Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Overseas Restaurant with A.A. Gang

I was talking to Lis the nite before at Al's on my makan schedule...
before I blurted out our lunch venue...

Lis: "Dun tell me u ppl are goin to Overseas?"

"errrrm......uhhh.......ehhhhh......:D YES."

Lis: "Walau, everytime also go there then sure go Kuchai one."
" do u know ar?"

Lis: "-_-"

"heeeeeeeeeeeeee" Sticky caramelised signature char siew
this one have to book 24 hours ahead...coz it's usually sold out by 1pm.
crispy crunchy can die roast pork
Captain called this "Prince of Ducks"
errrrr more like cripsy roast baby duck
very very yummy!!!!
dunno wat braised duck which sucks!!!
waste time!!
and waste space in our tummies

bad recommendation by Captain.
I need my usual captain~~~~~~~~
spinach with fried century eggs for Amy Q

I prefer the eggs cubed with more cubed salted egg yolks
hmmmm yum yum yum yum yum
and lastly before presentation dash em with xiao xing wine
JS can u cook the above description for me???
*wink wink wink*
fried noodle with eggs and shredded lettuce
Steamed "Tiger" Grouper
we came for another grouper but it was out of stock
ham you fah lam yuk
claypot of thinly sliced pork belly with salted fish

Overseas makes one of the best toufu in town!!!
the above was a simple steamed tofu, t
opped with ha mai and good oyster + soy sauce
toufu was so soft with the length of good soy milk.
macam eating tou fu fah.
the damage was not that great coz A.A
*that stands for alcoholic anonymous*

*dun whack me, Munchy gave u ppl this nick*

coz A.A had 3 big breakfast
before they went to Overseas
so called sampling portion....
Petite Wei Nee & Munchy
he dedicated his weekends for A.A gang.

:))))) really sweet
and I dedicated my stomach(s) GOE aka God of Eatery with Amy Q sharing and comparing notes on the food at Overseas the JJs disagreed
anyway they are flying off to NZ tmrw!!!

enjoy your holiday folks!!!! and after 3 breakfast + 1 big feast,
they went for massage + coffee.........

while I went to ....





coz I had prepare myself for another makan in 3 hours

which was Kuchai Lama

Overseas Restaurant
Jalan Imbi,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 603 2148 7567

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