Friday, March 08, 2013

2013 Resolutions: JS's mom sponge cake

I'm so Sponged now.....still trying to perfect it.
even JS didn't want me to give up....he passed on Her Royal Highness sponge cake recipe to with even greater pressure and determination, Monkey tried again >.<

This recipe is slightly different from my previous attempt. First of all preheat your oven to 175*C. Then separate 8 yolks from its whites. Hey look at the pic above, all the 8 eggs formed an infinity eight in the middle :P

Whisk the 8 whites until fluffy, then add the yolks one at a time and whisk for a few minutes.

Next slowly add in 225g of castor sugar and continue to whisk until creamy like the above. Think this process should take less than 5 minutes.

Detach your bowl off the KitchenAid and fold in gradually into the whisked egg + sugar mixture with 170g sifted flour. Finally add in 113g of melted butter. Remember your melted butter must be at room temperature and not hot but cool enough. This step is crucial to ensure no lumps in your batter.

Do everything gently bcoz this is a sponge cake :)))))))

Bake for about 30 minutes
I used 2 smaller cake tins bcoz Monkey wanted to create a mini cake...well it's not those cute mini Mini Cake but at least it's smaller than the usual 8 inches cake.

Once it has cool, you may decorate and assemble it
Monkey got this frosting spatula for quite a while and was so excited to use it for the very first time!!!! Oh well it's just a spatula but I do get excited over things like this :P

Stack ur fruits on top this way....u can use any kind of berries u like. Here I've got some really yummy Korean strawberries which were so so sweet.

Judging from the size of the berries and the cake, I am sure have an idea how mini this cake was. Told ya good things come in small packages...and mini is cute!!!

Finally frost the top.
It looked so thick and high -_-"

White is boring so Monkey just dusted some cocoa powder over the top
Looked so much better eh?

Finally with some leftover strawberries at the very very top!!!!

Time to EAT!!!!
the taste test

hmmm the texture isn't fine at all
there's air bubble I need to fold in more evenly next time. *if there's a next time*

JS confirmed that it failed...........
not good
not fine
texture is wrong
fluffiness is not there
definitely nothing like his mother's


"But I followed exactly like her recipe!!!!"

JS: "Well sometimes u need to think and not follow exactly like it."

I don't understand this at all??? Think and not follow?
so to follow or not to?? hmmm

okie nvm, I will not give up. So Monkey told JS she's gonna bake another one immediately.

he went O.O

Hehehehe just joking....thank you for eating all my experiments and creations which were beyond your palate.

To console myself, I did what I'm good at......Messing around
nyek nyek nyek

With the leftover of batter which couldn't fit into the cake tin, I took out my spanking new never used before heart shaped pie tin!!!! and baked somemore....

JS was pleading No more No More Cakes!!!
oh don't worry, u don't have to eat these....I might as well bake them and play around with the leftover batter and Buttercream icing!!!!

I am really really good at playing Masak Masak since young
instead of using sand and leaves like other kids do....I stole ingredients off my grandma/mom's pantry. Wuahahahahaha...and yeah I get to do frosting again :))))))))))

with leftover strawberries, cocoa powder and more buttercream frosting

I now conclude....that I really enjoy baking.
though sometimes I dunno wat came outta my oven. Hehehehehehe.

Dear readers,
I will Not.not.NOT give gonna bake sponge again until I perfect it. Yeah it's just a damn sponge cake and I can't even get it right. I'm doomed. Baking is really fun, go try it. :))))

Read about my first sponge cake *here*


Chasing Food Dreams said...

its really hard to bake, I do it alot and still can also fail... muahaha... >_<

CHER-RY said...

I also dunno why is it so difficult...-_-