Friday, March 28, 2008

Moo Moo Land

Hi Folks,

Thank you for dropping by....
U gonna be bored with no updates for the next 2 weeks.
Sad....I am sad.

Well do wait for more exciting posts once I am back!!!
with tonnes of pics of moo moo cows, beautiful hills,
and me working :P pfffttttttt.

I'll be leaving to Switzerland for work
if you are super duper bored,
with nothing to go with your morning coffee or lunch or u need bedtime stories,
go read about my last year's trip
here *click*

Have fun ppl,
enjoy whatever you are doin,
hugs n kisses.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Baby Cammy :)))

Baby Cammy came out fr mommy Carol's womb just before CNY via c-section.

U have been a very very very notti baby,

coz mommy Carol had a difficult pregnancy.

HMPH soooooo wanna spank u.

but when I saw how blessed and peaceful she was,
sungguh tak jadi wanna spank.

I think Mommy Carol will spank me 1st
so while she was still sleeping all of us took the opportunity to cam-whore with the baby

Ass Kicking Vonne
here with Baby Cammy

thank u so much for giving such precise direction to Carol's home.
I don't need Nokia Navigator anymore.
Notti Monkey with Notti Baby Cammy
she is soo sooo sooo soo adoroble!!!
but then she woke up!!!!
coz we were too damn noisy...
and started crying,
I ran to the dining hall!!
Lu Ai & Su San
Lu Ai, pls let us know the dress code for your wedding k,
and all the details.

I soooo have to start shopping.
*I thought u've been shopping everyday????*
erm........Formula One sale's different.....
Daddy Jimmy feeding notti Baby Cammy,

2 reasons why babies cried,
1) they are hungry
2) time to change diapers

:P bluek!!!
Su San has got maternal instincts,
I don't even dare to hold the baby....
coz she's so delicate.

Anyway Ass Kickin Vonne bought lunch,
and she thought that we are hungry ghost coz.....
deep fried prawn dumplings
siew mai
steamed pork ribs with black beans
vege buns
rice dumplings with chestnuts
yong tau foo
Hong Kong style chee cheong fun
paan mee
this one the best!!!! fish balls in seaweed soup which Ass Kickin Vonne reheated for me
erm, coz I came 2 hours later. :P

Sunday mar, I need my beauty sleep.
secret parcel in it,
that's why so yummy!!!!
Monkey: "Yaaaay!!! got chicken feet."

Ass Kickin Vonne: "U sooo no class lar. It's called Phoenix Claws!!! not chicken feet."

this was my favourite!!!!
so pretty, like an egg yolk sitting there.
I wished they could have more egg than the puff pastry inside.
Gonna-be-married-off Lu Ai & Su San with puzzled looking Baby Cammy
with Mommy Connie & Ass Kickin Vonne
Mommy Connie gonna deliver early June!!!!
No more betting liao, coz it's a BOY.

KFC vouchers fr Mommy Carol.

What happen to the red eggs and Ayamas chicken???
Mommy Carol: "Very ma fan. No time to deliver."

Actually it's a very good idea.
*coz I lurve KFC....nyek nyek nyek*
All of us!!!!
Mommy Carol in red shirt,
she looked great and so slim!!!

Congratulations to you & Jimmy!!!!
All of us are aunties now
when I was about to leave I saw this!!!
GAH!!! so cute!!!!
My rabbit Chip Chip used to wear these last time when I took her out for a walk.
Don't wanna dirty her beautiful white paws mar.

Happy working Mommy Carol....
U get to laze at home for one more week only.
and no more endless tv drama series.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Crackling Piggie

U hear that?
Durian runtuh again?
2x in a week!!!!

I've must have done something right!!!
*or he did something wrong*
thank u baby.
when it came out fr the oven,
just fresh fr its crackling process....
I was within 12 inches radius at all time.
trying my luck.
"I wanna makan I wanna makan I wanna makan"
"Kenot. Not yet. So hot!"


I lurve those crunchy meat near its ribs,
full of flavor fr all the confit of sze chuan pepper and juniper berries.
yep the berries all the way fr OZ.
*thank u si fu*

It's actually a type of spice used mainly for roast pork, marinades and sauerkraut.

Another awesome gadget fr OZ was.................
JS's b-day pressie all the way fr Melbourne
a beautiful tea pot
yea, watch out. It's made fr glass
When u are brewing your tea,
u put it this way.....
and when u are done,
u tilt it the other way
clever design huh?

JS 1st fell in lurve with this teapot back in 06 at Les Amis
Read about it *here*
and special tea blend too!!!!

Thank u Si fu Lawrence & Tracie!!!
He lurves it!!!
so sayang that it's gonna be packed up for the new home.

yep, all the new gifts, purchases are for the new place
which is still under construction.
anyway I was testing every single surface of its skin with a spoon
tap tap here, and tap tap there.
to make sure it produced the super crunch sound.
Quality check mar.....
Confirmed damn awesome.
then JS chopped them up into smaller pieces.

"Can I only have the crackling skin?"
"Then wat are our guests gonna eat???????? >_<"
Beautiful and awesome
I was very obedient and didn't touch a single piece
*Except those that Mr. JS fed me while he was busy chopping. Wat a bonus.*

oooOoooo look at the rib.
I want the rib I want the rib!!!!
grilled chilis and onion relish,
very good as its sourish *with vinegar inside* taste cut through the fattiness of the meat.
whites alwiz go so well with porkie.
We'll bring a white next time to El Cerdo.

I missed my Towers.......
anyone selling in Malaysia?
Spore pun tarak.
Looks like time to go back to Hunter Valley, Aust to ta pau some wines home.
rockets in balsamic topped with parmaggiano
and lemon cappelini with italian flat leaf parsley.
need to buy more Riedel "O" glasses
*the one without the stem*
so nice to use and not clumsy at all.
Since one of our "guest" can't take white wine,
we had to dig a bordeux for him.
Yea I don't drink this anymore.
-_- but it's ok as a everyday wine I supposed.
with Mee Mee's flowers sitting pretty on the dining table.
out of nowhere,
this tray presented itself on the table.

"TEA???? after wines????"
dunno how many years old "Pur Er"
it came in the form of a "cake"
Teas are like wines...
tannin, color, taste, nose, palate.
1st "pow"= to wash the tea
*I dunno how to define pow*

2nd "pow" = wash cups, teapots watever

3rd "pow" = good enuff to drink.

so complicated and so much of effort.
alrite, I am learning.....
I still prefer wines,
but chinese tea was good to wash away those heart choking hi-cholesterol porkie we ate.

JS said I've already used up my Once-a-year-quota for crackling porkie.
yes he will only make once a year.

But I had it 2x last week.

Si Fu Lawrence,
How's your kurobuta crackling pork?

Monday, March 24, 2008

Congratulations Mee Mee & Teofu!!!

March 22nd......
yes it's Formula One Qualifying day,
but nothing is more important than Mee Mee's Registration of Marriage!!!!
Toufu Han Wei & Mee Mee awaiting their numbers,
just like applying for Identity Cards...all the couple got to queue and get their numbers.
*killed the romanticism only*
Mee Mee made her bouquet with LOVE
yes how often do you see a bride makes her own bouquet for her own wedding???

this shows Mee Mee has got high standard,
no florist in town can give her wat she wants...
*I don't want to be your wedding planner liao........hehehehe*
Mr. Part Time Joo & Shell Shell also came to register????

No, they are not goin out together AT ALL,
but they are officially the weekend/part time couple.
Mee Mee looked so HAPPY!!!
she couldn't sleep the nite before..
Look at her smiles!!!
made ppl envious only...
I think Toufu Han Wei still sleeping :P
Yes with daddy by her side :))))))

Mee Mee, Nee Lee, Bee Ree, Shell Shell
dress code was black and white,
so Nee Lee supposed to come as a pengi,
Monkey as a netherland dwarf rabbit,
and Shell Shell like a snow leopard
*pls refer (fluff) friends Facebook*
Mee Mee and her friend
sorry I forgot your name. :P
holding hands :))))))) so sweet :))))))
I didn't know Toufu Han Wei is so tall,
here with Mee Mee's friends from Ernst & Young
Mr. Part Time Joo, Monkey & Shell Shell
while waiting for Mee Mee & Toufu's turn to register,
we cam-whored like nobody's business.

Totally RSSYT
= really sat sai yee thai
then all of us were ushered into a private room
for the ceremony to begin.....
Look at her "hang fook" face,
her smiles were plastered onto her face the whole day.
your jaw not sakit meh???
"Daddy daddy, make sure u sign on the right column okay....did u bring your IC???"

Mee Mee signing the papers!!!!!
what are u peeping at???
ooooooo Toufu Han Wei is a lefthander.
and then the daddies followed suit.
with all the cameras flashing like paparazzis.
Look at Mee Mee's face!!!!
What's with the expression???

"Do you Mr. Teofu take Ms Mee Mee to be your wife to have and to hold this day forward, for better or for worse.......yada yada yada"
*sorry, I don't understand mandarin*
Toufu Han Wei: "Wo yuan yi"

walauuuu, after he said that, the million dollar smile came on Mee Mee's face!!!!
All of us almost melted onto the floor.
Mee Mee is sooooo beautiful in her specially designed dress
designer = Mee Mee herself....
u can open shop liao
flowers + wedding dress.
hmmm before I comment on the above pic,
where's the part "U may now kiss the bride?!?!?!??!"
Mee Mee is now officially Mrs. Teo

Dear all the hunky guys out there, I am so sorry for you..
and Toufu, u are such a lucky man ok!!
Pls take care of Mee Mee ya!!!
or all of us gonna throw toufus at u!!!

Mee Mee putting on the ring unto Mr. Teo
both of them were so shy..........and sweet
one more!!!
they had to do everything in super slow motion
for all the paparazzis to snap pics.
by the time we came out,
it's no. 15 & 16 already...

Quick go buy number..
22nd March and Mee Mee's number was 9.
Nee Lee, Bee Ree, Shell Shell
there were shops selling knick knacks,
so many tourists around!!!
Nee Lee & Tam Chiak

Tam Chiak, u were the only one wearing purple!!!!

we super camwhored again while waiting for the lawyers to sign more papers!!!
we climbed up to the seventh heaven (???)
to get more pics at the temple.

Mee Mee and her family!!!!
missing another sister who's in Moscow.

Toufu and his family!!!!
with us!!!!! the chee muis
*yes incl Mr. Part Time Joo*

Mr. Part Time Joo, Mee Mee, Toufu, Tam Chiak
with Mee Mee's Ernst & Young friends
Shell Shell, Bee Ree, Nee Lee
so smart!!! just like a groom!!!!
Thean Hou is such a beautiful temple
lanterns everywhere!!!
one more shot for all the chee muis!!!
*what is that lil boy doin there? Some other visitor's punya son*
Pic stolen fr Nee Lee

very well composed pic with the background
and of coz beautiful bride and groom.

Mee Mee: "Are u gals ready???? Take your place pls!!!!"
yes all of us stood at the side,
Note the two camwhores there really stood out fr the rest.
berposing-posing tak habis habis.
after much coaxing, all the single and maybe-not-available ladies took their place
Nee Lee was documenting the process on the right!!!

Note: Shell shell was standing in front of me. -_- The moment Mee Mee threw her bouquet sky high.....
Shell Shell: "U stand in front, u stand in front."


apa ini???
Look at the face

Dear Shell Shell,
Do u know that the bouquet was meant for u?
Mee Mee practiced it perfectly to throw it to u!!!

okie lar, I damn layan man.
very nice place to hold weddings.
I was trying to snap this ferocious dragon when Nee Lee was shaking her ass in front of me

and gave me this sexay red carpet arrival pose
change your profile pic to this one ya!!!
I like this pic a lot!!!!
more pics with the bride!!!
the middle eastern gal in red was a tourist!!

see u memang superstar man!!!
everyone wanna snap pics with u.
took 5 mins for Toufu to kiss the bride,
confirmed damn shy.
tee hee hee.

come we teach u how.
Nee Lee, Bee Ree, Shell Shell

Bee Ree & Mrs Cherry aka Part Time Joo whom were married for 2 hours.

thanks to Nee Lee & Tam Chiak,
*Nee Lee clapping while Tam Chiak congratulating us*

tourists thought we were the bride + groom.
hai....sigh -_- x 1000

Nee Lee & Tam Chiak memang berkerjasama like husband like wife
we were so tired fr the entire process and crashed into Secret Recipe @ Mid Valley
for brunch
Mr. Part Time Joo whom I divorced said he's tired too.
Tam Chiak was still fresh like daisies.

Nee Lee had chocolate indulgence
me and my shepherd pie
Mr. Part Time Joo had black pepper pie
Shell Shell was daring enuff to eat Singapore laksa in her white dress
Gordon Bleu chicken was Tam Chiak's meal
we were not happy coz the food was only so-so
hence the senget mouths

Mee Mee, we wished u were there with us
Many many congratulations to u...
Mr. Part Time Joo oso wanna give u a kiss!!!!
Tam Chiak was so so so so afraid with that killer kiss fr Joo.
Watermelon slush, Ice lemon tea slush and green apple kasturi
just like traffic lights.
good luck to u all for your treasure hunt this saturday!!!
Pretty Crash Dummies - wat a name!!!!
and yes do let us know the dress code for your wedding
we need to start shopping now.
Mee Mee's bouquet sitting pretty in my vase

when JS opened the door for me at home,

JS: "Oh great!!! U got flowers for dinner tonite."

Monkey: "-_- yes I did. U won't wanna know how I got it."

Congratulations again Mee Mee & Toufu Han Wei
we can't wait for August 31st to come!!!