Monday, June 11, 2007

Pacifica Grill & Bar

Read the latest Msia Tatler,
There were 7 master chefs in KL.
I must try all of them...

1) Takashi Kimura - Cilantro (Micasa) *my personal fav*
2) David King - Westin
3) Ken Hoh - 3rd Floor
4) Dirk Haltenof - Pacifica Grill & Bar (Mandarin Oriental)
5) Kevin Cherkas - Lafite (ShangRi-La) *must go!!*
6) Leung Kwai Hong - Li Yen
7) Stefano Maccagno - Avanti (Sunway Hotel)
1st...the one nearest to home *apart fr Micasa*
Pacifica Grill hasn't change over the years...
still the same deco,
with a private VIP room
They only open for dinner on Saturday..
Reservation is a must!!
Corkage is at RM 75
We brought our own burgundy...
Gevrey Chambertine Clos St Jacques by the maker of Armand Rousseau.

Sad thing was, they don't have any burg glasses,
Lesson learnt...we will never assume all restaurants have them.
Next time, bring your own wines plus glasses.

And...they refused to open our wine because...
there was no label to state that it was duty paid!! blarddy strict!!

We have to explain over and over that it's fr a personal collection,
and we buy wines everywhere around the world.

In the end, they have to apologise lavishly!!!
goodness I hate commotion!!

"Can u pls not be so harsh on them??"
"I did not!!"
"Damn!! we must been awefully snobbish till they think we were sporeans!!"

JS thought it was Truffles butter..
only butter with mixed herbs..but it was still good

Anyway only Cilantro serves truffles butter in the whole MALAYSIA!!!
okie, the lighting was extremely poor,
the place was dark..
blame it on the photographer!!!

this was scallop raviolli complimentary fr the chef.
nowadays, chefs play around with raviolli without the skin!!!
it was amazingly good.
His starter was a symphony of oysters RM 82
all 6 done in different ways.
Monkey had seared scallops with balsamic vinegar and green smith apple RM 68
good combo!
OMG!! I can't even see what's that!!
Dover Crayfish RM 108
I had roasted rack of lamb with loin RM 128
served with some nice juicy leek sauceI am busy eating....DO NOT DISTURB
Pandan Souffle served with pandan lime ice cream RM 32,
Absolutely yummy.
No wonder it's the signature dessert here!!!

My eyes so sakit!!
all pics were of poor quality.

Overall, the food were excellent,
Pacifica will definitely see me more...
Alrite which one to go next???

Pacifica Grill & Bar
Mandarin Oriental Hotel
Tel: 603 2380 8888

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