Monday, December 01, 2008


Monkey & Sweet Devil Rachel
It was raining like cats and dogs
and smart us parked our cars at Starhill and ran over to KL Plaza.

*yeah i rushed to this event after Cortina Partay*

and poor Sweet Devil Rachel was still working at 11pm

commanding her crew of contractors to finish up the work for BVL boutique opening.

*dahlah had to makan "dead cats" twice that day*
Sweet Devil Rachel & Baby Wei
okie back to happier stuffs
STYLO X was a early xmas partay
and the theme was RED

at the entrance:

BDW: "I only tag those I know" *busy tagging our lil hands*

"I thought my face was the access to this partay"
Baby Wei: "U already did"

Martian!!! How come u didn't hire Bouncer/security for this event??
or was BDW the bouncer???

anyone crashed into this partay?
CHEERS!!! yep we were drinking.................erm chinese tea and green tea? it sure looks like it but it were red wine and white wine served on chinese tea cups.
How unique!!!
Bvl Pagan, Sweet Devil Rachel, Baby Wei
BVL Pagan: "Bvlgari is having sales tmrw!!!!"
-_- macam I print money
Nasi Lemak Nasi Lemak
Mari makan nasi lemak Sowwy....I was hungry and was seen gobbling down nasi lemak
how glam can that be?

I hope no photog caught my pic doin this
:P they even provided signages for us to cabut as though we were 18 - 22............
we continued the nite at Sentidos Tapas

with a huge glass of Sangria
and bitched through till morning.
there's alwiz room for bitching session,
we shall continue this weekend yea!!!

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