Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Stretching our legs again

JS & Souvla King Marios catching up with a cup of coffee

Sweet Nandia and Souvla King Marios came to pick us up at the airport,
and drove us around Larnaca to stretch our legs
*more like stretching his car's tyres...hehehehe*

Sweet Nandia & Monkey

we had hot chocolate and coffee while waiting for the kebabs to be ready

Souvla King Marios did a research on the BEST Kebabs in the whole of Cyprus and he took us there.
heheheheh thank u :))))))))))))))
later we took a walk along the beach front...
again, while waiting for the kebabs to be ready.
which was 1km away :P


JS & Monkey in our respective traveling shoes
after stretching our legs...
it's back to the plane again.
this got to be the 3rd breakfast of the morningand I forgot how many fresh juices I hadflying above the desertsit's Lebanon down there!!!finally we see LCA = Larnaca, Cyprus
yeah u must been wondering...
we flew KUL - DXB - LCA - ATH
Larnaca town
that's not the capital of Cyprus
I've never experienced so many take offs and landings in a day -_-


that was more than 2 weeks ago,
monkey waiting for her limo with all the BAGSSSS

if u travel with Emirates...
they provide complimentary pick up service fr home to airport
and also at the next destination...
basically all your limo services fr home to airport....airport to hotel/accommodation
are well taken care of.the travel agent couldn't reserve the window + aisle seats
as it was a full FULL FULLY booked flight
*i should say overbooked flight*

but.....but....we made reservation 3 months ago :(((('s pitch black out there...
i won't be able to see a thing.

Monkey couldn't zzZZZzzz
but her travelmate slept like a LOG
so I watched all the latest movie(s)
nyek nyek nyek
gonna watch the day the Earth stood still on my way home :)))))))))
6 hours later...
we landed at the newly open Terminal 3 of Dubai International Airport,
they just opened bout a month ago.

it's BIGGER and BIGGER and so big I almost died-ed walking.
calling no one :P
Mr. JS went duty free shopping as usual
GAH!!! dun make me carry all the wines
we then went up to their Business Class Lounge
*they have a separate one for First Class*

the Business Class Lounge itself is as big as 2 football fields
we almost got lost...
chickpeas!!!! I lurve chickpeas~~~~

2 hours later,

Saint Veeny & Dinos the Great joined us at the lounge.
they landed fr Cape town fr their holiday.
so we had a lil reunion with free flow of champagne at T3

at 1st, we couldn't figure out wat were these....
they were actually charger for travelers to use.

Neat huh?

I dun mind spending hours in Dubai's Airport...

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Sweets Shop!!!

No words can describe my visit to any Sweets shop in Athens
*they dun refer it as cake/desserts but sweets*
nyek nyek nyek
hiak hiak hiak

Impossible to choose which one to buy...
I want ALL~~~~~

Santa's Flirt Mobile

Fiery Red mobile parked near to GUCCIonly he can drives it!!

National Library of Greece

what is Monkey doin at the Library?????
actually we wanted free internet to locate some of the boutiques

it's actually not that big...everything made fr MARBLE
mind u...everything in Athens were made fr Marble
fr buildings to the road to the pavement to the drains
SEE!!! I did not exaggerate!!up till the ceiling it was a marvel of MARBLESclear blue sky
JS, Saint Veeny, Dinos the Great
oh mind the bags...coz u will see more of these bags..

like there's no other brands to buy.

high wooden door which was as old as my great grandmashhh!!! be quiet!!!
look at those books!! all the way up.
Monkey in her lil winter outfit

The library is one of Athens Trilogy
will blog more bout it...
as I am rushing for dinner

It's Saint Veeny's birthday today
Happy Birthday Veeny
muaks muaks muakssssssssssss