Thursday, November 27, 2014

Marche St Antoine, Lyon

It's another beautiful autumn morning, not too cold, not wet nor humid. Just dry crisp air just a good morning walk. So both JS and Monkey tottered down the hill from where we stayed, down to the Saone River to check out the daily market. Situated along the Saone river at Quai Saint Antoine, u can never miss it. Vans and vehicles lined up this street every morning from 6.30am and u'll see white huge patio umbrellas being set up. But what's more interesting would be the fresh produce being sold here.
So my dear readers, do feast your eyes upon the colors and sights of another beautiful market in France. We can never ever get enough of markets around the world. :)))))))

The aroma and smell of roast organic chicken permeates our noses to the dislike of Mr. JS. The chicken were roasted and arranged in such a way so that all the fats dripped upon each other, from the sausages to the potatoes at the bottom.

That's me.....picking up new french words. Market is an excellent place to learn a new foreign language. With all the labels intact on each food, we were absorbing as fast as we could. Ohhhhhh so now I know that Parsley is Persil....there's also a detergent brand called persil. hahahahaha.

Lyon is famous for its charcuterie of cold cuts, hams and sausages.
Saucissons = Sausages
Champignon = mushrooms
cepes = name of a type of mushrooms

porc = pork
montaigne = mountaine

moigne = a name

even when we were paying, the vendors playfully made me count in french. Arghhhh Frenchies and their french. But I guess this is the fastest way to pick up any language - interaction. :))))

Yeah I need not write much bout this posting. Everyone could just feast on these pics. I lurve how they merchandise their products, so attractive. Made market visits such a joy, so much everyone was so so friendly.
*yes only Parisiens are snobs ok?*

People of all walks of life visit the market....including their best friend doggie.

Their chickens have got its own AOC gradings. Yes chickens here are serious business. And it's so good. Confirmed the best chickens in the world are all located in this part of France.

hands shaking!!!! too excited to see chilis....hahahahaha
frankly the only thing we missed whenever we travelled to *except Thailand* is chili :)))))
It's like soothes and comforts me. 

From the market at the Saone River, you could see the Cathedral and finally the Basilica on the top of the hill....and our hotel of course!!! :)))))))

How we wished, we live here, coming to the market everyday for warm croissants and a hot cuppa before selecting the fresh produce of the day. AAaaaaaaaaa :))))))))) Most restaurants get their produce from this very same market.

Opens daily from 6.30am to 1.00pm and till 1.30pm on weekends.
Must visit whenever you are in Lyon 

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