Thursday, March 07, 2013

Another day of work in Monkey's life

I've wanted to blog about this quite some time ago but there are so many postings awaiting. Most of them were in draft mode....usually when Monkey logged onto her dashboard of her blog...she will select posting according to the mood of the day :P

Had a sneak peek of all the impending draft posts on the list
GAH!!!!! I need to be doing 5 postings a day to be updated *GAH GAH GAH!!!!*

Anyway the above pic was a serving of Grilled Lobster with cherry butter, chanterelle and sorelle mushrooms.  Very well presented and pretty yummy too. This was part of WORK - Food tasting.

I believe the grass is alwiz greener on the other side....friends would harp onto my head that my JOB is superb fun and amazing. Just bcoz I get to do food tasting? hahahahaha. FYI I don't do food tasting on a daily basis. Not even on weekly basis. It really depends on the number of events that we have.

a rather uninteresting looking soup of charred japanese eggplant with pearl onions and deep fried cream cheese.
This was a disaster...I should have changed it. But then again there were only choices of eggplant or pumpkin soup!!!! or was it mushroom soup??? or was it tomato soup???

So you think my job is interesting eh? When I make a WRONG choice, it's disastrous. On that evening, every single plate of soup were returned UNFINISHED!!!!!


sorbet............of..............Blueberry Ginger Sorbet............
I told the chef this was challenging.........TO.Eat.

He told me otherwise as though I'm stupid.

I totally understand it's not easy to take criticism but I was really really very very extremely polite about it. I don't know how to make it more polite for you. Sorry. Blame it on my mom for not teaching me to be polite esp when it comes to telling people that their food is inedible.

This dinner was for my clients.....
I had to cater to the palate of my clients. Food must be acceptable by all 50 guests. Yes it ain't easy to please everyone, but it must be something not too challenging or at least something familiar with Malaysians....

lesson learnt...I will forget about charred japanese soup in the future. >.<

In the end we changed the sorbet to something more refreshing. Yes sorbet is supposed to be refreshing not heavy or kill your palate right before your main course.

The texture of the fish I must give it to the Chef. It was excellent and delicately prepared. Again on that evening when it's mass feeding, you can't be guaranteed with the preparation of fish and meat.....another risk to be taken but we must offer choices of white and red meat for guests to choose from.

Underneath the fish was corn chowder -_-
SIGH......with potato dumplings...

Wagyu with tempura of oyster mushrooms, potato gratins and spicy tomato chutney
Tomato chutney was like ketchup.

anyway Enough said....I didn't have much choice. Yeah why complaint so much???? It's not my event, it's an event by the company. There's budget to adhere to. Let's not even go to the wine list.

So you think  my work is fun eh? Come join me coz I think it's fun too hahahahahaa.

This was their specialty dessert
O.O of peach cobbler and blueberry ice creams
it's really pretty but you don't want to serve messy food when your guests are all dressed to the nines.

in the end we changed to soft chocolate ganache with pink peppercorn and kirsch ice cream

All was well, don't worry. I didn't poke Chef's eyes with a fork. Nor did he give me a tight slap. Prollie he just cursed me for being such a bitch. The team has got to understand, this wasn't for ME and ME alone. It's for the clients....all 50 of them.

Prollie we chose the wrong menu -_-" I don't know.
I seriously need more venues for events. Allow me to recap. Venues and food that fits company's expectation. -_- sigh

Anyway your job is as fun as you make it to be. :)))
of all the ups and downs, shit hitting the fan, through hell and sorrow, I do find happiness, achievements, joy, FRIENDSHIPS, satisfaction, memories.....beautiful ones through work. I love my job but I love my life more :))) Call me a stinky bitch whatever u want....I'm paid to do my job, to perform and to deliver. 

Food by Lafite, Shangri-la Hotel
all pics taken with my iPhone


Chasing Food Dreams said...

dont eggplant turn gooey when blended into soup?

grilled lobster and desserts looked really good though... drools..

CHER-RY said...

I have no idea at all....but it was a horrible choice though -_-