Tuesday, December 30, 2008

National Library of Greece

what is Monkey doin at the Library?????
actually we wanted free internet to locate some of the boutiques

it's actually not that big...everything made fr MARBLE
mind u...everything in Athens were made fr Marble
fr buildings to the road to the pavement to the drains
SEE!!! I did not exaggerate!!up till the ceiling it was a marvel of MARBLESclear blue sky
JS, Saint Veeny, Dinos the Great
oh mind the bags...coz u will see more of these bags..

like there's no other brands to buy.

high wooden door which was as old as my great grandmashhh!!! be quiet!!!
look at those books!! all the way up.
Monkey in her lil winter outfit

The library is one of Athens Trilogy
will blog more bout it...
as I am rushing for dinner

It's Saint Veeny's birthday today
Happy Birthday Veeny
muaks muaks muakssssssssssss

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