Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Bossa Nova, Parkroyal

Virgin Margarita after a hard day shopping
It was FJB family sales last Thurs,
and I ended up throwing apparels at ppl's face as I dug,
*sorry lar, U dun wanna fight with miss Monkey esp on Republik Pisang's product*

Size Petite and Size 00 all mine!!!!
hiak hiak hiak
*thanks to Beautiful CS's family invites wink wink*

Soon I dragged Mr. JS fr work to join me,
he drove all the way fr KLCC.
in the heavy downpour.

later, we decided to have dinner at Parkroyal,
since we've already landed our bums there.
Bossa Nova serves latin america grill
it's actually a standard buffet dinner,
where u retrieve your own appetizer, soup, antipasti, tapas etc.
for the main course,
we were given tags..
green: when u want more meat/main course
and Mr. Assistant Chef who looked like butcher came non stop with his skewers of grilled meat.
grilled yummy marinated chicken, char grilled sausage, roast beef
I was hoping they will serve pork...
but no chance
Butter fish
there were over 10 types of different meat
lurve the prawns especially,
so fresh that I had 2 gigantic ones.
JS: "Gimme the side, I want the charred part."

The chef who looked like butcher got abused by both of us

"Bring me my chicken. I want more chicken."
JS: "NO I don't want any chicken. Don't give me chicken."

"Where is my chicken????"
JS: "I want more beef!!!"

"I want more prawns!!! quick!!!"
JS: "I want this part only....this part!!!"

"No onion??? no serve onions???"
JS: "I want more salsa!!!"

eh, better be careful lar.
He's holding a sharp knife with an even sharper skewer.
lime tart
only RM 78++ per head
plus the privilege to abuse.
great eh?

Bossa Nova
Parkroyal KL,
Jalan Imbi,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 603 2145 9599


Unknown said...


is the food good? look very tempting to try it out.

licheng said...

that's churrasco right? Latin style meat serving, offering as uch as you can eat..they come with skewers all the time.

CHER-RY said...

Shell Shell: Quite good coz the meat were so succulent but the rest of the course were OK.

Kindy Chai: erm, I dunno wat do u call them. HAHAHAHAHAHA.