Friday, March 29, 2013

Long Neck Women, Chiang Mai

She's beautiful huh?

JS promised a day full of adventure for Monkey. I think he felt guilty that he went to play golf everyday in Chiang Mai for that one week. HoHoHoHoHo :P
So in the morning we had elephant ride, bullcart ride and my first adventure on a raft...and then followed up a visit to the hill tribe of long neck ladies :)))

They are actually pretty petite
or maybe I am just FAT

Long Neck Women also known as Kayan are actually not natives of Thai. They are from Burma, so technically they are Burmese. But due to the endless military regime in Buma/Myanmar, many of the Kayan people were displaced and many fled over to the Thai border. Oh yes Chiang Mai is pretty far up north in Thailand.

Their village has now become a tourist spot
what I admired about this village has got no financial assistance and the tribe is self sufficient through incomes from tourism.

Both I Ching and Prince C were so intrigued bcoz it was a surprise visit
not knowing they will be meeting these long neck beauties, when they first saw the Kayans walking around.....both of their eyes almost popped out and asked whats' that???? why is that??? how come???

the very same beautiful Kayan then lead us to her mother I presume??
they are really colorful people with skills on handicrafts and lots of smiles actually :))))))))))

Through language barrier, we interacted with sign languages hahahahaha and visited their simple homes. The roof were made from dried  palm leaves and they have to change it every 6 months due to wear and tear. See the stacks of firewood lying neatly underneath their home? Yeah they still use wood fire instead of gas.

at the top of the hill is a small lil church
most of Kayan people are roman catholic

They are really good with weaving coz I saw so many young ladies were bz at work.

plenty of shawls on sale
they are really really colorful people :)))))))

Lil gals started wearing these brass coils around the age of 5 years old
don't u think they are so cute and adorable???

JS u fancy getting a new wife? kekekekekekekke
I am sure she can yarn golf shirts and pants for u :P
anyway both of u looked so alike that's why I must must must snap this pic...hahahaha

Monkey took a stroll at their paddy field
it has dried up after the harvest

those are not cows but oxens. They can really work hard bcoz its such a tough animal.

Finally Monkey tried it on.....OUCHHHH. U like my LONG neck??? more like long face coz it was really heavy and painful and I was only wearing the "frontal" section of the coil.

so why do they suffered through all these? there were many theories but I guess it's for beauty?? :)))) yea humans are very vain.

technically their necks are not elongated, but the heavy brass coil pushed their collar bones down and further compressed their ribs. OUCHHHHHHHH.
this gave the illusion of a longer neck.

After the visit to the tribal village, our driver drove us down the hill to an orchid farm :))))))
Orchid farming is a huge industry here in Thailand.

They are as big as my cheek!!!!
of coz no plucking and I had a difficult time controlling my itchy hands

Thank you Mr. JS for this wonderful excursion
and the following day, I flew to Bangkok solo to meet up with my friends so that JS can continue to play golf till his arms fall off :P

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Dinner: Homemade Beef Pie

Homemade Beef Pie!!!!

Really...home cooked food are the BEST!!!
one may associate it with comfort food, nutrients level and for health reason.
I guess we are the same as well....we can't eat out everyday. Not possible. I will rather starve than eat out every single day >.<

So usually JS does the cooking and Monkey do the side dishes
oh well we share the cleaning job with our lil dishwasher....wuahahahahaha. JS is pretty independent, he doesn't like other human beings in his kitchen when he's cooking *maybe except pets like dogs lizards and ants to vacuum up all the residues that fell from the counter and stove in the cooking process*.

He doesn't really need extra hands. Not even chopping garlic and I don't want to be "branded" by his knives coz he can :P

so back to the amazing beef pie....actually it's like cooking from scraps...yea scraps not scratch. Actually it's both. He cooked with scraps fr the fridge and from scratch....except the puff pastry which we have ever-ready in the freezer. Yeah I reckon u should have some frozen puff pastry all the time. Can just whip up anything easily like tuna/sardine puffs, sausage rolls and desserts.

Friends said Monkey is a drama queen....everything must alwiz be dramatic
that's so NOT TRUE!!!!
just bcoz I like to have beautiful things *and chicks* around me doesn't me I am drama.

I believe in living everyday with simple pleasure....could be a beautiful bouquet of Hydrangeas on my table, a cup of excellent coffee, crispy buttery croissants, hearty bowl of soup, birds hanging out chirping on my balcony, or just cute lil chipmunks running around in my basement carpark, a good workout running around my neighbourhood....these are all really simple things that don't burn any holes in ur pockets/wallets/bank accounts.

anyway I know Hydrangeas are expensive hehehehe but that I got it FREE
I was forced to steal it by Beautiful CS at an event coz she didn't want other ppl to recycle the flowers for another event. Okie I instead of carrying the huge 2 feet by 1 feet flowers arrangement home, Monkey just plucked out a bouquet of Hydrangeas off the beautiful arrangements.
Beautiful CS -_-"
Monkey :D heeeeeeeeee

so it sat on my dining table for a week brightening up my already really BRIGHT dining hall coz I have Fuchsia walls with stark RED chairs. Yea I know it's a very bold color but this is how we wanted it....we are proud when Interior Designers from other units are bringing home owners and neighbors to visit and b copy cats -_- WUAHAHAHAHAHA

"Wow who's your ID?"
"Wat ID?"
"Who designed your interior and color scheme?"

when we explained everything was done so simply including certain fixtures were from IKEA and didn't cost a BOMB, all these ID usually didn't like to hear that. WUAHAHAHAHA. Yeah we are bad influence...if all home owners does everything themselves or getting fixtures from IKEA, all these IDs are gonna starve with no incomes.

JS took a few hours to braise the beef with a bottle of red wine, some carrots, onions and herbs. I don't know wat else he put in there but it's sure delicious and hearty :)))))))))

I don't get to eat pies it's usually by request.
if u were wondering, our normal dinner is really simple. Yeah this was cooked from scraps and scratch. Hahahahahaha.

Thankfully he made 2 pies, else we would be killing each other for the last bite
ain't enuff hohohohohohoho

sauce oozzziinnngggg outta the pie when u cut it through.....sweet carrots and the flavours of protein engulfed your palate, soft melt in ur mouth beef that have soaked up all the wines and crispy crunchy puff pastry.....aaaaAAAAaaaaaaaa *satisfied sigh*
and nope we don't drink wines everyday
guess we gave ppl the impression that we drink every other day???

Monkey prepared a side dish of a simple salad made from scraps, from our dearie fridge :P
*yeah I know our fridge is MIGHTY!!!!!*
Leftover aragula, baby spinach, baby tomatoes, avocados.....
throw in some smashed garlic, snipped some leftover chives, throw in some leftover tarragons and prepare a simple dressing with mustard. Ta-DA!!!!!

Life is really Simple but we insist on making it complicated, says Confucius
while Leonardo da Vinci mentioned that Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

I couldn't agree more

Monday, March 25, 2013

Leaviinnngggg.....on a jet plane... I really love this song but not the actual action. :(( Enjoy your week folks!!!!!

Friday, March 22, 2013

A sweet afternoon with de Jouer

Pink face-less de Jouer bears welcomed all the beautiful ladies to an afternoon of sweets and desserts. Monkey was invited to this private event a few weeks ago and dashed my way through after endless meetings, coz it was an afternoon event. Sorry, I'm not like some tai-tai who has got all afternoon free :P....I wished :))))

de Jouer means Play in French, root word "Jouer" but to build a sentence with "to play" it's "a jouer" 

I play it's Je Joues
you play it's Tu Joue
you *formal* it's Vous Jouez

we play it's Nous Jouons
she plays he plays it's Elle Joues / Il Joues
they play??? hahaha it's Ils Jouent
who said french is easy??

I'm currently at my French Level 2 class with my private tutor *he has yet to give up on me*. If u read on the papers one day that a French Man decided to end his life in KL....that would be him giving up on me and my french kakakakaka

what's an afternoon tea without the must have beverages like coffee and tea? :)))))

all details were attuned to the ladies...from the flowers, the deco and the pink lights :)))
and the FOOD!!!! :))) such delectable selections of desserts :)))
all these makes a woman very very happy hahahahaha but not my waist line :P

Everything has got the color of passion innit....RED
it was a galore of sweetness everywhere
beautiful desserts, sweets, cakes and pastries

As u can see, this is an all-ladies event :)))
I lurve :))))

I missed this part....coz I came late :P
lurve the piece in mustard yellow with mint green laces
so playful and spring summer :))))

The latest collection from de Jouer
de Jouer focused on delivering comfort and sensualism

Monkey arrived in time for the show to start :))))
see, I alwiz got the timing right...oh well I work in this industry so I gotta be *timepieces industry that's it, not lingerie... how I wished*

to my surprise....Sexay Back Maggie emceed for the event...
she's wearing de Jouer underneath that LBD...oh how I wanna zipped her down a lil bit more to reveal the sexay bra she was wearing :))))

if you are feeling Sexay...there's something to make u feel exactly like that
Black Lace alwiz exudes that understated elegance
pair it with satin glove to elevate the mood huh? :)))) u know wat I mean?
a good gal looks :))))
that's a VERY lucky lil face-less pink bear!!!!!!!

the pantie looks so so soft, comfy and yet sexay :))))
de Jouer designs for Malaysian ladies so I am sure u will find the most suitable size for your body shape and cuts :))))

Beautiful guests enjoying their desserts and show :)))))

U lucky bear again!!!! getting all the attention from the beautiful ladies
Oh wait I don't think she's taking the faceless bear's pic

It's all the latest and hottest lingerie from de Jouer
in between feathers and flowers, they were laid down for guests to feel and touch
how nice :))))))))
I really really lurve this one in Mustard yellow with Mint Green laces :))))

yes feel free to molest the pieces hahahahaha
including the faceless pink bears.....

The Macaron Towers almost got demolished by all the sensual guests
if you didn't take home any of the sexay comfy lingerie, perhaps u can take away those sugar candies in the shape of bras

Sweet Devil Rachel, Hot Babe Shen, Million-Dollar-Smile Encee, Beautiful CS, Sharoness

 Chinadoll Qian Yu, Auntie Shirley and Monkey

I looked like a WHALE next to them
next time I'll refused to snap pic with ppl who are slimmer than me!!!!

all pics stolen from de Jouer
thank you for the great event and now it's time to shop for all those sexay and comfy lingerie :)))

Go to their online website to check out the collections....and also to shop. Happy shopping......afterall it's Friday folks :))))

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep, Chiang Mai

Golden Buddhas

I know I know...I've been lagging in my trying and doing very very hard to keep up before the next trip next month......grrrRRRrrrrrr....

While we were in Chiang Mai, JS and his family golfed every day from sun rise till sun set *Oh well almost, u know I'm a drama and exaggerate Queen* That leaves us the non-golfers free and easy leisure apart from shopping and exploring this city, we whacked bowls after bowls of noodles, have all the snacks and street food we wanted and Massage + Spa all we want. What a bliss~~~~

Monkey read that this temple on the mountain of Doi Suthep is a must visit for its view. Located about 15 km from the city, on a clear day u can actually see it from the hotel. As the sun shines on its golden chedi reflecting the glimmering golden glare to ur eyes. It's so sacred and beautiful that it made me so so so drawn to it.

so one morning, our driver was at the lobby greeting Ms. Monkey as usual. He speaks no english and I speak no Thai.
"Doi Suthep.....u know go to the Wat...I don't know what Wat...but that WAT on top of Doi Suthep!!!"
Wat = Temple in thai
Driver looked at me with a puzzled face *_*"

soon our gigantic vehicle was climbing the mountain and Monkey knew she wasn't taken for a ride to somewhere unknown...this got to be the way to Wat Phrathat.

When we arrived....oh my holy gawd...we have to climb this???
anyway if u are lazy there's a funicular which u can ride all the way up to save some leg work. But u gotta purchase ticket to ride it.

Multi heads scary face snakes or some mythical reptile at the base of the stairs
GAH!!! Don't eat me!!!!! I'm just a Monkey

oh wait...u guys were being eaten too huh?

On the way up, there was a doggi begging for money
ohhhh ouch!!! how did they train the dog to sit here all day to beg??????

When we arrived, the first time we saw was this Golden Chedi
really stunning!!!
this was the very same Chedi that reflects sunlight everyday

built in 1383 by King Nu Naone of the Lanna Kingdom, the location was selected when the White Elephant used to carry a piece of a very very special relic with magical powers climbed up to this mountain, the white elephant stood on this spot, trumpeted 3x times before collapsing and died.

hmmmm wat a bedtime story hahahaha. Anyway this was the legend written all over including wikipedia.

This must be the mutli-head-snakes-eaten-by-bigger-snakes' mother....
Hello u know ur lil kids are being eaten by a dragon down there?

From the top u sure can see the whole city of Chiang Mai

and the Chiang Mai Airport

Monkey ran to these rows of huge thick heavy brass bells and started Ker-tong Ker-tong Ker-Tong
from left to right.....right to left
top bottom and so on
to the disapproval parents with kids who wanted to do the same too
heeeeeeeeeeee sorry I'm such a bad influence.

Think we spent about an hour here mesmerizing the calmness of this place
and the beautiful views :)))))

On our descend, we saw these cute lil gals....
I felt like pinching their cheeks
U wanna follow me home? *evil grin*

 There were stalls selling local fruits such as baby green apples, Wild strawberries the size of raspberry and bigger's so cheap.

 Freshly squeezed local oranges juice was everywhere for RM 2 a bottle.

Yummy fried quail eggs to be eaten with fish sauce and white these looked so good and cute.
bite size...yummy!!!!

deep fried local bananas with fragrant pandan leaves
it is quite normal to find sesame seed in their fried bananas. Just elevate the toastie notes.

If u are thirsty after all these yummy food, get some local passion fruit juice..
oh yummsss!!!

Our descend took so long....bcoz there were just so many distractions!!!!
our driver was -_-"
sorry Mr. Driver that we took so long just to visit a small temple. He must be wondering if we made offerings to every single Buddha up there. hehehehe...More like we made pit stop at every single stall that sells food.:P

Okie Mr. next destination....u know khao soi? KHAO. SOI.
bring us to the best Khao Soi...the one that you will go to.
Kao Jai Ma???
he then nodded his head....but before that we need to go and pick the men up fr the golf course.