Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Les Terrasses de Lyon, Villa Florentine *One Michelin Star*

Les Terrasses de Lyon helmed by the Best Craftmans of France, Chef Davy Tissot is also the main restaurant at the hotel that we stayed in Lyon - Villa Florentine. Overlooking the Saone River and Lyon city from the Fourviere Hill.

the yin and the yang of the menus. In European countries, usually the ladies's menu is more subtle minus the price. Only the gents has got the price tag on each and every dish. But hey these days the ladies are also paying for dinner dates so restaurants should start inserting pricing on them.

But that particular evening, JS was buying dinner. :)))))) but when Monkey buys, he would be even happier than this. Hahahaha I guess that's the best I could do since there's nothing that I could buy for him. He has got everything in life. Choosing a gift for him proved to be the most difficult task ever.

The restaurant is in the dining hall is actually the dining hall of the nuns in the olden days with a huge fireplace. Yea Villa Florentine was an old convent now converted into a beautiful property, which was one of the nicest hotels we've stayed.

first thing first, Toast to Good Health.
Mr. JS didn't u learn from experience that snapping pic from below makes the person looked rounder and FATTER???? hmph!!!!

Beautiful amuse bouche which was so petite, cute, beautiful and yummy!!! I was giggling in amusement thinking we will start the dinner with dessert first. Hehehehe

I know....we are in Lyon so close to the Rhone Valley...must have rhone wines right? But NO. This time Mr. JS decided that he preferred the floral and soft Chambolle Musigny.

lightly seared tuna on a bed of sautee greens. The palate here is very clean and balanced. Just the way we liked it. Nothing too heavy nor provincial.

Langoustine Quenelle!!! yumsss~~~ with seafood saffron jus and hazelnut oil. Quenelle is a local cuisine here in Lyon and one must really try it for its fluffiness despite being a fish dumpling. Yes u read me right, it's a dumpling made with egg and fish then poached. What's there not to like about quenelle??? Just like comfort food.

beautiful roasted autumn roots vegetables with mushrooms. Served with its own jus. So sweet especially the beetroots and artichokes.

very well polished and immaculate food cover :)))) I could see my own reflection!!! 

The Maitre 'D was busy preparing and plating our dishes....ON THE SPOT!!!!

Fish and lobster!!! I lurve that its skin was so crispy, the lobster was cooked just the way I like it to be.

JS had turbot fish with finely diced root vegetables. The fish dishes looked so simple but the taste was pretty complex. We were trying to decipher what's in its light looking but intense sauce.

served with sides. It's autumn hence roots and mushrooms are very much in season. Fish and mushrooms, paired so well together like a good merger and acquisition, I surprised myself. hahahaha

The desserts looked too perfect!!! so I had to eat with care, admiring its layers of creamie mousse followed by the soft chocolate cake at the bottom and its velvety green creme that wrapped these together.

Yeaah!!! Individual petit four for me, so JS can't steal mine.
All done tiny bite size...just the way I like it. :)))) I cannot imagine the pain taken to produce such mini tiny miniature food!!!

And it tasted so good and sinful too :)))))))) I'm never a chocolates and candy person but this was exceptional.

Monkey is more of this kinda "candies" hehehehe. My latest purchase from Joanne L. All 3 stackable in different semi precious stones. Lurve them so so much :)))))))


The restaurant overlooks the City of Lyon with its own garden below it. Sometimes in the evening, we spent time reading/gazing at the city or just doin nothing but absorb in the sounds, smell and sights of this beautiful city.

Monkey trying to spout water outta her lips, hahahaha.

the original decorated fountain outside the restaurant, it's really nice to dine at the same property that we stayed in. But JS wouldn't let me go back to our suite. We had to burn all the calories.

so u can see Notti Monkey stomped out to burn calories -_-" in the Autumn chill. I guess u burn more when u are angry? hehehehehe.

Les Terrasses de Lyon *One Michelin Star*
Villa Florentine
25 Montee Saint Barthelemy,
69005 Lyon,
Tel: +33 4 7256 5602

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