Thursday, July 31, 2008

Haagen Dazs with CS

Both of us were craving for Haagen Dazs fondue
after my post on its mooncake
Read about it *here*

that was soooo last year
when Beautiful CS was with working with VCA
so after our hokkien mee dinner,
we drove all the way to Bangsar
for the above.....

the men were rolling and rolling and rolling their eyes.

Charming YS: "WHAT???? Ice cream again??"
Monkey: "That was 2 weeks ago -_-"

Beautiful CS: "Your rum and raisin is still in my fridge."
overall there were 16 small tiny lil scoops of ice cream

cookies & cream
belgian chocolate

NO, you can't change the flavours.
they were all pre-made.
actually I'm more of a strawberry person.
Hey woman,
when is our next makan session?

Prestige Top40 under 40 is on 16th Aug.
looks like all our weekends are blocked.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Poor canele and chocolate madeleine

ta pau session went wrong

when the poor ziplock bag was already pecah
and "someone" trying to catch it before it falls on the beautiful wooden floor,
her nails went through the caneles

However I think it's a great idea to have ziplock bags
in your handbag at all time.
a good one of coz.

Lai Poh Heen, Mandarin Oriental

wanted to catch this movie....and Monkey was too occupied to get the ticks @ Pavilion,
poor JS went to queue up in KLCC.
Thank u ar :)

I don't mind watching it again,
all bcoz of Mr. Joker...
"Why soooo serious???"
never fails to a put a smile on my face whenever he said that.
and we went to Lai Poh Heen at MO.
yes it's halal.
bohohohoho no porkie for me.
it's not a norm to see chinese restaurants with BLACK motifs on their plates.
anyway this place is owned by Petronas.
3 different sauces and pickled green chilis.
stir fried sliced beef with ginger and spring onions
baby kai lan
double boiled soup with shark fins, abalone, sea cucumber
their signature durian crepes
I think the portion is waaaaaayyyyy too HUGE
for one person.
if only there's more durian than custard and creme.

erm, no don't think I'll go again unless for business lunch
or when there's nothing else to eat in KLCC
or when I have to entertain moslem/jewish guests in town.

Read about my visit to their other restaurant
Pacifica Grill & Bar by Chef Dirk Haltenof *here*

Lai Poh Heen Restaurant
Mandarin Oriental Hotel,
Kuala Lumpur City Centre,
50088 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 603 2380 8888 lumpur

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Les Amis

JS: "I'm taking u to Les Amis this Saturday, u likeeee???? :)))))))))"
oh silly!! Of coz I like....that's the best restaurant in Singapore!!!!
and we bumped into Randy the best sommelier in town the day before...

Randy: "Made your reservation? It will be full house."
Reservation is Si Fu Lawrence's duty....hehehehe. TQ.
crispy fish skin with salmon
deep fried fresh sardine on a bed of mushroom, potato & leek sauce
our menu for the nite
Si Fu Lawrence was luffing -_-
when he saw the word truffles on 2 of the dishes.

Si Fu to Tim: "She's allergic to truffles!!! Give her something else."

Tim: "Maam, what would you like?"
Monkey: "I....AM...NOT....ALLERGIC...TO....TRUFFLES!!!! >_<

change this, change that, take that away.
and I have a different menu.
Si Fu, u really "surprised" me!!
first course of the nite, carpaccio of Mediterranean octupus with garlic chips,
Frantoi Cutrera olive oil, parsley and chillis.
This was the ACTUAL 2nd course, capellini with Tasmanian black truffle and japanese kombu.

SEE how big were the truffles...
wanna choke me izzit?
the smell of it from "their" plates were already choking me.
anyway Chef Thomas Mayr prepared something else for Monkey
japanese shrimps and chilli capellini.
lurve their bread but I can't take so much of carbs.
Truffled oxtail gelee, egg confit and lomo iberico...
my portion has less truffles.
This round Chef let us played with our food...
u are supposed to mix them till they turned into a soup.
JS's favourite Chambertin
extremely beautiful nose.
theme for the nite was...."Surprise miss Monkey!!"
salt baked bar de ligne, with champagne sauce and Oscietre caviar,

I forgot to inform Si Fu,
Ms Monkey also don't take caviar...
heheheheh sorry sir.
Si Fu bought a bottle fr Les Amis's cellar..
a 1972 Chambertin by Leroy.

Tracie didn't like this one.
the cork was still in good condition
36 years old!!!!!
the palate cut through perfectly with my main
pork, pear and girolle mushrooms. pigeon for me!!!
the prices of wine shoot up like mad recently..
look at Henri Jayer...SGD 17,200 for 1985???

we'll wait for "someone" to win lottery to drink this.
our 3rd bottle of the nite...sauternes!!!!
dessert spoon!!! so pretty!!!!
just like a bimbo dumb was difficult to use and served no purpose.
coconut souffle with passion fruit ice cream
Si Fu had some chocolate strawberries thingy coz he can't take coconut.
Tracie said I must have a pic of this bouquet!!
it's such envy that florist can just chuck flowers anyway they like it on a vase effortlessly and looked this pretty!!! That's why they are florist!!!
sweets, macaroon, canelle
YES!! Canele Patisserie is run by Les Amis Group.
is the chandelier fr Baccarat Crystal???
the exterior of Les Amis at Scotts
Si Fu, Monkey, Tracie, Tim
Tim = Randy's protege
Si Fu stood further fr Miss Soh coz he's still recovering fr chicken pox

Tracie: "Opssss, I touched you!!! Should I go and wash my hand now???"
before anyone can reply, she dashed to the washroom.

anyway as usual, dinner was awesome
tq Mr. JS
and the wines cost more than the dinner itself.
tq Mr. Yeow

Les Amis
1 Scotts Road,
#02-16 Shaw Centre,
Singapore 228208.
Tel: +65 6733 2225

Monday, July 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Baby Wei!!!

No...u are definitely not one year old!!!
but u are still BABY Wei
Happy Birthday and may u be blessed
with more designer bags and shoes
and health and beauty and happiness around ya!
if u think u are old...
then all of us should be in the museum.
I'm so sorry that I bought u super nice macaroons fr Canele
but it ended up still sitting in my fridge coz...
despite being hand carried like delicate babies,
air flown all the way fr Singapore
they didn't turn up pretty when I opened them :(
so I supposed they will end up fr my fridge to my tummy.


Canele Patisserie
1 Scotts Road,
#01-01A, Shaw Centre,
Singapore 228208
Tel: +65 6738 9020

Pontini, Grand Copthorne

"Grand Copthorne pls"
Cab Driver: "Which Grand Copthorne missy?"

Cab Driver: "Waterfront?"
"Oh...yes that one."

Si Fu Lawrence: "Next time, tell them it's the one near to Zouk. By the way, have u been to Velvet Underground??"
starter of parma ham, cold cut and grilled veggies.

the 1st time we came to Pontini was last year
to celebrate JS's b-day..
and it was also my first experience with Romanee St.Vivant
*taste bud super corrupted!!!*

wat's the price of St Vivant now??
it was SGD 1200 last year

Read about it *here*
seafood and tomato linguine,
I must say's very good but JS's tomato sauce is more awesome!!!
Sorry Chef Michele.
I was expecting to be blinded by Doc,
but the silly head waitress opened the wine socks for everyone to see.
we had this at Kome last month....
mushroom and bacon pasta!!!!
Doc ordered degustation portion,
but it was size XXL degustation.
"GAH!!! wat's that in the middle??!?!?!?!"
JS: "Foie Gras & truffles baby."
wood fired oven baked pizza
best pizza in town..
sorry La Strada, Chef Michele won this round!!!
Chef Michele makes excellent meat all the time,
but we were so full by then.
all the awesome wines we had that nite....
they usually cost more than the dinner.
we truly enjoyed them.
Emily ordered a light dessert for all of us
Lychee sorbet..
so yummylicious.

After dinner,
we went to Gelatissimo and Monkey had her 2nd dessert.

JS: "I thought u were VERY full????"
Monkey: "HEEEEEEEEEE. It's only gelato!!!"
JS: ">_<"
My favourite wine of the nite....
no question asked!!!
it's Clos St Denis
hahahahaha, MSD is just my cup of tea.
errr or my glass of wine.

Pontini Italian Restaurant
Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel
392 Havelock Road,
Singapore 169663
Tel: +65 6733 0880