.

Whoever you are drawing,
I hope she *yeah I am damn sure it's a she* doesn't look like the above.
Yeah, Jalan Delima again,
that's near my place.

When u have no time to cook,
you pay $$$$ for ppl to cook for u,
serve u and wash all your dishes,

JS gonna ask me for his pay check soon.
I forgot to snap some pics of the place,
it was beautiful and wonderful,

The entrance is very zen with bamboo trees all over,
as u walk into its main premise,
there are 4 private rooms along its path.
Master Chef Takao Ando trained his chefs well,
they treat the food as art,
Anyone know where did he came from?
I mean which resturant prior to Fukuya?
yeah u can't see much here,
but there's actually fresh aji, jap prawns, scallops and of coz the thick slices of salmon.
Those salmon fr jap really super oily and fat,
and of coz yummy.

I am still searching for jap rest who serve fresh ocean trout in KL.
I forgot wat fish was this,
torched to perfection with sea urchin eggs on top,
cheesy yo!
u wanna test how good a jap restaurant is apart fr their fresh produce,
get them to do their classic garlic fried rice.
this one scored 85

Yeah we ate some other dishes,
which I was too lazy to get the pics
and do any review here.

Blame it on:
Bad mood + workload + stoooopid human(s) + unachievable deadlines + more stooopid ppl
thought of ordering dessert,
another test to any jap restaurant mar...

Okie taking a moment to do some off topic here:
I had the best Cherry Blossom Ice Cream in Kogetsu, Saujana.
It's really made from the flowers which only bloom a few days in April.
*yeah I had that in April, too many topics to post till forgot bout it*

but sakit gigi after that coz it cost RM 20++ for a small tiny weeny scoop.
A one time experience is sufficient for novelty stuffs like this.

Anyway JS bought truckloads of japanese ice cream fr Isetan,
My freezer is full of them but it's losing its momentum,

Monkey consume them faster than JS can replenish every 2 days,

coz I will have like 2 after dinner and sumtimes one more b4 I zzzz!!!
japanese green tea ice cream with caramelised honey sandwiched in green tea waffle!!!
ooOOoooo ecstacy.

"Can u eat with appreciation or not??"
"These ice cream cost a bomb ok?"
*yea it's more expensive than Haagen Daaz*

So in the end,
we were fighting over each other who gets to eat the yummy ones,
and JS kept on searching for the total calories in them.

"Okie this one only 127. U take this."
"Tak mau, I want that creamy one."

"275!!!! U sure or not? I can take it for u."
"NO WAY!!!! It's MINE!!!!"

anyway details of Fukuya


Authentic Japanese Cuisine
No.9 Jalan Delima,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
606 2144 1022

Highly recommended for its ambience and freshness!

PS: those jap ice cream fr Isetan also highly recommended. Price range from 7.99 - 15.99 per piece.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Noble House, Jalan Delima

"Nee Lee, how come your fish got ginger one?"
"You do use ginger and mushroom to steam your fish rite?"

hmmm true oso,
Now I know why the heck is the yellow pokka dot thing doin there.
okie, Tuesday Fish looking better compared to Monday.
Geoduck, RM 138
It's some shell fish fr Japan.

When the captain recommended us...
instantly I told her no...I dowan duck.

"It's not a duck baby."
Captain: "Yes it's not a duck, it's a bla bla bla bla bla"

eeeeee, shy-nye.
then who the fark gave it a duckie name????
This is a very nice starter,
I dunno what is it called...
Just tell them u want the 3-thing-starter
scallop wrapped in bacon,
deep fried until crisp can die,
drizzle with peppery mayo.

oooooo, sedap until can die man!!
the other one was some other seafood wrapped in phyllo pastry,
deep-fried and topped with yummy meat floss.

the one in the middle is a prawn with mango mayo.
I forgot to tell that:
Next a yummy beef cooked in wine...
served with mustard..

U see the taste is very different.
It has the "wok hei" (fire and taste fr a fiery chinese wok)
by the way, it is still medium rare on the inside.
cool eh?
"Siu Loong Choi"
dunno wat do u call in english nor bahasa.

This vege is a mix of chives and spring onions
minus the strong onion taste.
Only 2 places in KL serve this at the moment,
Spring Garden in KLCC and Noble House.
*if u know of any other rest serving this, TELL ME!!!*

This one cooked with chicken lard...
crispy porkie

I saw next table was having it,
and temptation ran high.

"I want that."
"Baby, you still have a bowl of asparagus fried rice there."
"I want that."
"Ok" *give up and signaled to the Captain*

Their porkie got no pork smell.
and not greasy at all.

The best thing was,
they served it with mustard....
wahhhh, my fav!!!

I usually dine at Noble House,
coz it's just downstairs my condo,
esp when we are too lazy to step foot into the kitchen,
or when our fridge is just full of alcos instead of real food!!

Noble House,
Jalan Delima,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
603 2145 8822

oh yea!! the most important thing:
IT's FREE!!!