Thursday, July 12, 2007

Glistening Slimy Lunch

Not everyone can take raw food,
raw as in like raw meat,
raw seafood,
namely sushi and sashimi.

"How can u eat that slimy thing?"
"It's nice lar."
Japanese oyster with ponzu sauce.
It's huge, but only the shell lar,
the meat was so yummy and small.
it is super huge!!
in season now (2 -4 weeks a year only)
hence the alarming price SGD 40 per piece.

OMG! I just gobbled it down.
it's not green peas nor snow peas.

Folks, these are soy beans!!
Chef served super fresh ones,
still attached to its stalks.
JS-San had chirashi *again*
It looks like goldfish!!!
More fishes that looked like goldfish,

Chef prepared large portion of fresh meat,
with as lil rice as possible,
hence this farnie shape.
Japanese clam,
tak sedap one!!
choose what u want,
and chef will make it happen.
served on a private plate,
this sdn bhd plate belongs to Lawrence,
He's a regular here that he has his own plate.

and of coz Monkey was the honoured guest,
to use his nice private plate.
I should scout for some nice sushi sashimi plates in Takashimaya soon!!
JS uses those regular plates.

"What's the difference??? It's only a plate."
"I'll get plates, chopsticks, my own tea cup, my own soy saucer, my own..."

Both JS & Lawrence -_-
Beh tahan.
Toro, yes again!!!!
fresh air flown japanese snapper,
if u use local snappers,
guaranteed masuk tandas/hospital.
sweet persimmon to cleanse our palate,
and fresh wasabi.
Fresh wasabi roots.
I can't find any in the supermarket.
Chef never let me dip my sushi into any soy sauce,
"Cherry-san, no sauce please."

He's a purist....
I'm a errr...monkey???
Jap rock melon with japanese grapes,

Funny that each and every grape has only one small seed.
and it's packed with sweetness like biting into a ball of sweet wine.

I worked hard and lost weight during the weekdays,
but I eat harder and gain them back during the weekends.
Truly a balance life I have there.

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