Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Portuguese Egg Tart

Not many ppl know,
that I have portuguese blood running in me,
*hence the not so chinese look*

Grandma was a serani,
so I guess the % of Afonso de Albuquerque in me...
is just very minimal,
after generation and generation.

"If u are one, cook me something Portuguese."

>_< -_-" sweat man!!!

I just remembered chomping down,
on her specialty devil's curry with loads of potatoes,
her yummy stir fry mixed vege,

and later on...everything tasted so chinese,
bcoz there are ppl in the family who needs chinese food,
namely my dad.
*chinak apek*
and grandma left us when monkey was 7 :(
Monkey made Portuguese egg tarts,
this is right after i took these bugger out fr the oven.
still fluffy and soft.
you are supposed to wait and let them rest....
so that it will shrink and,
the egg custard will drop a level down.

We waited some time,
watching it to drop.
"It's dropping, it's dropping."
" slow."
okie, this is not Portuguese at all,
eatin the tarts with mini mandarin oranges and its zest,
gives it more kick mar...coz the tart was so rich.

Well I think this is the best that I can do,
U want Portuguese food?
I'll take you to Portuguese settlement in Ujong Pasir, Malacca.

But I tell you, the best Portuguese egg tarts got to be in..
super delicious until can die.

It was so good that I bought a lot back for my then-BF,
however, this monkey finished all on her way home at the airport.
*shame on me*

so neva ask this monkey to buy things that are edible for u!!!
*or shoes, bags etc....*

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